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He is the 16th Pope to bear the surrogate name of Benedict. I don't know his real name, but he is from Germany and that his elder brother is 89, while he is 85. His 89-year old brother is also a Roman Catholic Priest.

Jesus Christ met with Pope Benedict XVI some time immediately after his coronation as the “vicar” of Christ. The Pope repented and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Personal Saviour. But because he was a Catholic before he repented, and had occupied the highest post in the Catholic secret society post of Popery, he remained a secret disciple like Nicodemus in the Bible.

What made Pope Benedict xvi to repent
Martin Lutter said in 1521 AD, “if there is hell, Rome is built on it”. He said this to register his surprise when he visited Rome for the first time supposing it to be as holy as heaven, being the “sit of Christianity”.

What did Martin Lutter see?
(1) Naked young ladies serving mass to “reverend” fathers, bishops, cardinals and pope.

(2) Virulent and explosive and loose and free-for-all sex among God's “holy people”

(3) Celibate- avowed Pope Leo x having sex with diverse ladies of his choice

(4) Cardinals, bishops and reverend fathers being pursued by loose catholic ladies, begging them for sex

(5) Sisters and reverend sisters having swelling times of sex with reverend fathers, bishops and Pope Leo x.

(6) The worst of all, Martin Lutter didn't see any whole Bible as a reverend father for years. The bible was taught as bad and taboo for anybody to read, including reverend fathers, sisters, bishops and cardinals except by express permission by the pope.

Then Martin Lutter became half-dead, walking corpse and a ghost of himself in catholic organization (not church any longer). He now decided to launch an all-out-war against this satanic racket of an organization called “catholic church”. He said “if there is hell, Rome is built upon it”. In other words, hellfire is the very “sure foundation” of catholic Rome.

Pope Benedict XVI saw hell in Vatican
Brother Benedict, please never call him Pope Benedict XVI again because he is now a Born Again (Christian), saw outlandish sexuality and secret society in Vatican which prompted his Repentance and led to his public resignation last two weeks. Catholic reverend fathers avowed celibacy that is they won't marry in other to reader service 100% to God. What do we see now, these days as in the days of Martin Lutter?

We see supervening sex among and Catholic women and girls. Brother Benedict; moved by his Lord and personal Saviour- Jesus Christ, resigned to give God 100% attention and go to heaven.

Monastic Life
The Romish Organization said he would remain in Monastery until death. That is lies. He will be sent to Germany and from there to a far land in Africa and to my own very homeland and dialectical head quarters where he would be taught the ways of Christ very well before he dies.

Welcome Brother Benedict!!!
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