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HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT: In defense of Ifeanyi Uba: Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Capital Oil Limited

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Hear the truth: “You can do nothing against the fourth, but for the Truth”. The more you oppose it, the clearer it shines. So in defense of Ifeanyi Uba is not to call Kettle White, rather than appear to hiding evil, this Ifeanyi Uba's case is to straighten the anomaly and call for treating equals equally”.

A situation where one or more culprits as public disgraces are rather allowed to perambulate the streets of Nigeria, while they committed offence worthy of imprisonment is disguising. More disgusting is the fact that the oil rogues who castrate the populace are given more active chances to emasculate the people the more. Oil cabals, who have looted the Nigeria Nation dry are so many, the notable three are Ifeanyi Uba by capital oil, Otedola and Obasanjo through Transcorp-Hilton. The loot of Otedola alone is very close to 500 Billion. The same Otedola borrowed N141 Billion from Nigeria banks without repayment which forced NDIC to buy the dept through Asset Management Organization. Otedola was said to have bribed Lawan Faronk to the tune off 500, 000 US dollars. Where is the 500, 000 dollars and where is the case? Both the giver and receiver of bribe are culpable before the law. Where are Lawan and Otedola?

This makes matters worse and fight against corruption in Nigeria, a wild goose chase. Otedola whom Central Bank of Nigeria clearly called a 4 – 1 – 9ner is now given to generate electricity. Obasanjo who clearly siphoned 20 billion dollars of NEPA money is now given license to generate electricity. Obasanjo whose Oando Oil stole close to 1 trillion Naira as the outstanding Oil Cabal is now given license to generate electricity.

But Ifeanyi Uba is castrated in prison as oil Cabal. I am not having sympathy for him because he stole the money of the public as oil Cabal. But why castrate him alone and leave out Otedola and Obasanjo who wasted, consumed and stole far more and much more than Ifeanyi Uba? Otedola is an O-B-T, a 4-1-9ner, financial fraudster and swindler, according to CBN Report. Why is Otedola working free as the worst oil cabal after Obasanjo and the smaller thief is castrated? Is that justice?

Tripartite Warfare of Ifeanyi Uba
Ifeanyi Uba, the Managing Director of Capital Oil, made the blunder of his life while in EFCC custody. He denied owning Capital Oil, and alluded ownership to NNPC supposing it was an easier way to get over. He was dead wrong. NNPC, with avid hatred of his “achievement” in the oil sector, confisticated ANYTHING Capital Oil.

As if that is not enough, he committed another blunder with Cosmas Maduka, the Managing Director of Coscharis Motors Limited over alleged 150 Million dollar loan over which Maduka went openly on AIT Television to open up everything. Whatever could have instigated Maduka to take the step he took was quite unfortunate. But it has left Ifeanyi Uba quite devastated, no doubt and tarnished any of his image remaining.

The worst is his family circle. A deadly story of his “Flirtation” with a lady schooling at UNILAG over which his wife could no longer endure, has left a very deep gully in his marriage life. Who might have scripted that story sent it to the internet for all to see and read? I, the writter got it in my handset.

The way out
Ifeanyi Uba is not the worst criminal in Nigeria oil sector, if he is a criminal at all. Ifeanyi Uba is not the worst 4-1-9ner in Nigeria oil sector, if he is a 4-1-9ner at all. Ifeanyi Uba is not the worst oil cabal in the oil sector, if he is oil cabal at all. Equals should be treated equally. Otedola and Obasanjo are worse off in outright and naked stealing of Nigeria's oil money than Ifeanyi Uba. Infact, Ifeanyi Uba's case is a chicken feed compared with Otedola's 141 billion borrow-useless from Nigeria banks and close to 500 billion oil cabalistic money. This write up is, therefore, necessary to clarify issues and call for Goodluck Jonathan to arrest and prosecute Otedola and Obasanjo.

Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah is a season human rights activist and a commentator on national issues who gives you the real case without fear of favour as required by United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC). Join him on facebook and in His facebook name is: Kindness Innocent Jonah. Call him on: +234-809-5957-698

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