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Prophecy is the reception and discharge of expressions of things which have will or may occur in the past, present or future. It can also be called a scheduled event which was set up by God, man, Satan or the individual self. Prophecies can be given consciously or unconsciously. The latter occur when the medium is receptive to external signals while the former takes place when one is sending a prayer request, signal or mere wishing. Some prophecies can be altered and some unalterable.

Prophecy does not take the first position in the spirit world. It is rather the least power in the lineup of the divinity. The power of the word, i.e. God's unquestionable authority reigns supreme in the scheme of things. So don't be offended like Prophet Jonah if you ever gave a prophetic message and it did not come pass. This does not mean you are not sent by God. It simply indicates that the recipient of that prophecy turned a new leaf or decided to walk against the law that would have brought that prophecy to fulfillment.

The power to prophecy is somewhat shadowy. We all see in parts and prophesy in parts. We all see in parts and prophesy in parts. We look and see in a semi dark environment. The reason is due to the level of darkness in this realm of existence when the darkness is finally removed, and the knowledge of God spreads all over the world as waters cover the sea, then all will be in light and there will be no more room for prophecies; for everyone will then know the lord. The word of God will then reign supreme. Even now those who truly posses the word of God, I mean the true principle that creates, maintains and dissolves all things do not need prophecies not because of their disbelief in prophecies but because with the divine law that controls all things at their possession, they can turn their destinies wherever they wished then, they become a law into themselves and only.

It is sad that over the years, Nigerians do not have regard or value for the prophetic ministries and anointed servants of God due to high profile corruption and sleaze in Nigeria. Over 60 percent of prophecies being prophesied by great servants of God in the country have come to past either in negative or positive way, yet many have not learnt the lessons of precaution and prevention of such anointed prophecies. Nigeria is gifted with prophetic ministries and servants of God yet, many have seen ministers of God as fraudsters due some religious confrontation in the system in recent times.

Having examined the three Nigerian notable prophets of God mainly from the south west region in Nigeria whose 2013 prophecies are similar and concise indicated that Nigerians must ignite extra fire in prayers to avert mishaps in Nigeria. In 2011 some Nigerian prophets prophesied the imminent danger that would loom in 2012 that only prayers intensification can prevent the inevitable disaster, yet our government and private individuals never bothered on the need to intensify prayers and unforeseen mishaps occurred which could not be averted . Prayer negligence is more pronounced in this part of the world where prophets of God are not respected and honored as a result of bandwagon of fake prophets in the country who are only interested in exploiting money from their victims. Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has said 2013 will be better than 2012 but Nigerians must pray fervently over some issues, disasters may loom; if not averted with intensified prayers, prominent Nigerians may lose their lives and others while General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International Dr Daniel Olukoya made these remarks that believers must be prayerful because of the violent nature of the year, A year of blessing and cautioned actors and actresses in the entertainment industry over debt and death which some were covenanted into satanic kingdom for fame and power and civil war. The General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T. B Joshua has described 2013 as a year of judgment for politicians who rode to power on the crest of people's support and later abandoned the same people, warning them to pray against death and sickness.

In 2012 precisely all the prophecies prophesied by prominent servants of God were never put into consideration by the government or intensified prayers to avert the so-called natural disasters and deaths of many prominent Nigerians in the country. The major problem of Nigerians is that we disregard prophecies due to some unscrupulous elements in the kingdom of God. Our churches today have great parts to play in terms of these holy prophecies against future occurrence. In 1998 when Pastor Tunde Bakare said Ex- President Olusegun Obasanjo was not the messiah of Nigeria but he later became the number one citizen of the country. Though the prophecy never came to past but to some extent, many Nigerians misconstrued his prophecy and tamed him as a prophet of doom.

It is now dawn on Nigerians that yearly prophecies for the country are being ignored by selfish and voracious leaders who see Nigerian prophets of God as liars and deceivers. Most of these prophecies have come to past in one way or the other. Every mishap in 2012 was prophesied before the incident. Pentecostal prophets needed to be honored in Nigeria in respect that some charlatans have infiltrated into the kingdom. The Bible says in the last days we shall have fake prophets using the name of God in vain. Most prophets want to use prophecies to make themselves fame without being duly born again in their lives. Some Nigerian prophets also need deliverance and nothing more. Again, another notable Yoruba prophet has said two governors will die this year while another prophet said three governors will die which Delta, Kogi and Adamawa were named. Another prophet also said two Boko Haram members may form Northern United States of Nigeria but they would not succeed. Early 2012, Nigerians were greeted with fuel subsidy imbroglio while 2013 the country was embarrassed with President Goodluck Jonathan posters for President in 2015 in Abuja while some prophets of God said election will not hold in that same year because of multiple crisis' that would greet the political system if not averted with intensified prayers with anointed servants of God in Nigeria. The likes of Chris Oyalkilome, W. F Kumuyi, Mike Okonkwo, Ben Obi, Chima Okereke, Leonard Umunna, Kingsley Albert, Felix Ogadeji, Matthew Omodiagbe, Chris Matthew, Chris Charles, John Salias, Kelvin Okeoghene, Vicky Igbokwe, Jonah Isreal and others must intercede for Nigerians to avert the evil that has being mastermind by powers that be.

Lastly, Nigerians must have respects for anointed prophets of God in the country. All prophecies for 2013 must be creatively and spiritually put into consideration by the government and individuals. The era of fragile congregation is over in the country. We must not be carried away by the things of World to distract prophecies of God in Nigeria. President Goodluck Jonathan must shine his eye for 2013 and have respect for divine servants of God on prophetic ministries.


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