Delta 2015: Uduaghan cannot decide for Deltans

It is no longer news that the present Delta State governor,Dr.Emmmanuel Eweta Uduaghan has finally decided to conscript a retired civil servant,Mr.Anthony Chuks Obuh of Delta North on Deltans without following political due process. Delta State does not belong to Chief James Ibori or Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan but the fact remains that Deltans are afraid to challenge the so-called Peoples Democratic Party(PDP).Everybody knows that the elections that brought the serving culprit, Chief James Ibori and Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan in 1999,2003,2007 and 2011 were politically flawed. Even though PDP is the strongest political party in Delta State that does not mean 2015 would be decided by Delta power brokers who never wished Deltans well in all ramifications.

Even though, Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan is pursuing his Delta South Senatorial ambition that does not prompt him to decide the future of Deltans for another four years. His senatorial ambition might be thwarted since Senator James Manager wants to be re-elected in 2015 while some assumed that his immunity clause will expire to join Chief Ibori if politically miscalculated. Delta politics has been dubiously hijacked by some acclaimed Ibori boys who once benefited from the political loots of the state. The so-called conscripted PDP governorship aspirant, Tony Obuh who recently gave his thanksgiving at Asaba on his successfully retirement from the civil service which the crème da la crème of recycled and expired politicians in the state also graced the occasion with different political thoughts not for Deltans interest. Even the most respected elderstateman of Delta State,Chief Edwin Clark could endorse Tony Obuh without considering Deltans choice. May I ask where Tony Obuh is coming from? Nobody is against Tony Obuh if he emerges as PDP candidate in Delta State but Deltans should decide their leader not party or one expired politician in the state. One problem in Delta PDP is that if the leaders decide at the top, everybody must accept it, unless you want to be terminated prematurely or face court charges. Today, Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan's posters on his ambition to senate is everywhere in the state, yet some infrastructural developments are not fixed.Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan should know that he is not the only competent politician to be in position of power than allowing others to enjoy the same power in the state. Those campaigning for Tony Obuh using several online forums claiming to be fighting for deprived Deltans and sending text messages to Deltans to support his ambition got it wrong than facing the voters one to one come 2015.If Delta PDP continues with this political gerrymandering in the state, President Goodluck Jonathan should be ready to lose Delta State to either APC or LP.Neither Ibori,Clark nor Uduaghan should decide the fate of Deltans come 2015.

If nothing to go by, the just concluded National Conference where Anioma state is one of the states to be created by the federal government, it is the turn of Delta North to produce the next governor of Delta state come 2015 if PDP zoning arrangement is respected by party leaders and elders of the state. Politics in Delta State is played by godfathers who never wished Deltans well than plunging the state into political darkness. The future of Delta youths is being hijacked by some ferocious politicians in the state. Can we continue to live in isolation as Deltans?Udughan should not use his political ambition to thwart the future of Deltans.To some extent, he has used his two tenures to averagely alleviated poverty from the state. The like of Senator James Ibori,Emma Ayiri,Chief Edwin Clark and others should leave Delta politics and allow Deltans to decide their incoming governor in order to allow peace to rein. Delta state resources are poorly managed by those self-styled leaders who intentionally by their cruel ways to decide Deltans future at their nocturnal meetings. In terms of political leadership and choice of Deltans,Tony Obuh cannot stand the like of Dr.Juliet Ngozi Olejeme,Senator Dr.Ifeanyi Okowa,Rt.Hon Victor Ochei,Dr.John Akwara,Ndudi Elumelu,Barr.Jonathan Okiogbero,Godswill Obielum,Great Ogboru,Omo-Agege,Festus Keyamo and others in the state.

To some extent, Chief James Ibori is not the most corrupt leader in Delta State, some serving leaders in present Delta state leadership has many corrupt charges leveled against them while immunity clause is the only way out of their looting spree.Uduaghan should know very well that Delta state leadership does not belong to his family dynasty. For Uduaghan to retire Tony Obuh prematurely in order to endorse his candidacy come 2015 is an indication of Delta PDP heading towards crisis if not prevented. Tony Obuh has not offered Deltans any community leadership except his civil service assignment. He is gradually silencing other Delta PDP governorship aspirants vying for the same position. The sudden defection of Chief Great Ogboru of the former DPP to LP is as a result of Aso Rock arrangement on his ambition.

Isoko nation is being politically marginalized in the sense that our so-called Isoko representatives at both state and federal levels have decided to sell their political birthrights and accept cheap appointments. If Delta north emerges the governor of Delta State come 2015, Isoko nation (Delta south) would emerge as the deputy governor. It is sad that Isoko nation has not produced Delta state governor since its formation. Politics has plunged some Isoko communities into biased obscurity in Irri, Uzere,Ozoro,Oleh and others. Can Isoko continue to play second fiddle politics in Delta State? The present SSG of Delta state, Comrade Ovuozourie Macaulay,Leo Ogor,Solomon Ogba,Joel Onowakpo,Ross Uredi and other PDP faithful should rise to their political rights than just stooges in the state. It is time for Itsekeris,Isokos Urhobos,Ukuwanis and Aniomas to make their choice not political godfathers who have succeeded in using Delta resources to enrich themselves.2015 is not far, the so-called opposition parties APC,LP,APGA,DPP and others should fight for their rights. Delta PDP is heading towards extinction due to leaders with selfish interests in power.Though, the present anti-graft agencies (EFCC and ICPC) are weak at the centre that has allowed corrupt leaders to enjoy their loots in the state. Delta State must not be controlled by PDP cabals in 2015.All Delta youths should not be carried away by monetary compensations than fighting for their political rights now.

By Godday Odidi 08058124798, Lagos Public Affairs Analyst

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