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Emotor Isoko Development Association: A tool for Isoko Leadership

Emotor Isoko Development Association is a Socio-cultural organization with the aim of promoting Isoko integrity. It is an association that belongs to high professional youths with the objectives of making Isoko nation a great one in all ramifications. The Emotor club started its operation on the 19th of October 2008 with 8 members in Lagos. The Emotor club is interested with how Isoko nation can be intellectually and politically recognized in Nigeria and project the values and culture of the region. Over the years, Isoko nation has been relegated to the background, despite that Isoko nation has great sons and daughters, yet Isoko nation is not progressing in terms of leadership development. Political marginalization is one of the mechanisms that have taken the region to the waterways because of bad representatives with recycled selfish interest leaders in the land. Most Isoko leaders are only interested in promoting their myopic interest than the people.

Emotor club is one of the formidable and creative Isoko club in Nigeria with the main aim to see that Isoko nation revive its culture with dignity. It has a crop of professionals whose visions to see smiles on the faces of Isoko people especially the less privileged ones. 6 years of Emotor club, it has done credible things to savage the Isoko region. One thing that distinguishes Emotor club from other Nigeria social clubs is that, it has a formidable structure to build young leaders for future leadership. Many clubs are existence in Isoko region which tagged as progressives with creative vision to see that the region is protected. Most social clubs have been wrongly misinterpreted because of their unlettered operations. The first time I saw Emotor club I found that it has future for younger Isoko generation that wants transformational change in the early 40s and 50s, social clubs were converted into political parties, but today clubs are seen as people that have no future ambition. Emotor club is not after money donations or displaying of expensive automobiles but how to deliberate on issues that would better the lots of Isoko people. Some of the members of the club are well- trained, educated, traveled and enlighten to the core. Most social clubs today are setup to pursue their interests but Emotor club was founded to make Isoko nation to be sought after both nationally and internationally.

Only few social clubs in Nigeria are registered on website while Emotor club belongs to the school of internet civilization where all founding members are duly registered to the club. Though the club started as 8 members but today its membership strength has increased to 40. For anyone to join Emotor club, you must be an Isoko indigene with vision. The club does not accept anybody anyhow except such person follows the laid down rules and regulations. The Emotor association core value is to help each member at the needy time and nothing more. Time without number including individual member has extended their widow mite support to the public. The club holds its meeting every month with dues payment while all members are must attend meetings without qualms except such member has a serious engagement or a written notice must be duly acknowledged by the president. Unity and love are the watchword of the association while the President Utuodor Patrick is an exceptional leader with vision who knows the nitty-gritty of leadership. Some of these veritable members of the club are not left out in terms of high profile display of intellectual leadership in their various positions occupied since the inception of the association. The likes of Mr. Oneke Ichofo Stephen, Vice President, Mr. Akeni Blessing Atunuezi Public Relations Officer, Mr. Eda fetano Francis Owigho, speaker, Dr Akparorue Oghenekaro Samson, Financial secretary, Mr. Oreva Ben Olokor, Secretary General, Mr. Dible Henry, Provost and other veritable members whose financial and intellectual contributions have helped Emotor club to grow over the years. It is a visionary association meant to change the face of Isoko nation in terms of community leadership. Those that kick-started Emotor club were Mr. Favas Okwoho, Pius Eroh, Dr Akparorue Samson, Mr. Francis Edefetano, Mr. Patrick Obaro Utuodor, Mr. Henry Dible, Mr. Wilson Omorogor and Engr. Lucky Oboma.

Emotor club ought to be the mouth piece of Isoko nation since other notable associations in Isoko cannot project the image of the region which corruption has been the ban of Isoko leadership. Emotor club is a club of elites, career creators, vision movers and others. In recent past years, Emotor has associated itself with Engr. Solomon Okpithe, the Ozoro oil and gas expert as one the visible patrons of the club club. The club has a class standard which indicated that it has created a niche for itself since its formation with core structure. Emotor club vision is to take Isoko leadership from the traditional level to the digital one without reservation. The club has started well for involving technocrats like Engr. Solomon Okpithe and others in Isoko region. Emotor club has the same aims and objectives of Isoko country club whose membership constitutes technocrats, lawyers, business moguls, doctors, oil gas experts and just mention but a few. Emotor club membership would be extended across the 36 states and Abroad when the time comes. Every new member of Emotor club must know the nitty-gritty of community leadership and networking.

Finally, Emotor club members are vision setters and pioneers who have wholeheartedly keyed into Isoko development. It comprises marriageable youth whose aspirations to see that Isoko nation is digitally an institutionally developed. The main dominating occupations of Isoko people are hunting, fishing and farming which where highlighted by Emotor club to see that Isoko leadership rise from oblivion to limelight. Emotor club membership is opened to any viable youth in Nigeria. Emotor club remains the best social club in Nigeria and Abroad.

Godday Odidi. Public Affairs Analyst 08058124798. Lagos

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