On 8th June, 2014, the former Central Bank Governor was turbaned as the 14th emir of Kano. The man as the CBN Governor, was the worst corrupt bank officer in Nigerian banking history having siphoned far more than 3 billion US dollars, more than N450 billion naira. Goodluck Jonathan only managed to remove Sanusi as the CBN Governor and nothing more. Under nominal circumstances, Goodluck Jonathan should have arrested Sanusi and prosecuted him, detained him which would foreclose any attempt to turbane him emir. He should have nipped it in the board. Goodluck Jonathan gives muslims unnecessary leverage to the bamboozle him, gives them unnecessary gap to checkmate him, gives them unnecessary chance to cage him, give them unnecessary gap to magically control him, to precondition his thinking and conceptualization islamically. The following issues make Goodluck Jonathan a clear puppet of islamic Northern Nigeria, fearing them as rat fears the voice of pussy cat:

1. Kidnap of charity Uzoechina and other Christian ladies in Northern Nigeria

The kidnap of Charity Uzoechina from Federal Polytechnic Bida, Niger State in March 2013 was a national issue. Everybody knows about this issue. A normal President who knows his onions should have arrested the duo kidnappers: islamic barrister Tijani and etsa Nupe - Yahaya Abubakar. But Goodluck Jonathan could do none of that. Instead Jonathan uttered a millipedic weak statement that 'the girl should be returned to his parents without stamping feet on the ground as the commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria to release that girl and return her to her parents.

Today, Charity Uzoechina has been given out to marriage by the islamically Mohamedanic and bokoharamic governor of Niger State called Dr. Babaagida Aliya of Niger State. Today, agent of satan called etsu Nupe has been bolstered to kidnap not less than fifteen (15) other Christian ladies kept in his palace, raping them, abusing them diversely and marrying them out to muslims without the consent of their parents.

2. Arrest of bokoharam members and call by sultan of Sokoto and islamic leaders to release them

Many members of bokoharam have been arrested. But could anybody imagine that the leaders of muslims always rally round sultan of Sokoto to go to Jonathan to release them. Jonathan keeps foot-dragging and quietly obeying sultan. He has been doing this quietly. It is unfortunate that Goodluck Jonathan was not prepared to Rule Nigeria when he became the President of Nigeria. He has no blue-print to tackle Nigeria's problems. He stumbled across leadership, appointed into leadership he knows no value of. He was made Deputy Governor from Chairman of Local Government. He was made Governor from Deputy Governor. He was appointed Vice President from Governor. He became President by accident of history. Thus, he has no blue-print to arrest Nigeria's problem which is only and only one - islamic excessiveness. He lacks boldness to look islamic leaders to the face as the problems of Nigeria. islam is the problem of Nigeria.

Sponsors of bokoharam are known:
Goodluck Jonathan told Nigerians that bokoharam members are in his cabinet without naming them. He has ignited fire he cannot quench by refusing to name them. He knows what islam is. He knows who are the sponsors of bokoharam:

1) Sanusi Lamido Sanusi - the currently turbaned emir of Kano and former governor of Central Bank.

2) Nemadi Sambo, Goodluck Jonathan's Vice President.

3) Governor of Kano State - Kwankwaso
4) Governor of Borno State - Shettima
5) Governor of Yobe State - Geidam
6) Governor of Bauchi State - Yuguda
7) Governor of Adamawa State - Nyako
8) Governor of Kaduna - Yero
9) Governor of Niger State - Aliyu
10) Governor of Ekiti State - Raul
11) Governors of Kebbi State, Sokoto State and Zamfara State

12) Acting Governor of Taraba State - Garba
13) Suttan of Sokoto - Sa'aid Abubakar III
14) Atiku Abubakar
15) emirs of Northern Nigeria
16) Tinubu, former Governor of Lagos State
17) Governor of Lagos State - Fashola
18) Former GOC of 7th Mechanized Division of Maiduguri - Major - General Mohammed.

19) Former GOC of 3rd Mechanized Division Rukuba Barracks - Major - General Maina

20) Lamido Yola - emir of Yola
21) elkanemi of Borno
22) Former Governor of Kogi State - Idris
23) Governor of Kogi State - Captain Wada
24) Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida
25) Mohammadu Buhari
26) Governor of Kwara State
27) Chief imam of Abuja.
28) Dangote the so called rich man.
3. Like Ironsi: God Fobid like Jonathan
Aguiyi Ironsi was told of the plan by Sokoto caliphate and Northern hegemony to kill him. His fellow Igbos told him. Madiebo, the leader of Biafran Army before the Declaration of Biafra, told him. Ironsi was told that Gowon and Murtala Mohammed had concluded plan to kill him. Ironsi called Madiebo, called Gowon and commanded Madiebo to repeat himself before Gowon. Ironsi was again told that muslims had been announcing in Kano that 'egg would break, egg would break', meaning Ironsi would die, Ironsi would die. He objected. Ironsi was told that Gowon and Sokoto caliphate were going to kill him at Ibadan, to stop going to Ibadan. He refused and finally and sultan of Sokoto used Gowon, Theophilus Danjuma, Martin Adamu, Jeremiah Useni, Akahan, Kyari to kill him. They killed him. Ironsi died. Nigeria continued.

Jonathan's God forbid case:
Jonathan appoints 90% of his cabinet members as continued sponsors of bokoharam. He surrounds himself with core islamic diehards.

- Minister of Defence
- SA on Security
- Inspector General of Police
- Attorney - General of Federation
- Jega of INEC
- Chief Justice of Federation
- Minister of FCT
- SA on Political Matters
- Vice President, Nemadi Sambo
islam is a house of shaw: blood built it, blood will destroy it. Jonathan sees what islam does around the world. Jonathan sees what islam does in Africa. Jonathan sees what islam does in Nigeria. Yet, Goodluck Jonathan neglects sensitive advice to be wary of muslims.

Attorney General of the Federation advising Goodluck Jonathan against Declaration of State of Emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa

Leader of Ijaw, the very Kiagbodo Edwin Clarke fluttered dove coats by his shindy-raising assertion that Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation is misadvising Jonathan on Declaration of State of Emergency in the three states. muslims came out of their cocoons and started condemning Clarke.

But Tafawa Belewa declared State of Emergency in Western Region because of political upheaval he himself caused in the first place. Obasanjo declared state of Emergency in Plateau. But Borno, Yobe and Adamawa have seen tetratonic bloodshed supra - superciliously far above those of Western Region and Plateau.

So, why shouldn't State of Emergency be declared in the three states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa as Nigeria's axis of evil? The reason is that Goodluck Jonathan fears muslims and their blood thirstiness as rat fears pussycat.

2015 and INEC Chairman Jega:
Professor Jega is a caliphetan to the core. He has 2015 to go. He has nothing to loose again. He is out to wreck surprises against Goodluck Jonathan by declaring APC Leader winner and just as Ironsi, nothing would happen. Even if muslims succeed in killing Jonathan, Sambo takes over and nothing would happen.

So, Jonathan has been taking islam for granted just as Ironsi did and lost his life to islamic cage.

Jonathan should focus attention on handing islamic insurgency and forget paying over attention to 2015

Jonathan has 100% ignored clear islamic bloodpour and massacre, thinking to get power first, as if fighting islamic would deny him power. He is dead-wrong. What would rather attract both national and international recognition is his bold spirit to fight islamic kidnap, rape and bloodshed. If he continue like this, even the 2015 presidency may elude him.

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