Democracy Massacred By Migration And Religions

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There is little happiness for Africans outside Africa. We must reinvent ourselves at home. Unfortunately, since there are less opportunities to go round because of the greed, lack of foresight and planning on the part of the bureaucrats, many Africans have fallen apart. Most eke out a living and growl like an angry dog whenever anyone comes near their territories. Ethnicity and are confused with territorial integrities. Every man for himself.

When we preach democracy these days, it has been reduced to a selected club of our own breed. It has never been for all men and women since some of these equaled three fifth of a man or half a man. If that was not the case, there were enough serfs, women and slaves to outvote the ruling houses. But you will never hear that spelled out from the proponents of democracy. They look for all kinds of ways to dilute power of the poor and destitute.

In spite of all odds, Africans struggle from the bottom of the caste system in many countries outside their own to become successful. They do it through hard work and sweat on their brow. There used to be a time most of them would not work so hard in their own countries. But time has changed; they work just as hard outside their base in another town, cities and regions within the same country.

The easiest way is to promise those looking from outside, all the credits and honors they deserve as long as they adhere to certain rule of laws, which never favored them. If you work hard, go to school and complete your apprenticeship, you will be guaranteed a job to look after your family. Well, it is not guaranteed but you have to be patient. The youths in London rioted shouting – hell no, the system is rigged to favor the lazy well connected.

In countries where we hear certain minorities make up the majority of the poor and the penitentiary system, we have to wonder how those minorities get more voting rights to the correctional institutions than they get to good schools, jobs and advancement within their communities. Those countries disenfranchise their votes.

Immigration is the most important tool to keep those that are not like us away, whatever us means. If they are minorities, make sure they do not become majorities. But where they are located in the majority, redistribute or redefine their voting block to reduce them into minority pieces. We see that in many countries from Africa to Europe, Asia and America. Keep your population pure like Japan or develop a caste system like India.

Indeed, democracy is being redefined by the opponents of the children of “outsiders” as we saw in Britain by the definition of the new citizenship. Still liberal compared to Italy, France and other European countries. Britain came out blatantly requiring deposits from citizens of certain countries entering on a visit. The East African Indians that thumbed noses at Idi Amin of Uganda, later realized how hard it was to claim British citizenship.

Can you imagine, they wondered; if they were overwhelmed by “aliens”, they could be ruled by “aliens”! Europe could have been ruled by Sharia laws if that was what the majority wanted. So there must be a way to preach democracy on one hand and hinder democracy on the other hand. It has to be done in a way that must not be blatant unless, of course, when push comes to shove.

Poor democracy! Those that thought the battle over theocracy, lords and barons has been won predicted its death too early. Religion is roaring back, reminding us they are not giving up so fast. So if you had rested your case about religion in government, you may have done that too fast at your own peril. If anyone thinks religion is dead, visit Nigeria and the Middle East and make a choice between theocracies, military or democracy.

If only they allow democracy to take its course, religious leaders will be installed in half of world's countries. The problem with religious leaders is that we do not know where they are taking their orders from. They told slaves to wait for heavenly reward. You have to have faith and belief in God. Today, that is not enough. So the struggle between faith and accountability will continue to rock the balance of government all over the world.

One would have thought religion would give what is unto God to God and what is unto Caesar to Caesar. But they see advantage in numbers and democracy to power that had been relinquished in century past. Those proletariats that are well informed never forget the tyranny committed in the name of God and they are determined to keep religious leaders in their place. The problem was they were no better than the bourgeoisie replaced.

Europe and America are the place to entrench Judeo-Christian philosophy and a form of capitalist government. It is what shapes and define their laws. Anything to the contrary could be tolerated up to a point but must never be allowed to use democracy as a Trojan horse. While foreign laws might be quoted to support an issue, their persuasive effect depends on individual cases.

Asia is the place to entrench Islam where it can germinate easily to become the fastest growing religious conversion. In this case, their tolerance is almost none existent. You are expected to behave according to their rules. It is not a matter of when you are in Rome, behave like a Roman. It is more. Can you imagine going to a Muslim country, say Saudi Arabia in the Middle East quoting foreign law to support your issues?

Africa would swing anyway depending on the influence of the religion, be it Christian or Muslim. It is the only continent without its own official religion. The few countries that allow indigenous religion also recognize foreign religions to show the rest of the world that they are “civilized”. What kills the African culture is that their standard is measure along those of foreign culture, religion and their rule of law.

Otherwise your fellow Africans would denounce you as primitive, uncultured and unread. It is not difficult to understand this inferior complex since most of their nationalist leaders are betrayed by their own in collusion with foreign governments. The more we copy them blindly, the more we denounce ourselves and become intolerant of one another.

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