Insurrectionists & Boko Haram Hallucinate The Same Ideology

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Hallucination is now a just cause for real violence? Stop the hypocrisy and call a spade a spade, all right wing terrorists are the same locally or internationally, based on supremacist ideologies that are repulsive to the sick and tired majority of peace loving voters. Since Election Losers cannot have their ways peacefully through democracy, they terrorize and threaten their own communities with violence to overthrow legitimate Governments at home and abroad as regime change!

Since the 80s, Mental Hospitals have released most of the inpatients normalizing aberrant behaviors than ever. What happened in the so-called Bastion of Democracy where insurrectionists and insurgents took over, based on frivolous cause of disappointment over loss of free and fair Election by a "landslide'', places good causes people died for on the same level as holding onto privileged life. Indeed, dictators and religious fanatics have seized on it.

The United States finally accepted the reality that their right wing extremists are no different from Boko Haram. Despite the most informative intelligence in the world, the United States ignored and normalized danger because of Russian assets that invaded not only the USA leadership but suppressed the exposure of Russian hands in Brexit. Indeed, they turned on and scapegoated their own dedicated intelligence officers claiming the Party of law and order.

While civilized thinkers find solutions to peaceful coexistence, boorish unruly thinkers look for captives, serfs, slaves and cheap labor to achieve prosperity at home and abroad. They are the most religious Christians, Muslims, Hinduism, Buddhism etc to capture more converts that adhere to their hierarchical caste systems. If religion and democracy do not work, they establish schools and vanity brands to attract recruits as soldiers of God and Freedom.

Simply put, they reserved privileges for those at the top. In the United States, it started in Virginia by dividing poor Europeans into Whites closer to the top. Before then all “races” had gotten along and intermarried. Divide, to rule and conquer tactics broke their unity against exploitation and oppressive working conditions. Even earlier, Pope Nicolas V, Portugal, on January 8,1455, gave papal bull that legally granted Portugal the right to enslave Africans they encountered south of Cape Bojador, African coast to boost labor of the serfs in Europe.

Pure and simple. They feel Whites conquered you and owned your land. No Democracy is going to share power with you or take power back from us. They take power by violence and they are going to retain it with violence. The cliché: this is not who we are, is a cliché to appeal to people of goodwill and placate those that are naive enough to believe it or do not know history. Trump did not create them, he only exposed and empowered them.

Tolerance as long as it is not abused is the focus and salvation of all relationships. Anger over the loss of privilege has often been used to retaliate, oppress and suppress protests of the victims begging for relief, is not a just-cause. We are now at a point where the difference between begging for life, live and let's live has been blurred. Free Speech is not the freedom to drum up support to burn down the house, drum out the speech of those you disagree with until you have your way.

How can anybody deny others what they themselves cherished within? Life, liberty and ability to make a decent living by others. People that abuse free speech, deny the poor access to vote, make a living and access to ballot boxes, claim to be the champions of freedom and liberty when their hypocrisy is exposed and curbed from denying others to enjoy the same. We all deserve to live and let others live. Whenever there is fire or violence, the first duty is to find the cause and turn it off. Arrogance is not a cause.

Okay, let's cut the crap and call a spade a spade: they are saying Black votes do not matter and cannot elect a President of the United States of America. Questioned what gave minorities they cannot convert, the votes despite all the obstacles thrown at them to make sure they do not come out in large numbers for the opposite parties.

No group has the right to deny the same right they enjoy to others. We already know how Ayatollah appealed to world conscience; dictators rode on free speech and religion to power, only to deny the same to the Opposition. Religious fanatics use freedom of religiosity to enact religious intolerance, even in countries they escape to and sought refuge. Only to massacre hosts in their new homes allowing them to practice their faith.

Anyone that thinks serfdom, slavery and days of starving wages are over, must think again for real. Actually, they are totally blind to the fact that it is a continuous fight against those that are so privileged. They may renew Voting Rights every five years or more to placate you as progress while enacting regulations, laws to defeat and dilute those Rights where votes matter. There are many ways to skin a cat but only after cheapening and giving a noble cause, a bad name.

There is no difference between Election Ballot Snatchers in African or developing countries and those denying the poor and minorities access to elect representatives of their choice by implementing gerrymandering laws, eliminating names from voters registration lists or shortening voting hours. It boils down to the same thing. It could be rough, crude or sophisticated, the intent is the same.

Therefore, there is a new reason to classify #ENDSARS, Human Right Activists and those against slave labor as insurrectionists trying to overthrow Governments of dictators, religious fanatics, militia and military rulers. It is nothing short of branding a dog with a bad name before you hang it. This is not comparing apples and agbalumo but comparing life and death. A clamp down on the privileged oppressors, cannot be used to do the same to the oppressed in African countries. What an irony?

Who are the poor voters some African leaders are denying? You can trust some brilliant Africans tyrants and their enablers. If they can only use their intelligence for positive deeds to lift their countries out of Poverty. They have now seized upon foreign examples to buttress their points that #ENDSARS and Sowore must be prosecuted and punished. Copy foreigners as usual, illogically. The United States is arresting Insurrectionists invading Congress to kill people, attempting to kidnap the Vice-president and the Speaker. Since they lost a fair and square Election by a landslide. Like Africans they share ideology with, want Power by force.

Hello O! African Lives Matter Protesters have just cause because they are being killed in cold blood unjustly. African leaders and their gullible supporters glowing with glee as they loot and launder the treasury, killing babies with one of the highest infant mortalities, higher suicides among Youths and impoverishing millions of Africans to death.

How can Black people be respected anywhere in the world when you see how the little son and wife of the opposition leader Bobbi Wine, were stripped and beaten in Uganda? Since the "greatest" democracy in the world clamped down on those against freedom, life, liberty and voting rights of the voiceless; so can African leaders clamp down on those in their countries yearning for the opportunity to live and breathe.

Farouk Martins Aresa @oomoaresa

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