So We Are All Racists

Munroe Bergdorf was fired from her job and threaten on social media for: all whites are racists. Yet many whites stereotype all blacks as violent! Does that include white and black that die for the causes of all or were more generous to blacks than white? We need no synonym for blacks that were the worst enemies of blacks. We have since learned that racists come in different colors. Indeed, the notion that because you are black, you cannot be a racist is no longer valid. Black Massa during slave trade were more vicious to their own people than the white owners.

However, white privilege is real and all white people enjoy it without questions or inadvertently take it for granted. Even when it is obvious, most white people would rather keep quiet than be bordered with the trouble of raising hell. In a competition for a job opening, would you ... . .?

What differentiates a racist, white or colored, from a nonracist or broad-minded people is the ability to constantly ask ourselves: am I being fair or seemed fair to others that do not look or belong to the same class as me? Others define racism as power to deny individuals: economic means of sustenance, life or happiness. Slave owners that fought against their trade changed sides until they became richer after denying their conscience at the expense of human trade.

Can anyone justify exchange rate that makes Gold Coast(s) poor? We know that white privilege was created and built on the back of slaves to secure future of their children and in universities. Plantations were financed by big banks using slaves as collateral and insurance to secure their profits. In most multi-racial communities, those at the receiving end are people of color already experiencing loss of privilege taken for granted by most white people. When we deprive others of their rights, economic and social value based on skin color; that is the attitude of racists.

The fight for Civil Rights was started by Black men who born the worst brunt of it including paying with their lives. However, (mostly) white and black women gained from the Civil Right championed by black men. While white and black women have since made progress or climbed the ladder, black men are still waiting to gain step on that ladder. Where is their helping hands?

Nobody wants accusing finger pointed or directed at him, even when the accusation is true. A good answer from a seating black judge when a white man accused her of racism claiming all blacks are racists; needs examination. The judge said there is a difference between a racist and a person that examines his actions. A racist does not care one bit and would basked in depriving others of their God-given right. Some may be subtle others hiding under cover of law or culture.

Regardless of real white or black skin colors, as the child grows older, cultures around him attaches privileges to pink and brown colors of the skin. Once a child discovers that pink dolls are seen as more beautiful than brown dolls, the old study of black children preference for pink (white) dolls are noticed early. In a culture around communities or homes where both colors are equally privileged, it is not uncommon to see white children choosing black dolls.

Fair, light or white skin is a blemish in some black communities. Fortunately, governments in these few communities in Africa have to enact and promulgate laws of severe punishment to those that see Albinos as a curse. Some communities are still afraid of blue, green and other colors of eyes in their communities. Well informed people know how genetics works in any community. Until more black women gave births to blondes, some thought only whites do.

When people say colors are only skin deep and no more; those that want to discriminate would still find a way to do so. In United States, white skin Anglo used to discriminate against Irish and Italians. Today, they all discriminate against white Hispanics. The point here is discrimination based on privilege goes beyond skin colors. It is a hierarchy to gain instant advantage without working for it. India has a caste system where the fairest people are on top by division of labor.

Munroe Bergdorf created an uproar that all whites are racists and she got fired as a model. She could have said all blacks are racists and gotten away with it. After all, blacks are suspects until proven otherwise! Bergdorf experience and the point she was trying to make was just as whites thinking all blacks are violent. Black on black crimes in the ghetto, xenophobia in South Africa or religious and ethnic riots in Nigeria are based on the fight for privileges not color of the skin.

Nevertheless, people who know all these still discriminate. Assuming we settled on superficial definition of race base on skin colors, racists are everywhere. We all learn to differentiate between colors as we get older, it does not mean we are racists. Left to children, they would appreciate dolls in rainbow colors, some preferring red or green to black or white dolls.

Ms. Bergdorf, a person of white mother and a black father refused to back off or amend her declaration based on her experience. Her modeling employer fired her for that statement. She had to explain to her white mother before she understood her point. There was another point she made that did not gain much attention; which is the closer your skin complexion is to white, the better your chances and more access to privileges than a similarly situated darker skin.

We all discriminate one way or the other. Indeed, it is human to discriminate and inhuman to generalize. We sometimes discriminate between our children without realizing it until one of them points or describes how he felt. Studies show female grade teachers give privileges to male students without realizing it. While race discrimination is far greater than casual attitude, we do exhibit discrimination in our choices and preferences.

Blacks that are not conscious of their attitude towards white people based on past or historical experience could be deemed racists. So, when a white person declares that black people are racists, he may have a point based of his past experience. It is also true that all people, black or white discriminate unless they accept that fact and work against it.

Yes, some experiences are so bitter, they scar us for life. But so are good experiences we must focus on to last us for life. We must also admit that bad experience makes more impression or carve deeper wounds. They can come from a close friend, relatives and spouses but if these bad experiences come from a different skin colors, are they racists?

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