Mercy was my sky flower

Her overpowering affections made me oblivious of the ills of Kutu's failed regime. A new trend emerged in our poignant budding romance. She followed me to lunch breaks and sat very close. Her toned legs flashed in the sunrays as we had intimate meals in our love-nest. However, I became alarmed when she decided to follow me to the aluta grounds. The Legon students became so disillusioned with Kutu and took up arms against him. Their demonstration was fierce and the police were on high alert. We watched events from a distant when we got there. Mercy excitedly spread festive cheers and gyrate her small waist to ecstatic tunes floating in the air. At a point, the students decided to attack the police station and the officers decided to act. They tossed tear gas into the students to disperse them. A couple of the gas canisters fell at where we stood. Lethal smokes filled the air and blinded us. There was a deadly rampage and we ran in all directions. Mercy was caught up in the turmoil after she slipped from my grips. I went to school only to realise she had been trapped behind enemy lines. I had to rescue her. I wove my way back into the danger zone in search of my sky flower.

Mercy paraded her love openly and I was well loved- up by her. Even the sellers in the school knew of our fledging romance. Amina the waakye seller was the first person who became suspicious. Her waakye was a delicacy and we craved it. I had missed lunch break on this particular day because I was compiling some exam results for Miss. My tummy was rumbling so I went to Amina's place. I joined the long queue and waited for my turn. I was about to pay after she served me but she waved me on. I stared at her confused. 'She paid for you' she said. I was more mystified. 'Who paid for me?' I asked. She looked at me menacingly. It was an indication she was not expecting silly questions from me. Amina was a very creepy woman who hardly tolerated pranks from students. 'Your sky flower paid'. She bellowed. I was not aware there are gardens in the blue skies where flowers like lilacs, velvets, and cherry roses blossomed. 'I have no sister with such name in the school' I said to her. She ignored me and continued serving the queue. Mercy had given me a secret lunch treat without letting me know. 'My little angel that is so sweet of her'. I muttered.

Mercy tapped into the world of romance and I went along with her. My devotion for her peaked after an incident that sent me to the hospital. We were playing on the school park and I collided with one of the guys. I fainted instantly and I was rushed to the Legon hospital. I felt a feathery weight on me when I regained consciousness in the ward. A familiar gleam face tore into mine. The face gave me a golden glow and the well-carved dimples stood out neatly. It was Mercy. She kept vigil by my bed. Her glossy locks of hair reflected under the fluorescent. It was late and school was over. She shrieked with joy when she saw me awake. 'What are you doing here at this hour' I asked her. I tried to lift myself into a sitting position but gave up the idea due to my pains. She cradled me in her arms and rested her pumped up chest on me. 'I couldn't leave you alone here' She responded. She was extraordinary captivating. 'My dad would be passing over after work' I told her. She was not happy. She leaned towards me and her lacy bra flashed in my face revealing her youthful cleavage. Mercy was a busty teenager. 'I want to be with you'. She said. The nurse on duty came to my bed. 'Is she your sister' she asked. I shook my head. 'She had been by your bed all day'. The nurse explained. She was terribly romantic at heart and lavished me with so much attention. I thought.

The account from the nurse kicked off my love for Mercy and I secretly yearned to be with her after I was discharged. However, I loved to be with the boys at the Legon gate watching the students' protest. It was a scary scene but very interesting. The students blocked the Accra-Madina road in front of the police station. They were in bold red coloured attire and gave bizarre renditions of local highlife songs that ridiculed Kutu's genitals. Mercy was so excited. It was desperate situation for Kutu. Police officers were drafted across the country and they swamped the Legon police station in anticipation of quelling the riot. The hapless police officers looked on as traffic was halted for days.

Then it was rumoured a couple of students were arrested and detained at station. That was why the students launched a blistering attack on the station to vent their fury on Kutu's weirdo police officers. The officers decided to repel the marauding students by hurling tear gas at them. More and more tear gasses floated all over. The police sting however backfired and spiral out of control. The air became full of lethal smoke. People were choking to death from the deadly smoke and went berserk. That was when I lost hold of Mercy. School was not far off so I knew she would found her way back. I was agitated when she did not turn up. I was leaving nothing to chance. I had to save my sky flower.

The protest grounds bellowed with tear gas smoke on my return. It was disastrous scenario. Confused souls ran for dear life. Mercy's unforgettable figure was slumped on the ground. Life was nearly squeezed out of her. Web of legs in flight flew over her cute frame. It was a quick thinking. Without thinking of my own safety, I threw myself on her to protect her from stampeding feet. Her eyes were filled with tears from the lethal smoke. I used my uniform to cover her face to neutralise the stinging effects of the deadly smoke. I placed my hands around her famous curves and lifted her into my arms. My covert operation was extremely successful. I sauntered through the thick throng in search of an escape route to the school. She cuddled up to me lovingly and I felt the softness of her bare cleavage on me. She was calm after our emotional reunion. She gave me more cuddles thereafter. She was bra-less and the feeling was awesome

I became a hero after my bold rescue of the loved one from total annihilation. Overall Mercy idolised me after her numbing experience. 'I owed you my life' she said to me later on. Coming to think of it, I did not know how I was able to manage such a daring rescue attempt. One thing was sure; nothing was too daring for my princess. I was not a hero; I explained to my friends. The fact was the loved one woke the lovely side of me with her lavished affections. Besides, all I did was to save my teenage heart- throb from harm.

Francis Kwaku Egu, UK
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