A wrong choice for romance: Romance from Hell

Aaron confided in a friend about his secret; the dim secret that brought him misery. He was debonair but could hardly keep a relation due to his blight. Mary was the last lady in his life. Just like many before she was heartbroken and left in desperation. Her dreams of having a fairy tale love with him fizzled out when she discovered it. She went back to the USA where she came from. She wished she had not embarked on such a futile journey to the mother land for the search. Many ladies came in droves. They coyly fell at his feet ready to sail into illusive worlds with him. He left them in distress. He encouraged the daintily ones still when he knew mustn't.

He was a striking guy and smooth talker as well; very athletic with a flat 6 packs abdomen. He was aware of this unique quality and displayed it regardless. His elegant looks albeit he had an ominous secret. Esi was the first to discover it. She confided in friends but none believed her; she was a doubtful character. She snatched Aaron from her friend Mabel. They went to Aaron's place often; when Mabel was not watching she took over and left her shattered. It was not the first time. She had a track record of taking over her friends' guys. They became wary of her and shielded their men from her. Aaron was frail; she told her friends. 'He floated you high into the billows and left you hanging midway'. He was a wrong choice for romance. She warned all her friends. She warned Mary.

Mary spent her formative years in the USA. A daintily lady she was; always gracefully dressed. She looked extremely stylish. Her many years stay in the States sparkled around her. Her English was smooth and fused with smooth American accent. She returned to Ghana to find a suitor but went about it the wrong way. She had her own fanciful ideas of an ideal man. She was so choosy. Guys flocked her with marriage requests but she ditched them all. It was one excuse after the other. One guy had a stinking mouth. The reek was repugnant and made her threw up. Another was ugly; his head was like coffin. She was not interested in a tomb headed man.

Aaron met her by chance. It was a Valentine's Day and he spent the evening at the splash restaurant at Shoprite, Accra Mall with friends. Lovers came in pairs; the ladies were in velvet outfits. The Mall was crowded with bonny guys cuddling curvy glossy ones. Dreamy songs sailed serenely on the breezy air; it was thrilling. It was fused with guys humming their fondness to their graceful ones with cotton wool wits. The ambience was passionate as lights beamed from distant buildings into the dark sky. The shaft of light from the Airport tower hovered above the darkness. Some distant away was the shines from the Shangri Hotel and other gleaming buildings. Towering all the beams was the flare from beyond the green hills; the beacon of hope in the city with cotton streets; the Sapphire city- Legon.

Aaron was in the restaurant with friends as the DJ poisoned the air with his soulful melody. 'Val's day is here; leave your sorrows; let her be your queen tonight.' The dance floor went into full swing as the lights were dimmed. 'Let her be your fairy for once'. Silhouettes of lovers appeared vaguely in the dim as they clutched one another. Boisterous guys wrapped their hands firmly above the curves of their sweet ones and drew them closer. The music continued 'leave your pains to air, love her for once'. Shapely figures rocked gently to and fro in unison to the lyrics. 'Today would be gone and you shall miss her velvety'

Aaron was nervous as the music got poignant. Esi had carried out her threat. She had gone public with the news and the ladies avoided him like plaque. Even Fiona the awkward was not enthused to be his date. He came to the Val's day alone when his friends were in pairs. He felt miserable as loved ones danced their joys in ecstasy. He walked out of the room. As he approached the front of the Mall, he saw Mary. She looked distraught. She was by her self. It was obvious from her poise she was new to the system. The snow flakes of the States still reflected on her glittering skin. She paced down the front of the Mall totally confused. For the first time she wished she was approached by the guys she abhorred. None did.

Should I or should not. Aaron contemplated as he saw her. He knew of her fiery rage. Mary was meeting a guy at the Mall but there was 'no show' when she arrived. She rang his phone but it was off. She had never felt so humiliated in her entire life. It was an opening for Aaron. He was easily accepted by Mary as he approached her. He invited her into the restaurant. She followed. She was a nuisance at the car park. Car lights beamed on her glittering dress as they advanced. Revellers made lewd jokes at her charms. Aaron introduced her to his friends as they sat at the table. After a few drinks he asked if she would like to dance. She nodded. They went to the packed dance floor. Shades of lights pierced through the dark; revellers shuffled their feet to tender ballads with their daisies. 'Time to adore is here; cuddle her fluffiness.' They swayed their hips to the lyrics. 'Let her tenderness sway you; let her fluffiness weigh you'. It was a special evening for Mary and Aaron. Their romance grew to a new level there after.

She got hooked to him; she had found her ideal man in Africa. A little into their romance; she got so concerned with Aaron's lack of affection for her. There was very little warmth between them. Aaron never stayed in a room alone with her or gave her a cuddle. He never made attempt to caress her or give her a kiss. He gave one excuse after the other to avoid the subject. One day she visited unannounced. And this brought her more pains. She informed him she was travelling out of town for the weekend. It was a ploy to catch him in bed with Esi. She suspected strongly he was cheating on her with Esi that was why he was always cold. He was alone that night. He was not excited to see her; she was worried but one thing was certain.

They were alone for the first instance since their romance blossomed. It was late and she knew she would spend the night. She knew she would feel his warmth for once. She craved for his attention daily but had none. Aaron was in a boxer shorts; his six pack folds stood out neatly. This was right time she reflected. She went close to him desiring a cuddle. He gave her none. He was about to walk out. She pulled him into her arms. He freed himself and walked out into the night. Mary was horrified. The rumour was true. She was in a mess. She soared across the Atlantic to Africa in search of romance; the one she found was from hell.

Francis Kwaku Egu, UK
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