Romance in the woods

Rosetta walked the foot path running through the Legon estate to the field alone. Days ago they walked it together. His hand was wrapped firmly about her curves as they strolled leisurely along. Now she was by herself. She looked withered but her eyes were full of love; full of fondness for him. She had distant look on her paled face. She came to the gravel road that linked the old colonial bungalows to those built after independence and stood by the bench under the neem tree near the field. They sat on this bench often in the past. Tears flowed from her sodden eyes. Her action was an enactment of their love frolics. Albert explained. She acted oddly since the news came. The awful news that took away her joy; her dreams and crashed her world.

Auntie Naaki's love for Easter picnics was known to everyone on the estate. As a devout Presbyterian she loved singing her Presbyterian hymns so early in the morning. She sang at the top of her voice and it resonated all over the estate. She made few enemies with her sun-up renditions though. Mr Deku the voodoo devotee next door saw her singing as an affront. He had enough of her pious behaviour. On one instance he came out filled with venom. He pointed his evil fingers at Naaki with vile intentions. Friends got worried; Mr Deku was a noted evil man. However it was routine for Naaki; as a kenkey seller she woke up early to get the stuff ready for the Bush Canteen. As she went about her task neighbours forfeited their sleep. Mr Deku hated her as the heavenly choruses rendered his deities powerfulness. It was a case of light vs. darkness. Evil was subdued; goodness prevailed. Mr Deku was ejected from the estate for his disruptive behaviour.

The kids loved auntie Naaki still for the yearly picnic she organised. It gave them rare chance to relax in the pool at the Legon gardens. The pool was an integral part of the garden. It had an artificial island at the middle. A scenic summer hut sat neatly on this island. The hut served as resting place for fun seekers. The pool was stocked with ornamental fishes and other aquatic creatures. A wooden bridge spanned across the pond onto the island. This reverie; a colonial relic was treasure hidden from many. It was a privilege enjoyed just by few; those who had link with the Sapphire City. The City with cotton streets, citadel of hope, the Hill of brainpower- Legon

Kwei looked forward to the picnic more than any one else. It gave him the chance to be with Rosetta the most beautiful girl on the estate. Rosetta's beauty was beyond description. Guys lusted after her sweetness but failed. She had her sparkling eyes for just on one guy; Kwei. Some guys had all the luck when it comes to wooing the glittering girls. Their cotton wool words act as a balm to inner emotions of the creamy ones. They effortlessly get the fluffy ones excited when they are moody. Rosetta loved Kwei so much. Her world revolved around him. He was in a boarding school while she was a day student. They rarely met except during vacations. As a result they tried to spend much time together when Kwei was in town.

This particular picnic in the garden was a romantic one for the pair. Kwei had his own favourite spot in the thick woods in the garden where he took his angel. The spot had foliage which shielded them from the nosy ones like Albert. Albert refused to realise Rosetta was in love with the man she adored; a man who floated her into feathery realms with his relaxing words. His soothing words stilled her heart and sent her into delirium. They lived in their own gleam world.

In the garden the lovers walked leisurely among the wood hand in hand. Now and then they stopped at any suitable spot to hug. Kwei drew his cutie angel's frame to his and squeezed her lovingly. Other times he raised high above the thick bushes and floated her in the air. This action made her giggled and it vibrated through the wood. Albert went bananas when he head the giggle from behind the groves. The lovers were unperturbed. They trounced the garden and had no care in the world. She tickled him and ran off. He went after her; grabbed her by her slender waist and pull her on to the grass. He laid on her and buried his face into her busty front. She remained calm as she felt the sensations from his weight.

The love bird enjoyed their lunch away from the rest. Rosetta served the meal she had prepared for the occasion. They took turns to spoon fed each another. She was a noted cook; the aroma from her dishes caused stirs among neighbours. The perfume scents travelled on the wavelength to distant places to trouble starving souls. After the meals Kwei drew her silky frame to his and they fantasised their lives away. At one point he pushed her tenderly onto the mat and rested on her velvet bosom. Albert could not take it any longer. He left the picnic grounds.

Albert loathed Rosetta with fervour. No one understood why till words went round he was ditched by her. He had all but won her heart with gifts. Gifts he bought with cash stolen from his mum. He visited her many times but nothing came out except shame. On one of his visit Rosetta walked him out. She threatened him with water baptism on his next visit. Albert took her threat carelessly and got drenched in soapy water. To add to his misery his mother found about the stolen cash. He was flogged at school assembly. The disgrace was too much; he avoided friends for weeks. Since the water episode his hatred for Rosetta exacerbated. He pounced on her at the least chance but Rosetta was too wise, she kept him at arms length.

Albert always came with repulsive gossips about her. This time it was a new one. He saw Kwei cuddling Rosetta behind Mr Asante's hedges. She was topless; he saw her blossoming breast dangling menacingly. The pair were so engrossed; they did not see him passed he said. Well it was a cold December morning and the chilly breeze cracked its way above the leafless trees. The weather was so icy and Rosetta could not be faulted; for enjoying the warmth of her man so early in the morning. Albert often nagged about the wanton behaviour of the pair. Too often they flaunted their love frolics in the open. It was a nuisance he argued. For some days now Albert had been spared the trouble of more gossips by the news that shattered everyone.

The sordid news that shattered Rosetta's world when she least expected. The demise of one thing she loved most. She was so fond of Kwei. She saw him off at bus station some few days ago and tarried for an email from him. The email never came; his belongings did and with it the distressing news. He died in car crash on his way back to school. Kwei left for School after their rollicking Easter holiday but never go to his destination. Rosetta walked away from the bench and retracted her steps back home. She was lost in a wood but this time not the love woods in the garden. It was the wood call life. 'Death you have done your worst'. She yelled as she dashed away.

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