EFCC has been ridiculed and reduced to a joke in the land of loot-and–go free. Mocking EFCC, many of us as Prof. Osagay; Human Rights Lawyer, Mike Ozekhome (SAN) on Saraki’s victory : “What we saw from the EFCC stable as usual was the usual Baba Sala’ Alawada Kerikeri’s Odeon histrionics”. Haba, so it is all EFCC’s fault. He could do better than Magu. Unfortunately, even Nuhu Ribadu, they criticize almost to death. Some even tried to assassinate him by car crash!

If these are fruits of democracy, brings Ezeogwu or Gadhafi laughing in his grave after warning Libyans that invited freedom! The only people these Human Rights, rule of law and democracy peddlers cry for are the rich. There are poor people in jail without trial, youths, women and children whose daily bread are being denied and have to suffer the pains of hunger to bed or languishing in the seas and desert after being denied funds by looters laughing to the banks.

African countries lose $50b every year to corruption , through our own leaders begging foreign countries to accept it so that they can beat tax avoidance and money laundering at home and abroad. People that should be held to face firing squad like Oyenusi and Aninih. These are the ones enjoying human rights, rule of law and democracy while demonizing and frustrating EFCC officer working with resources far less than those at the disposal of vagabonds.

Seriously Mr. Mike Ozehhome, do you think the rich and the mighty need you as Human Rights lawyer to defend them or you are just looking for clients? Crooks that were caught red-handed, that were soliciting favors from lawyers were recalled as judges but you did not see anything wrong with that because the money they were caught with could be spread to fixed judgments.

Saraki was booed and called OLE at the prayer ground last year in Ilorin so he avoided Eid-el-Fitri this year. In spite of videos showing angry crowd he denied the booing. Na our bodi e dey?

How does EFCC the hunter of looters become the hunted? These cannot be the voices of the youths that are suffering, dying, without jobs that cannot start or support their families. There are youth leadership organizations without followers sprouting up in support of vagabonds parading themselves as politicians after beating a corrupt system that let these dogs out in the House and Senate. Repeated bank and gubernatorial looters like Saraki claiming vindication!

Saraki was the latest that got away the same way Tinubu did, not to mention many others like Ibori while innocent and respectable people like Dr. Adenike Grange and Professor Fabian Ngozichukwu Osuji were made examples for being naïve. Ask any kid growing up who they want to be like when they grow up, you will get an answer to the future of the country you live in. It is true that every country has corrupt leaders but the rate, magnitude and proportion of their pilfering to Nigeria’s income are staggering!

Only a fool would not believe that corruption fights back. Each time looters win, it’s people that loose. Yet, some youths celebrated and congratulated looters that were let lose by the courts were repeat offenders. Judicial corruption is endemic in the system. Hardworking, reputable, honest lawyers and judges soiled are aggrieved: imposing fines on frivolous claims against EFCC.

We need to search our conscience and confess if we are really serious about war on corruption. Each time an administration shows some good faith in tracking looters of funds that should be used to take care of the people, we find reasons to kick against it based on “human rights”. It is based on ignorance, self-inflicted pain against our own interest. Nuhu Ribadu was hounded like a squirrel. He was labeled as a stooge. They have Magu now to kick, even refused to confirm.

Yet majority of the people are not in any position to steal or embezzle. If anything, most work like serfs from dawn to dusk. It is so obvious on the streets, in the markets and multitudes of traders eking out a living because there is no social net or infrastructure to enhance existence. The consequences are armed robbers, kidnappers, prostitutes, 419s and drug peddlers. Even foreigners have taken advantage of desperate youths by disguising death camps overseas.

Is there a logical rational for Youths or rented crowd to be celebrating in jubilation of verdicts bought, signed and delivered to set looters free? There is nothing more revolting and repulsive when you see youths that are condemned to death in perpetual poverty celebrating depleted funds that should be used to ameliorate their state, embezzled with impunity. It is not how many of these brazen vagabonds in power got away with murder but which of them did not.

Looting the treasury dry unites all ethnic groups, political parties, separatists and one nation advocates. Unfortunately, proceeds flow into administration of justice corrupting lawyers and judges, police, pastors, imams, government and private companies: in short across every social and economic leadership strata. It has polluted the psych of the country and destroyed families where many people are devising ways to defraud one another or their own relatives.

Once vagabonds are under trial, they are represented by multitudes of lawyers poaching on democracy and the rule of law. Most claim one cancer or the other asking for medical leave abroad in some hospitals that could not be established at home for lack of funds stolen by them. They look for sympathy to travel out to prevent them from dying. How ironic that the same people that sentenced women and children to death for lack of care are afraid to die!

Most of them have given up their interest, stakes and rights as bona fide citizens of the country of their birth they loot to death and have taken up residences abroad where all the money stolen are stashed for their wives, girlfriends, children and relatives. Most of them do not attend local schools and would never be treated in local hospitals. So why should they care about the country they are ready to bleed to death?

Africans are so mad, a leader was beaten up in France. Nigerians apply juggle justice to armed robbers, kidnappers, Badoo groups, but unfortunately to hungry people that steal food in the markets. The burning anger on the street is so red hot, it can burn the Senate and the House. However, it is confined to streets. Looters are on notice, sooner or later, it will catch up with them. People are so angry and hungry, not even the ethnic diversionary tactics would work.

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