The Spat Between The Us And North Korea... My Stand!

Weapons owned by North Korea are like US, also for deterrence! The US cannot allow its friends to own weapons it berates North Korea for owning! That is double standard. Allow your friends to own the same weapons you own while you prevent you can easily defeat me in war? No way!

Military drills or weapon tests, I see no difference. The US bullies the world because it has superior arms. North Korea says No to this nonsense!

Insane American minds say such display of destructive power is right while similar displays by North Korea is wrong. Military drills they say!

It is out of place for the US to determine who it feels is responsible enough to be trusted with nuclear weapons...except it is ready to do away with its own cache of weapons!

So long as the current state of global affairs subsists, and the US blocks democratization of the United Nations....while it mouths democracy elsewhere, the world would know no peace!

Islam is already standing up to western hegemony and bullying.

All it takes is an adversary who has conquered the fear of death...or even longs for hope of paradise!

This is how the US would go search for trouble...and when its hands are full, it starts seeking sympathy...

The US now parks awesome submarines at the doorstep of North Korea. Do you know the size and strength of these subs and aircraft carrier? Does effrontery has any other definition?

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

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