Lurid But True! Just A Dream?

I had this dream early this morning. I had just exhausted myself on social media and felt so deserving of a quick nap at about 3 am.

The lady was pretty... She was apparently well known to me judging from the manner we exchanged pleasantries as she confidently reclined her luscious curves on the door or a car in company of her friends.

I found myself admonishing her for bleaching her skin and recall her replying that I was loud.

So, how come she responded to my kisses after initially feigning a situation that ought to have resulted in a quarrel...considering the fact that we started off on a wrong footing.

Then, we found ourselves lying down. On the bare floor? On a sofa? I can't clearly remember. You know how annoyingly fuzzy dreams can be...but we were definitely not in the open!

Then, she lifted up a leg so bringing her crotch to sit astride me....bringing her vulva in perfect alignment with my big toes which were initially in close apposition... left and right. The way a skilled pilot would align the fuselage of his airplane with the long axis of the runway before executing a perfect landing!

Only difference being that it was her own '"runway" that was aligning with my right big toe now pointing upwards like the plane's she furiously tossed aside my left toe...leg and all!

Now rhythmic gyration of her hips commenced in earnest as she changed gear...from a vertical ride to a sideways movement...using my "upwardly mobile" big toe like a car wiper on the posterior wall of her vagina.

I definitely racall the ogbono-like slipperiness of her insides against my toe.

I must confess I wasn't just a mere "innocentee" who simply laid back like a log of wood. I participated but only to the extent of matching her movement with up-down motion of my toe as she came to a climax...her vagina gripping and releasing my toe intermittently.. the way of women.

Perhaps I felt a duty to assist her sustain her climax, I cannot clearly recall.

But the most amazing that I think that while her abdomen and chest lay on my leg and thigh.... and while her face and mouth were at penis level all the time, she never went for the phalus!

Then someone the image of my father somehow materialized only for the fellow to be an exact replica of me as he moved closer. My clone! This fellow shook his head in a sideways direction in reaction to my indiscretions. In disappointment? In pity? I do not know.

But in my confusion, my lady partner just dissolved into thin air.

I woke up with a start...wondering what just happened...

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