This American Bomber

To the caption below, I would like to add that the white skin of Rahami would always guarantee that racially- bigoted US officials give him benefits of the doubt as he travelled to Pakistan for an 11-month stay and to Afghanistan....

He holds an American green he bombed out the Yankees right there in their own backyard.... as one of their citizens! Yet many Nigerians get deported at American airports even after narrowly obtaining visas at home!

It matters not if the black man is educated.
What weighs heavier in the minds of the US is the colour of his skin! And he is very likely to be killed by the American police if granted entry.


When Ahmad Khan Rahami returned in March
2014 from a nearly yearlong trip to Pakistan,
he was flagged by customs officials, who
pulled him out for a secondary screening. Still
concerned about his travel, they notified the
National Targeting Center, a federal agency
that assesses potential threats, two law
enforcement officials said.
It was one of thousands of such notifications
every year, and a report on Mr. Rahami was
passed along to the F.B.I. and other
intelligence agencies.
Five months later, when Mr. Rahami’s father
told the police after a domestic dispute that
he was concerned about his son having
terrorist sympathies, federal agents again
examined his travel history. And again, despite
Mr. Rahami’s now having been flagged twice
for scrutiny, the concerns were not found to
warrant a deeper inquiry, one of the law
enforcement officials said. Ahmad Rahami
was not interviewed by federal agents."

Acknowledgement to the New York Times.
Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner

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