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Notes Re Olorogun Shakiru Taiwo

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A certain OLOROGUN Shakiru Taiwo has quite brazenly...and rather relentlessly...attacked my person for my firm resolve to frustrate the efforts of head- hunters in response to the alleged demise of the Ooni of Ife. Why his grouse may be against my actions on these ritual killings is as baffling as it is bizarre! He had in addition to directing his verbal vitriol at me also taken determined steps to

malign my person!

I have a severe allergy for blood lust and persons with weird tastes! I attended Government College Ikorodu along with the guy. But while the rest of us moved on academically, he remained a hustler...peddling fish, then cars, and now presumably, human heads!

I am terribly shocked that he would so mingle with cultists as to accept the Olorogun title! That he would be so publicly pained that I frustrated their search for human heads is even more bizarre!

I am sorely perplexed by the strange disposition of this odd-man-out whose strange lust for blood leads him to describe me as insane for merely condemning the cultural beheading of fellow humans in this day and age!

As he forgets that we are in the public domain, he makes comments that are entirely different from everyone else regarding human sacrifice!

I recall an article I wrote about the need to kill animals painlessly because of my deep concern for their pains. Olorogun Shakiru Taiwo invaded that thread to berate me for having such "funny" considerations for "mere" animals!

His emphasis was that the sight of an animal in severe pains while in the throes of death would improve the taste of the eventual dish prepared from it! If anybody is in dire need of urgent psychiatric attention, I by my training am better positioned to know. So would the public that is monitoring numerous conversations between me and this native army General!

A week ago, two headless corpses were reportedly found in Sagbakoji, across the lagoon off Apapa wharf in Lagos!

I suspect that Sagbokoji being an outlying island off Apapa was envisaged by the traditionslists as relatively "safe" for beheadings!

You see, when I suggested that the search for heads to bury with the Ooni of Ife could reach beyond the confines of the town, I was called names!

While this Olorogun Shakiru Taiwo is a native army general wired to kill, my own calling as a doctor has primed me to save lives!

Besides, I know that when the need arises for human heads, instructions to search and hound for such cargo are directed at local hunters and local soldiers...

An Olorogun or Balogun is the head of such local armies!

And Galaxy TV Lagos just confirmed that the carcass of the Ooni has been transfered to Ife!

I don't just throw words around! The material and occult "achievements" alluded to by this blood-hound are of no interest to me.

I hereby call on our security agents to effect an immediate arrest of this felon who would so brazenly advocate for ritualized beheading of fellow humans!

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Tosin Akindele and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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