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Danger! Ile-ife Declares "oro" Curfew! Part 2

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In my native town of Ikorodu, town criers announcing curfews would often admonish people to "search for their lost goats but not their missing relations"! I heard it with my own ears! Incredible! Ikorodu is reputed to be second to only Ile-Ife in sorcery in Yorubaland. There is practically no day that one idolatory festival or the other is not celebrated in Ikorodu! So, there is no way the Oba of Ife would die and his people would not snoop and hound for human heads to accompany his CARCASS! Thus my strident alarm!

Something in the tone of some commentators suggests that they may be the advocates of wholesale murder in the name of tradition....but perhaps I presume them wrong.... Yoruba "elders" are often deaf to such change!

Some younger ones are no better...for they readily take offense at suggestions of change....their judgements readily beclouded by blind, selfish and tenacious adherence to wicked traditions!

And it is fashionable for most of those youths to belong to cults themselves. No! Directing my cries to deaf ears would be fruitless! This is the best expose their evil deeds!

They know what they do is wicked....which is why they kidnap their victims under the cover of darkness...and readily deny such atrocities when interrogated in public!

Anybody who is insane and cruel enough to support this evil would do well to submit himself for such sacrifice through beheading!

And my other reason for going public is to warn unwary strangers to tread carefully...if not avoid those towns retain their heads on their necks!

You talk to the elders of your family first. Their positive response should lead me, and encourage me to so talk to mine!

And I also plead with all persons who have seen this post to share it freely...

It should be safe to travel to other Yoruba towns now...but I do not give any guarantees! What if these Ile-Ife chiefs ask their "brothers" in other parts of Yorubaland to assist them in obtaining fresh human heads...most likely from non-Yorubas...whose disappearance would not be immediately noticed...and there would be no relations to search for them? While I do not intend to create unnecessary panic in non-indigenes, I should plead that they watch their steps and do not take lone walks in deserted places anywhere in Yorubaland at this time! Ile-Ife is reverred as the cradle of Yorubaland... and its king is held in high esteem! I cannot imagine him being buried without human heads! The number may be as high as 21! many as 21 human heads!

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

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