What Is Ikpeazu Doing About The Roads In Abia?

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It was the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Abia State, Mr. Godwin Adindu, who made it known: That the Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu had directed that any illegal structure in Aba, the much touted commercial city across the Niger, would be demolished.

Ikpeazu’s determination towards the decision was hinged as part of the

government efforts to earnestly give the Enyimba City, a facelift it

so deserves. Apart from that! What has solemnly endeared the governor

to the people since then is that he gave property owners in the Aba

conurbation and the general public a notice in that respect, and did

not take the people unaware.
Ikpeazu’s worry and resolve to rebuild Aba, has born Aba Urban Renewal

Office. This may be part of compute to fight dishonesty in the Aba

area, which is the enemy of development and of good governance not

only in the state, but across the country. It could be seen that the

governor wants to get sleaze rid of, anywhere it exists. This is his

administration’s objective; and the people can be seen coming together

to help the governor achieve his vision for the state.

In Adindu’s press briefing, “The property to be demolished include but

not limited to buildings on service lanes, illegal shops, illegal

fences and such other structures that constitute a blockade to the

free flow of traffic and drainage.”
It is obvious that the people have started to enjoy the government of

Ikpeazu, no matter who has taken the election that declared him

governor to the tribunal, no matter who is making assassination claims

in order to rubbish the reputation of the governor.

One observation is that Ikpeazu and his team are very bold, yet

humble, in the state ambitions. It’s perceivable that Ikpeazu is on a

mission to win the fight against poverty in Abia State and progress on

moral standards in government and society, hence to develop a

formidable foundation for good governance.
One area that the governor has launched himself to the public no

matter who is crying otherwise is that Ikpeazu has a penchant for

character change in the politics of Abia State in order to give a

fertile ground for reforms. Abia people and Ndigbo at large are known

for their abstemiousness against radiant rubbish. They have also

wisdom to balance a sensible thinking. And this is perceived to be

what Ikpeazu is showcasing in Abia State within his few days in

office, not minding the agents of distraction.
Those that followed Ikpeazu and his speeches during his electioneering

campaign would attest to the fact that he has started rebuilding Aba,

as he had promised. With his move, there may be good governance in his

administration. Ikpeazu is without doubt pursuing governance in the

state with eager feet, hands, head and most importantly, unrepentant

squad for change.
Knowing that road is a progress, ever on and on, Ikpeazu has started

showing that Abia wants progress and, it is progressing. He is in a

bid to get nearer to the place where Abia people want to be. His body

language suggests he knows that going forward will get the people

nearer to their destination: The right road.
As part of his vows, from Over-rail in Aba to Abiriba in Ohafia Local

Government Area of the State, Ikpeazu's name resonates loud. A recent

visit to Omuma axis of Aba, the testimony among the Keke NAPEP

occupants was that Ikpeazu would do better.
It is conspicuous that with his years as a scholar, Ikpeazu has

acquired enlightenment in the long road of difficulty. He had promised

to commission the Abiriba ring road in Ohafia, within his first 100

days in office with street lights and adequate drainage, and the

people of Abriba are testifying to that.
It calls for celebration that within Ikpeazu’s first week in office,

he is showcasing about five agendas that include trade and commerce,

agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure and environment. But his

first 100 days in office was orchestrated towards road construction

and rehabilitation.
Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is showing to the world that development and

good governance are not actually based on a state that has the best

economic growth, but wider views and committed spirit of the pilot to

work. With the governor’s liking for freedom of communication, hence

the works he has started doing in Abia State that Nigerians can see.

Of a truth, Abia people should give the governor the maximum support

that he needs to pilot the affairs of the state. They should not be

like an investor who doesn't have hope that the government he

(investor) is investing in will pay back its debt.
Abia State should eschew a crisis of confidence, no matter who is

citing Ikpeazu against the people. Abia people should not have

negligible patience in Ikpeazu. He needs the people's overwhelming

ideas to rebuild his energy, just as he is putting enough energy to

rebuild a place like Aba.
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