We heard he sent a letter to the Senate
On January Nineteen Two Thousand and Seventeen.
The Senate didn’t see him but saw his letter;

He then left for London for a Ten-day leave,
To treat himself.
He stayed for over Fifty days,
Showing care to us in attitude,
Not in action, through his messengers,
Whereas the country is bereft of action.
Some who visited him in London
Said he spoke to us.
We only heard his message
But did not hear his voice.
They told us that he was back,
And we waited to see him
On TV address us, to no reward.
To continue to reddish-purple us
They showed us pictures of him
Attending a Mosque,
When no one else
Confirmed seeing him live.
They continue to tell us that
He’s fit and healthy to rule us
But he took another leave
On May Eight Two Thousand and Seventeen,
For London. Another leave? Now indefinite.
The dismaying aspect is that
He speaks to a few persons
Who see him – {he doesn’t see?}
Not everyone has entrée to him
Since the painted shell began to rule us.
Now our country has gone down
The same way of his failed health.
The apparition has become vanishing dew
And a great mystery of our time.
© Odimegwu Onwumere; May 8 2017.
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