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Abia: Iheanacho Obioma Haunted By Many Forces.

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In an interview that one attention-seeker called Hon. Iheanacho Obioma of the All Progressives Congress (APC) granted some media organizations in which a media outfit sub-titled, “I wept when I saw how bad Aba was”, Obioma showed us how he loved being a dramatist.

Ordinarily, Obioma does not deserve a reply. But his continuous exhibition of foolery prompted this reply. His expressions in that interview were not only meaningless but also irrelevant. Laced with issue-baseless statements, Obioma performed as a gutter politician and critic of the government of Governor Theodore Orji he is.

What he meant by saying that Abia State had opposition politicians as against the purported comment by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state that the state had no opposition was to despise Governor Orji and, Obioma called same freedom of speech.

Yes, Obioma said that “…everybody is crying” in Abia State. Crying for what? The truth is that the likes of Obioma have always wanted that the governor to bring out the scarce resources of Abia State and share among a few gluttonous politicians in the state. And since the governor was not inclined to that evil plot, he is called names and the likes of Obioma are now crying.

The likes of Obioma have said that they are opposed to the way the government is run. Truth being that the government of Governor Orji on assumption of office made it clear that whoever that knows what will move the state forward should present it, Obioma and his likes thought that the agenda they could bring was how to squander the state's money; but since they saw that the governor had no rotten mind like them, they resorted to name-calling.

The strong opposition that Obioma said that he had in Abia State was the type that the only development it had for Abia State was how to pilfer the state's coffer. People are happy with the government of Governor Orji because he does not mingle with corrupt politicians. Obioma shamed himself when he said of the governor thus: “Everywhere you go to, it's the same thing. So, I think he is the easiest person to win in an election, because one, people know him, his ability and capability in terms of delivery. People also know as a governor who is used to heavy security, going to the senate, he will never see anybody because he is used to security.”

What a pity! So, Governor Orji was using security and his people persuaded him to represent them at the Senate? How did they meet with him? What a pity and petty with Obioma's nasty brand of politics. We shall be unveiling who Obioma actually is. In the course of this write-up, investigation has shown that Obioma is an ingrate. He was a member of National Assembly (1999-2003) for Ikwuano-Umuahia Federal Constituency. Called “Chomen”, those who know Obioma have revealed that he is a political prostitute who likes sharing his bed with any party that massages his bogus request.

According to a source: “Chomen who would have been recorded in history as a good legislator made many bad political judgments. If you doubt me, why has it been difficult for him to win in any election since 2003?” Yet, Obioma continued to mislead people that Governor Orji is the easiest person to win in an election.

The source continued, “Obioma has failed in many trials, moving in and out of political parties, falling into every camp that pretends to be his new friend? He has contested any available post, be it Governorship, House of Reps and the Senate which he failed. In each case, he burns his bridge and the new camp will in return extract their pounds of flesh from him for previous misdeeds. Most of his problems bother on ego, misplaced pride and meanness in business and political deals. Acho has obviously joined other detractors who easily mouth Aba as the albatross of Chief T.A. Orji. He even quoted Arthur Eze as one authority on Abia. That was a great revelation to the level of emptiness Chomen has descended. Were it in a debate, he wouldn't have scored a point. Chomen and Arthur, who should quote each other? Who should know Abia better?”

I have noted that Obioma is obsessed by many forces unless he repents. He has two construction companies today, a feat that Obioma could not achieve during his stay at the House. Obioma was a man who was always quarreling with his family members when he had no money even to eat, until Governor Orji rehabilitated him and settled a long time feud between him and his brother, hence the emergence of the construction company.

This is the way Obioma owned the company: “The level of crassness is that Chomen abandoned a job he was awarded after he received so much money to the tune of 200 million Naira to complete a road. But just like the rascal he is, he took the payment and ran away. If any is in doubt, check on the Ministry of Works in Abia and the Accountant General's Office for details of the payments.”

So, we can see how clean Aba is compared to Iheanacho Obioma.

.Hart writes from Lagos

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