Ochendo, all the way

Charles Uzoukwu is a public affairs analyst, like Ralph Egbu who is a columnist with The Sun newspapers. Uzoukwu who perhaps was writing under the pretext of pseudonym published an imbecilic article recently in the Vanguard newspapers, titled, “What Abians need”. Doing the bid of his paymasters, Uzoukwu who was oblivious of how to be a professional liar was caught in the web when he wrote that politicians in Abia State including some governorship aspirants are decamping to the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in solidarity to Dr. Alex Otti, seen as a liberator in the state.

That was an impish viewpoint. Uzoukwu who perhaps, again, wanted cheap publicity was far from the truth when he wrote that Governor T.A.Orji was rejected in APGA in 2010 when he wanted to defect from the PPA that produced him as governor. It would be succinct to put it clear that there was no time that the governor was rejected by APGA.

It was a mere speculation in that year of defection context before the governor in June defected to the PDP. His speculated defection to APGA just hung in the air within hours, before the governor made known the political party that he has pitched tent with. So, Uzoukwu's analysis lacked fact and figures and should be confined to the trash bin.

Ordinarily, Uzoukwu does not deserve this attention. But for the records, he has to be told that defecting from one political party to another has never been a breach of order in Nigeria, regarding the Constitution. Even Otti that Uzoukwu praised in his article is also a practitioner of defection. Who is not? The phony Otti started singing 'change' when he could not be given the PDP guber ticket in the December 8 2014 primaries of the party in the state, because he was not qualified, hence he joined the APGA through the dark and back door.

It is in dream that the likes of Uzoukwu will have the charade called Otti as the Governor of Abia State; a man who is so desperate for power, therefore, lying himself to self-destruct. Abia people have fallen in love with Ikpeazu and there is no two ways about it. There is no fact in what Uzoukwu has written that Abia is backward compared to other states across the country or within its nearby environs. Governor Orji has performed creditably well according to his campaign promises.

Then come to Ralph Egbu, a columnist with The Sun newspapers, a paper that is known for publishing lies. Today, that paper has been relegated to the background of Yellow Journalism where it has been unjustly fighting the government of Chief Theodore Orji of Abia State.

Recently, Egbu who is a failed politician and among the hordes from Abia that have been crying wolf since Governor Orji revolutionized the system in the state and brought government close to the people, dished out an odious article, titled, “Next Abia Governor”. However, Egbu told us that he had been in top public offices in the state for 16 years only to condescend low to circulate falsehood against the scintillating government of Governor Orji, where he was doing the bid of his paymaster in order to retain his column with The Sun, because that is the last busstop for the wide-nosed Egbu.

For some time now, Egbu has been into this campaign of calumny against the government of Governor Orji, writing fictitious series against the governor that he wants the unsuspecting public to swallow as true. In what he took as dissecting issues and paradoxes in the state is sheer dichotomy of people's sound thinking that this government has brought dividends of democracy to the nooks and crannies of the state. A confused mind that Egbu is, he even admitted how confused he was when he phrased: “Part two of the series entitled “Abia Para­dox” would have continued today, but I had to break it…”

In Egbu's jaundiced analysis he punctured truth when he wished that the next governor of the state was going to be Alex Otti. He was economical with the truth by not telling the world that Otti is not from Abia South, the region that has been positioned to produce the next governor of Abia State, with all eyes on Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu (PhD) as the next governor of the state.

It is palpable to tell Egbu that Otti he was supporting in his so-called series voted in his Arochukwu area of the state during the March 28 presidential and National Assembly elections. Let's tell ourselves the truth.

Egbu would support Otti today and by tomorrow, you hear him supporting Nyerere Anyim, the gubernatorial can­didate of the All Progressives Congress (APC). He has even buttressed this when he wrote in that biased article thus: “I believe it is the turn of Abia South and given current scenarios I would throw my heart with Nyerere Anyim, the gubernatorial can­didate of the All Progressives Congress (APC).” So, how can we take Egbu seriously? It is Ochendo all the way.

.Hart writes from Lagos

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