Ndi-Abia would be missing Governor T.A. Orji

Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State would be ending his tenure as governor very soon for whoever that would win in the February 28 2015 governorship contest. It is obvious that Ndi-Abia would be missing this epochal leader, who has since 2007 he mounted the saddle as governor, has transformed the state through his “Legacy Projects”.

The people of Abia State would be missing him for the good works he has done in the state. He has put smiles on the faces of many people, which have in turn brought laurels to him as a hardworking governor. The good Lord has been his strength. And he has been vindicated anywhere he went with mammoth crowd cheering him as a hardworking governor who has changed the face of the state for the better. He is a good thinking, good result a governor.

The cap fits Ochendo Global and he has shown the world how to wear the cap without an iota of rancour. When some persons who love trouble wanted to engage him, he declined, because it is not in his character to insult, bicker or tinker. He is a performing governor who has shown the world how to be a good leader at work. His achievements have earned him a lot of awards too numerous to mention.

Left for Abia people they will not like Ochendo Global to go, but for the constitution. Some are even crying that this man who has achieved magnanimous achievements for the state and has affected many lives positively is going. He is not deterred upon the level of mudslinging that is directed his way by political rivals, who wanted to pull him down.

The efforts of our amiable governor in achieving what he has achieved in Abia have put his destructive critics to shame. He has done much to attract honour in the state, from the toutish position the state was left at in past administrations. The governor has fought for a lot of development in his un-daunting task as governor.

Apart from transforming the state, he has empowered a lot of youth with his purpose-driven transformational gestures. It is no longer news that Ochendo government has provided ample security and electricity in the state. These have glued the attention of investors to the state.

However, like an analyst observed, the government may not complete all the infrastructural challenges facing the state in the last 23 years, because they are plenty. But the government of Governor Orji has brought about a speedy effort as the world can see in the direction so far; Governor Orji has brought marvellous changes and ease to the people of the state.

According to analysts, if successive governments in the state had made half of the efforts before now, the state would have been well developed by now. Umuahia which was said to be a glorified village more than a decade after creation, according to observers, can now boast of quality access roads, street lights, drainage channels, International Conference centres, steady power supply, New Government House, New Worker Secretariat, Diagnostic Hospital and several other ongoing and completed projects. The commercial city of Aba that has been neglected for years, was not left out as the place is wearing a new look with quality access roads.

Congratulation to Governor Orji whom many Abia people have characterised as an amiable leader who deserved a national honour of Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON) that was awarded him recently. One Cosmos Oluchukwu has said that Abia's Ultimate Governor, Chief T.A. Orji in his wisdom and action, has shown the true stuff he is made of, by the tremendous infrastructural development of modern time being witnessed today in Abia Gods own state and, Abians have truly shown their utmost appreciation for the Governor's sincere performance, which is beyond oppositions imaginations.

One Patrick Obi said that "who has done it better in Abia but T.A Orji. As for the time being, he remains the governor with a lot to remember him for. Congrats to him." Chris Akomas said, "thank God for Ochendo Global. He is indeed the pacesetter in our State. Rome wasn't built in a day."

When the CON award was given to Governor Orji, one Ada Kalu said: "The significance of this award is that beyond all critiques from various quarters against the governor, he stood his ground and said Abians must be liberated from the clutches of evil politicians who meant no well for the state, but were witch-hunting the progress of the state."

The governor also said that Abia must witness a transformation; thereby he gave Abia a new lift through a transformation agenda: Legacy Projects. It was pertinent to note that these legacies were never recorded in the history of the state. After a careful observation by the governor, he decided to give the state good governance.

It was observable that Governor Orji's "Legacy Projects", according to Ada Kalu, cut across infrastructures and developments like Agriculture, Education, Radio and broadcasting, Roads Construction, Youth Empowerment, Skills Acquisition, Electricity and Power, Health, just to mention but a few.

Buttressing her point, Ada Kalu did not lie, pointing out a September 15th, 2014, publication in The Punch, pages 40-44, with the title, "pictures don't lies."That publication was said to have shown in clear terms the many achievements of Governor Orji in pictures and Nigerians who did not know were surprised

.Hart writes from Lagos

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