Ebere Wabara is a Pathological Liar

One Ebere Wabara and his likes have kept on lying against the government of Chief Theodore Orji, the Governor of Abia State, in the name of criticism. Sadly, many people who have known Wabara as a patent liar do not take him and his writings seriously again.

The heights of his many lies against this illuminating government in Abia State were the ones his likes and him took the period of the yuletide and New Year to circulate. Their many lies were contained in the articles they titled, “From Uruakpa to Ochendo” and “Kalu, Orji, Ikpeazu: bad, worse, worst!” respectively.

Reading the jabbering of Wabara causes headache; he uses vague grammar to dish out his unsalable lies. One thing remains obvious whether the likes of Wabara like it or not: the government of Governor Orji has fulfilled all its electioneering campaign promises and has extended the rope of development to many areas, which are on papers.

So, it does not add up when Wabara who was a self-acclaimed journalist, but now working for opposition politicians in the state, shows up his bald-face postures to tag Governor Orji with unprintable names among which was his maneuver of citing the public against the governor.

As the reading publics know, Wabara resides in Lagos and has been using his odious critiques of the government to seeing if the government of Ochendo would be diverted or appoint him as a government functionary. Since he has seen that he has not merited the qualities needed in the government, he decided to write lies and circulate them without blinking the eyelids.

Yet, Wabara calls himself a Christian. The article he wrote after he spent two days in the prison in Umuahia shows that Wabara is a man who says anything and will later apologise. In the Daily Sun of April 23, 2014, Wabara wrote in his “My abduction story” amongst others, he wrote: “I apologise unreservedly for inadvertently associating the governor's son, Chinedu, with terrorist inclinations…”

If Wabara and his likes are called up again to define what they meant by “Tales of sorrows permeate Abia State as people recount their ordeals…” you will see them apologizing like mental deranged critics they are. Wabara has called the governor of Abia State a liar. Read the following lines: “A governor who should be an epitome of integrity would resort to deception through cheap lies.”

Wabara has also disgraced himself thinking that he was disgracing the governor when he wrote that with pseudonym, saying, “T.A. Orji publicly lied to the Gov­ernor of Sokoto State, Aliyu Wam­mako, during his visit to Abia State before the eyes of the media.”

The truth is that Governor Orji has done what Wabara called “dual carriage road” up to Isieke Ibeku Primary School. So, what was Wabara writing about? Any other story he added to this simple truth was the figment of his imagination or those of the journalists he mentioned that partook in the exploratory exercise during when Wammako visited the state.

Governor Orji we all know hardly discusses people, let alone, having the time to tell lies. Wabara was it who was a liar. He lied that the education sector in the state is in comatose, when the governor had built state-of-the-art schools across all the local government areas in the state and empowered them with computers and internet facilities where necessary. Where was Wabara when the governor was doing all of that?

Wabara and his likes lied when they wrote that, “Almost all the school buildings in the state are virtually dilapidated with leaky roofs, broken furniture, doors and windows. Some are completely abandoned, with heaps of refuse, human excreta and overgrown grasses a common sight.” The word “almost” in his jaundiced statement has proved them wrong. Can we see their lies coming up?

Assuming the civil service in Abia State said that potential jobseekers should pay some money for the purchase of forms, what is Wabara's concern over that? Was it not stupid of Wabara and his likes when they wrote, “Some youths in the state paid be­tween N500 and N1,000 according to their educational qualifications for civil service forms, in anticipation of job offers promised they were not employed”?

One could wonder what Wabara and his likes were looking for when they said that one of the booming jobs in Abia State was prostitution. This could be the occupation of Wabara and his likes, yet they were pointing accusing fingers in the wrong direction. Wabara and his likes also wrote that some people in the state have turned drug addicts; then one wonders if Wabara and his co-travellers are not drug dealers. This is written because one can only tell what he or she knows better.

Wabara is a man without a sound conscience. He kills with his pen without giving a hoot. Was he asking about how Ochendo spent the 2012 budget of N129.96 billion? We are in 2015 and Wabara who will continue to live in the past is asking about the 2012 budget. Come on! This will tell us about the questionable character that is called Wabara. He mis-governs with his pen by all standards and is not fit to be associated with the pen profession, let alone, being called a journalist.

He misleads the public with lies and insults and does not place facts in his balderdash articles but insults and abuse of Governor Orji. The truth of the matter is that Wabara is suffering from severe madness and lack of ideas. Since this administration in 2007, Wabara has not had any other thing to write about but Governor Orji, his government and family; and he calls such critiques.

This is an affront on the noble job of journalism and writing. Like Wabara had asked, now, between Abia governor and Wabara: “who is an ingrate, a pathological liar, witch-hunter, snake in the grass, darkness, slimy, sheep in wolf's clothing, coward, leopard, chameleon, propagandist and devilish, ad infinitum”? It's Wabara!

.Hart writes from Lagos

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