Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu: Gov. Orji’s anointed for 2015?

The news that Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji of Abia State might have anointed his successor (as if we are operating a dukedom) broke out a fortnight. Many Abia people and friends of Abia of goodwill have not kept quiet since then.

They don't want to allow the purportedly secret anointing that was said has shredded the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the state to have its way unchecked. This is owing to the glaring fact that the governor has not been representing the people very well.

So, anybody that the governor may be supporting will be taken as imposition on the will and right of the masses to elect who they want to be their governor in 2015, not the other way round.

The name of the man in the ring of the anointing was given as Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, who's the General Manager of Abia State Environmental Protection Agency (ASEPA), Aba Zone.

It was noted that some known Abia 'phony' politicians like Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, Barrister Friday Nwosu and Senator Nkechi Nwaogu, who were also known chauvinists of the governor's seat come 2015, have not been smiling in the open, as the news of the anointing filtered into the thin air.

It could be said that majority of Abia people are angry with the seemingly choice of Ikpeazu, not because he was a bad or good man, but simple because of the said source that has anointed him. In short, in the periscope of majority of the people, no one who is serving or has served in the government of Gov. Orji, without renouncing his or her stewardship while there or after, is regarded as a good person, because of the noticeable terrible government they are/were associated with.

There are discordant voices that Ikpeazu should be supported since he is from the Ngwa extraction, believed that 2015 will be its turn to produce the next governor of Abia State. Nevertheless, there was an impression that Ikpeazu could have been given the support he needed from majority of Abia people, if he had entered the race without any iota of relationship with the governor, whose name the people do not want to hear mentioned around them, concerning 2015 elections.

Given the fact that Aba's environment is a gory tale while Ikpeazu who is their son is the zone's ASEPA chairman, would be another factor that could set the man back, apart from that he was apparently anointed by Orji. Again, given the huge environmental taxes that the people are given to pay without much corresponding work to show for their money, is another blow below the belt that might set Ikpeazu back.

The few persons who benefit from the government of Gov. Orji and wanted continue to enable their continuous reaping of lucre, would say that other fingered interested persons for the coveted position, have not done anything for Abia State, either as Senators or the like.

But if this is true that the governor has anointed anybody, it could be regarded as gross impunity, if the stakeholders in the party were not informed and due process followed. It is believed that whoever a governor anointed invariably would win the primaries and become the governor, because it would be a big blow to the governor to see his choice-candidate fail.

In the cause of writing this thesis, an average Abia person has not said any horrible things against Ikpeazu. The damage is only done to him, because of who is said was presenting him: Gov. Orji. Another fear for his selection is that Orji would subject him, not to obtain the ideologies of democracy, but to obtain the precepts of Orji, which is known among Abia people, as tailored towards overbearing propensities.

The fear that the governor is so egocentric will never give Ikpeazu an edge to be collectively elected by the electorates of Abia State in the 2015 elections. How people-oriented he is, is not even ascertained among the people. This is another factor that might not help him out. Again, it is believed that the governor might have some shoddy dealings he wants to cover, hence his choice for one regarded as his puppet, for successor.

But Ikpeazu may be a social democrat who may abide by the principles of democracy. Conversely, it is feared that he would abide by the principles of Gov. Orji for some time, before he might abide by the principles of good governance and of democracy. Contrarily, few Abia people who are in the government can be said are sycophantic with praise that Ikpeazu was anointed for the governorship position by the governor for the 'good' job he has done in the state, as the governor's appointee in environmental job.

Notwithstanding, since politics is played on interest, the governor may have shown his interest in Ikpeazu, since a people cannot collectively anoint a particular candidate to represent them, based on the same divergent interests.

On-the-other-hand, it's believed that Ikpeazu is well schooled, with a PhD to his credit. Some Abia people see this as a yardstick that has stood him out as one who might have read in-between lines to understand what democracy is all about; although, the hood does not make the monk.

Abia people are now bent on prayers that providence should bring who would be in charge of the affairs of the state in 2015 and beyond with democracy dividends that could be seen were deprived the people in the present government.

It is however left for the fate of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu to decide that he is or not predestined to be governor, maybe immediately after Gov. Theodore Ahamefule Orji's tenure comes to an end or thereafter.

It is the wish of the genuine people of Abia State that if it is the turn of Ngwa people to produce the next governor, the person should be one who would not rub dirt on their face just as the people of Umuahia extraction apparently believe that their son Gov. Orji has earned them much rudeness than he has earned them fame.

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

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