Abia People Reply Gov. T.A Orji On His N400m Ohafia-Arochukwu Road

The Government of Abia State has boasted of applying N400 million on the treatment of the decrepitude Ohafia-Arochukwu Federal Road, before the Federal Government came in to grant the indenture and took over the job.

Gov. T.A Orji was apparently forced to make the comment after an account said that one Onwuka Ukwa of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, assumed that the governor said he would not fix the Ohafia-Arochukwu Road, being a federal road.

Upon the swagger by the governor, findings are that the Ohafia-Arochukwu Road was only being used for politics by the state government and the rapacious Federal Government.

“The Beeks Kemsie handling the contract took to its heels after seemingly grabbing above N339m meant for the job,” decried a source.

It was also learnt, according to the source, that both the state government and the Federal Government only graded the road, which was washed away immediately by rains.

Because of the severe postures of the government against critics, it was learnt that those from Arochuchukwu and Ohafia who were supposed to tell the government of its supposedly lies on the road, are afraid to challenge what many have regarded as white lies of the government.

Aside the fuming, a man who would not want his name in print said that Gov. T.A Orji has brought up the issue of the road again with the hope that the people of the area, where the road crossed, would support him in his purportedly senatorial ambition in 2015.

The voice also said that if there is any work on-going on the road, certainly it is not Gov. Orji that is doing the job, but the Federal Government.

Many said that Gov. T.A Orji is a big breakdown that should not be compared with his predecessor, because he has only succeeded in making the state his personal estate. Many said that he is better called Governor of Umuahia, instead of Abia State.

One woman who was very angry bared her mind on Governor T.A Orji, saying, “Abia State is just unfortunate to have a governor who is always speaking from the sides of his mouth, as she believed that the governor is unconcerned to learn from the many developed places he has travelled to, hence he is barefaced not to apply his experiences in the state.”

The woman also said that her worry is that the experience she heard listening to the governor at Government House Umuahia, did not convince her that the governor really went to school, or has a good use of the experiences he got when he was in the Civil Service.

The woman went further to say that if Abia people do not take time, Gov. T.A Orji would claim of building international airport and seaport. The woman also said that the sycophants that the governor surrounds himself with who go from one news site to another praising the governor are being intentionally dishonest.

Many Abia people are regretting ever supporting the Gov. T.A Orji during his electioneering campaigns. A concerned Abia person has this to say of the governor: “Initially, we thought we were voting into power a man that would have the interest of Abians at heart. Little did we know that we were not going enjoy what other states in the federation are enjoying.

“Illiteracy combined with poverty have a far-reaching effect on any individual. From my verifications I think that is what T.A Orji and his family are suffering from.

“They think they can convert the whole money meant for Abia state into their personal treasury to avert future poverty in the family. They succeeded in their conversion but failed in the aversion because only God can give them a glimpse of what awaits him after his tenure.

“Thus, it's now well ascertained by all that ex-Governor Orji Uzo Kalu recorded a ground-breaking performance in Abia more than T.A Orji. Can anyone dispute this claim? Come up with your facts.”

A socio-pol group, The Abia Awakening, through some of its members, has warned those praising the present government of building an Utopian Abia State, to desist forth with, but rather look for ways to proffer solutions on how to better the state, as they could not see any meaningful work on ground in the state, to praise the governor for.

They also said that all they know is that the governor is not winning any meaningful publicity with all they read in the media he boasted of working in Abia State, but such unenthusiastic claims of the governor are detrimental to his status as a governor.

“Maybe, it's not this Ohafia-Arochukwu Road that I travelled on this past December or maybe it was done after the Christmas season. We nearly plunged into a ditch created by gully erosion.

“Because of the shock I got travelling on the pit of hell called Ohafia Road, I cancelled other journeys within the period. The worst state governor in Nigeria is T.A Orji,” an embittered Abia personality cried.

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

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