Abia and the Fools’ Paradise

What have Gov. T.A Orji and his media aides not circulated in their make-belief and short-changed media platforms against me? They write their diatribes against me with fake names, which is a practice only known of cowards. They have written that I'm an ex-convict, a rapist of a 10yr old girl, an extortionist nabbed by the police in Port Harcourt where I reside; they say that I'm a chief blackmailer, chronic liar... Oh! The list is endless.

Some persons, especially my media colleagues, have expressed their concern to spur for war against these media-gangsters, describing their actions against me as shocking media show-of-aggression. But to me, their actions are media foolery, only found among non-professionals, who are only gasping to retain their Public Relation (PR) jobs, they lack the dexterity and sagacity to man. For more than a week now, my name has been concurrently awash in the media - online and print. The Gov. Orji's media aides have been barking like an insane wolf entrapped at crossroads in their bid to defend their boss from my position that their government is not far from being tainted. It took me to re-read their articles to understand the gobbledygook contained in them that they called sentences with the mountainous of lies and blackmails they heaped in them against me. This goes a long way to showcase the fact that without lies and blackmails, which are unbecoming of professionals in the PR job, these Gov. Orji's media boys are no writers; they expertise in manufacturing lies and recycling one article with over seven names; all pseudonyms.

They go about in the media with their hands placed on their heads and hitting their legs on the ground like a goat caught in the web of soldier ants. They have been trying very hard to defend just one piece of mine in the ThisDay of June 11, because the article contains what they did not want the public to know. They knew that that article has generated a lot of commendation from far and near, with over 13, 000 members of a socio-pol group known as 'The Abia Awakening' and called same, using it as pointer for casestudy. The Gov. Orji's media aides' tirades against me have only exposed them to public ridicule. Turn around and see how people are laughing at them: Hiohiohio!!!

Without bringing in the names of notable Nigerians these Gov. Orji's media aides want to sell to the public that have applauded their Governor T.A Orji's phantom projects, how else could Nigerians know that he was building castle around nothing? In a good government, the projects speak for the leader and not, somewhat rented praise-singers speaking. Is it not only in Abia State that a governor would build Shoprite and hit his chest and begins to boast about that he is developing his state? This is the level of chicanery we have come to endure in Gov. Orji's Abia State and call it democracy. Whenever I read Gov. Orji's media aides' denunciations against my person and stainless reputation, I quickly remember the axiom: A fool is at his best. Imagine that the best the governor can offer our state is by saying through his boys in one of their cynical articles against me this month (Hallmark, June 17, which I have found not worth replying due to the over seven names they used to circulate just that article) is by writing that my critiques concerning the non-performance of Gov. Orji-led Abia State Government, will consume me one day. Imagine that!

Nonetheless, that unguided position reminds me to ask Gov. Orji, his government and family the whereabouts of the Army Captain whom the media in the recent past reported that taught Gov. Orji's bad-mannered son, Chinedu 'Ikuku' Orji some commando lessons after the purported pills-encouraged son ordered the soldier to get out from a pub that he (Ikuku) entered to eat and drink - his trademark - with his arsenal of street urchins, oblivious that the man he was ordering to leave the eatery was a soldier. It was said that other people who were in the eatery had left at sighting that Ikuku had entered the place. Can Gov. Orji, his government and family tell the world what happened to the soldier after that rather fortunate incident in which the soldier taught Ikuku that might was not always right? Can they tell the world? Where is the innocent soldier? I am asking!

In the Gov. Orji's media aides garbage they flooded with noncompliant words they christened articles, they amused the general reading publics by writing that I worked with the government they succeeded and masterminded who knows what they said was sold during the period. This is just the figment of their imagination in their desperate moves to distract the public and make their contaminated Governor Orji look like a saint: The governor who has been widely known, tested, and accepted locally and internationally as a failure in all measures, whose other name may be ingrate, for barefacedly biting the finger that fed him, is the man they call 'Ochendo Global. Indeed, Ochendo global, for failure.

Where did I work with that government or who has ever seen me with the ex-governor in question? No wonder Ndigbo would say that a child who does not know a male-stranger in the father's compound qualifies the stranger as his or her mother's concubine. Let me get busy, out of this cheap blackmail, because I'm not like the Gov. Orji's media aides, who do not have other things to do, except the production of lies and blackmail against innocent critics of their government like me. They have questioned my innocence of writing from Aba sometimes and, Rivers most times. Please, when a journalist travels from Nigeria to say USA and is reporting from there, would he or she continue to sign that he or she was reporting from Nigeria? Hahahahahahaha. This is to tell you the level of mentality of the persons that Gov. Orji is working with.

I'm not known for many words, but I must at this juncture say that it is only a fool that would want to be sponsored before he can tell the world the situation of maladministration in Abia State. At anything that does not meet their eyes, these Gov. Orji's media aides would be throttling in the bush where there is no road. Their incessant fingering that I'm being sponsored by a former governor of our state is just part of their well-known tactics to draw public sympathy and cast the public against my personality. Of what importance would it be for the ex-governor to sponsor anybody to study and tell the world about the Gov. Orji-sunk administration?

Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author, Media Consultant, contributed this piece from Rivers State. Tel: +2348032552855. E-mail: [email protected]

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