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The stake of Cyber security breach is too high. We marvel at Star and Drone Wars. Well, Cyber War is no joke. Kadhafi was lured to forgo nuclear pursuit, Pakistan and India are nuclear powers and North Korea is not far behind. Israelis were able to spin out Iranian nuclear test tubes, imagine if it was the other way around. Even if these hot heads lack nuclear power, it is share arrogance to think they lack Cyber intelligence to cause havoc.

Malware viruses behave like biological viruses and terrorists. They are getting closer to that point where all the efficiencies we gained over the years through the use of the most versatile system has been compromised. The same system is now used to torpedo some advances we have made in Arts and sciences. There will always be some needs for computer but its use will be limited by its very success over the years.

How for do naah? There are predictions that any reputable government, company or financial institution has to go back to their kardex systems until another revolutionary system is invented, preferably from Africa this time. Nobody can imagine keeping trade or security secrete in the computer file. The fact that computer system is so vulnerable is a warning that it may have reached the point of no tangible returns.

There are so many of us that are not computer experts but do own a computer at home apart from the ones used at work. It is one problem to let experts worry about virus, worms and Trojan horses at work but to come home and have to deal with them on the computer again can be frustrating. It gets worse if you have children going to all those sites with variety of games. Well, you may say one must get a good anti-virus protection.

Most of the internet providers include protection. The problem is that most computers are being infected more often than the daily clean-up provided. So in many cases, one has to employ the scanning manually. Again, a few of us were so cheap, we still use our old computers instead of the latest types that are slick with more capacity without getting infected or shutting down. Wrong, new ones have no special immunity either.

Going by the complaints of big banks, companies and even big software makers, these virus attacks may not console us, as the only ones getting infected. The institutions are fighting back to keep their organizations going with the best protection money can buy. Yet, they and the governments are outfoxed and getting infected in a big way.

Some of these companies and banks are even employing some of these virus agents to test how formidable their shields or protections are. When it gets to the stage where you have to call or bribe terrorists to keep peace, you know that the future is in doubt. We are not supposed to negotiate with virus agents; we are supposed to kill every virus before they infect us. Unless we keep security out of computer, scary Cyber War is on!

Some Young folks care more about IPods than real life friends or war. Just by driving around our streets, there are airborne Hi fi or Wi fi technologies that allow high tech companies to collect personal information. They can also give us airborne viruses. Some groups have to go to court to limit their reach into our bedrooms. It is so disheartening that these malwares as they are called are really behaving like biological viruses.

Computer programs have come back to haunt us. Malwares behave like true biological viruses because they can also be replicated into millions of computers and worse still, they can mutate into different strains to evade detections. They are also known to have incubation period until you open your email, attachments or click on a word. Excuse this writer if you think he has some bias against Cyber Tech, this is no joke by any means.

It seems that we are more competent at handling a biological flu virus than we are of controlling malware virus. Flus virus can be anticipated and even if they mutate, we can immunize or ameliorate their damage to some extent. In the case of malware virus, we have to call on one of them, a good guy to fight the bad guy. If we cannot find one, we have to invite the bad guy, pay him good money to remove his malware virus.

O.k. So this is a money making enterprise to get us to hire them or just respect them. Indeed, they have created a new department for themselves in every company, every government and in most financial institutions that is worth its salt to prevent heavier losses. Oh lord lordy, these people behave and act as terrorists in the cyber space!

Some of our friends operate internet sites and they spend a good amount of time fighting off malware virus trying to hijack their sites. Many of them are experts in their own right but find themselves researching or going back to malware virus trainings learning how to fight the enemies. Well, sometimes they play peekaboo on one another but that competition is not as grave as the real issues of hijacking or complete take over.

If you remember the advent of television remote control, advertisers were so against it because one could easily switch channels, then became popular. They have moved on and found ways to force us to watch them selling products. But before then, we could only turn the TV by getting up and exercising our feet. Unless there was a little kid at home that would be glad to do it or risk getting out of favors and losing his allowance.

Another way was a health inspector's story about a house he visited. As he was trying to write up the violations in the house, he noticed that the TV changed stations without a remote control or folks. He kind of ignored it; not in USA! Then the TV changed again some minutes later. So he asked what was changing the TV, he was told there were big cockroaches in the TV messing with the control like a virus mutating in computers.

Therefore, if you still have one of those old computers at home, there may not be enough memory to accommodate the new silent virus protection. Whatever malware protection is supplied by your internet provider, they may make some noises during virus scan as the Trojan horses are conquered, these shootouts are not cockroaches!

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