Jesus Is The Answer For The World Today….Always.

There is a God, the God through whom came forth all creation. There is one far greater than you and I, whose word brought forth existence. He is the beginning and the end of all life, the sustenance thereof. In Him lies the power to lift up or to pull down-in His word. There is nothing which escapes His word, nothing evades His gaze. When He speaks, the pillars of the earth trembles; no one, no science ever counters His orders. Eternal has He set His word on High, and has sworn to give up the whole world if His word is threatened. His name is higher, greater and more powerful than every other name, yet He has exulted His word even above His name; His word manifests His nature.

Science has tried, religion has searched, yet nothing comes close to the secrets of His presence. Wise men have invented, and willing men seek Him in all His creation. Men have asked and wondered, yet before we became, He has set the firmaments to show us His faithfulness-both in love and in judgment. Disobedience sprang forth confusion, and confusion, ignorance; the very ignorance which kills everything in its path. Religions, in disobedience, have sought for answers in the dark, yet His light shines within the foundation of all truths. He is the truth. After two millennia, men have only gone to the moon in the smallest numbers, yet the marvels of the lights He is willing to shine forth are yet unborn in hearts of disobedience. Nothing ever glorifies itself when He shows up; all creation submits and surrenders when He utters a word. Yet men hear not.

When a man's way pleases Him, He makes his enemies to be at peace with him; this is His promise. But there is no peace on earth. There are tribulations all over, yet He has brought victory in obedience. Men fight each other at every slightest suspect; who fights Him when disasters come-when the earth opens up and swallows all of man's pride? The wind and the waves change history, and no one dare points a finger-everyone feels His voice as the ground beneath us disobeys our disobedience. Men complain that the other has failed him, yet man never considers God in all his ways. To some, man is God, to others, graven images, yet to others violence is the presence of their God. There are, worse still, those who believe that there is no spirit, no God, and no eternity. To the majority, pleasure and love for money count for the explanation of existence; to them, nothing else describes life better. And so, they kill, destroy, and alter God's creation-destroying both themselves and their neighbors as the hunt for money and pleasures take all stages. Nevertheless, the four corners of the world are carried by His word and by His love. His is the genuine and unstained love.

The history of the times gone serve both as direction and warning. Before God, no one is excusable. The spirit in man always bears witness to a world after now, the constancy of the moon and the sun-the galaxies-these announce to men that God's faithfulness is beyond self. There is no searching to the sun, no digging down to the deep; God is. The careful crafting of man debits a master sculptor's signature; there is no missing His touch-everything carries the mark of His word.

There is no one who has ever lived, or may yet live, who carries the burden of creation like Jesus, the Christ. No one gathers the skeletons of creation, and then fills them in with sinews in His word-bringing forth life never seen before-none except this man, Jesus. Some call him a Jew, others call Him a prophet; there are even those who called Him what they could never call their enemies, yet He remains the true word in whom, through whom and for whom all things were formed. He is the savior of the world, the hope for mankind, both for now and through all ages. Many have tried to apportion to Him a sit amongst the gods of flesh, yet no area can contain Him. Men have devised many routes to get to Him, yet He remains the one and only way to the father, the one to whom all creation chooses to disobey. He is the personification of the father, He is one and inseparable with God; He is God. In Him is the light, the remedy, and the new life; Jesus is the answer for the world today, and forever. He has, with Him, the keys of life, death, victory, joy, peace, fruitfulness, and eternal assurance. In Him lies the true paradise, the bliss inexplicable-full of depth. Behind Him lies the valley, the abode, and the reward of disobedience. He is the answer for today and always; His hands are well stretched towards all, calling in love to children of disobedience: “See, I am that I am; I am what you need that you never had, the water which refreshes and the food which satisfies forever. Take of me and eat without paying. In the world, there are worries and pains, but in me lies victory. I'm the peace, the justice, the freedom, and the life which you need today. Justice issues forth from me, and I'm the only impartial one. Nothing ever goes wrong in those who live in my obedience. As I have heard my father's voice and obeyed and am alive forever, even so hear my voice and obey and live-all ye nations.”

The answers which all seek lie with Christ, in a personal relationship with Him. There is nowhere else in the world where peace may be found; no other god brings the love and peace which come from Him and follow Him about. Nations and money shall learn from millipedes and the soil-trust in money shall fail. Are you a teacher, student, shepherd or lamb; do you lead a clan or a country? Jesus is your guide. Who has woes, who lacks peace; where are cries, moans and sighs heard? Come to Jesus in all truth. In Him alone is truth joyful; truth finds reasons to celebrate in His presence. I call on the governments of the world today, from Africa, through Asia, Mid-eat, Australia, Europe, to America…everyone who lives under the sun and to every authority which has rightly lost legitimacy and relevance: Give Jesus of Nazareth a chance to heal and mend your broken selves; look upon Him for truth, solution, peace, and life. True life, peace, and prosperity are found only in Him; the answer which the world needs today can only be obtained when men seek Him in all truth. Nevertheless, the foundation stands sure: let him who will approach do so in faith. To those whose self is god, this word will become a rock of offence. But him who has approached, take your place in peace. Always and forever, Jesus remains the answer.

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu, [email protected]

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