Biafra: What seek Ye?

It's usually ( so I heard) easy to associate the 'first person singular' with pride because, as it appears, when a man makes himself a reference to a point, he tends to give undue credence to himself. But it's also true that, to drive home truths that have inference on the individual involved, using the 'I' may moderately come in handy. I previously often wondered why people shuddered at asking me "Why?" Now I know: They know the truth by its peculiar brightness. Believe it or not, y'all know my silence. I hold it on none even as I submit my confidence unto Jehovah.

Although I intend to observe the protocol of being general and generous in speech, I will opt for the better option; I introduce myself again: My name is Ikechukwu Enyiagu and I am a Biafran. As fair and true as the Spirit of God is, I know I have a witness in Him that unto Him have I submitted all - because of my love for Him, myself and my people, and my land in Him.

The desire of the spirit of the Igbo and indeed Biafrans is freedom. Biafra remains the only taste of freedom in this world of gross matter for us; and don't even begin to dabble into redundant checks and balances of words; you do have understanding. Here is what I am saying: people of diverse faith abound and you well know what happens when the foundation is destroyed. Without the freedom we all seek, you may only sing and dance in praise but, because you still feel bound, you often will suddenly stop feeling. And now you look at the society and wonder, over again, what may become of posterity. Therefore you get impatient and furious; some have even gone violent against selves. What seek ye?

What seek ye? I know you have great desire to enlarge your coast and expand your territory; ye, your desire for growth is a mandate - or, at least, your right to be human. You want Biafra, but what do you need? What seek ye?

I've also had desires for posterity and my passion for Biafra has made me desire no less - therefore have I plunged myself to the depth of the messenger's creed: may your word be heard oh Lord! But woe is me when I depended on man as a true light! May I always remember that only Jehovah is faithful!

What seek ye? Now I can boast - but in God: I worked on my spirit to work out love for my people even while my flesh suffered! What more could I have given? Selling my personal peace only so my message for my people could be heard more has taught me that, for those whose reverence for Christ's suffering and glory meant nothing but a tale, nothing else could be sweater a medicine - whether to prevent or to cure man's ignorance, that what Christ has brought: the truth.

What seek ye? Those who boasted of strength to sustain and will to offer became desperate and self-centered: while some feared the truth, others denied it even when they know it's the only way out. Once, twice and more times have I tried to reason with Biafrans whose passion drive but, at every point of judgment, deep-rooted hatred and satanic passion to impose self-will on God have often covered my fellow compatriots as shield from self. How then can we advance? Where have hatred and injustice ever mixed with freedom? Permitted, one may reserve heavy hearts against his oppressors but, if one's heart is true, a healing love always gets birthed. But nay! Those for whom I've gone below nothing to stand for still mope as in the dark; they rush at unresolved actions without first resolving their thoughts. As a result, we match a step forward, two steps back.

What seek ye? If Biafrans have not separated themselves with the heart and rush of injustice at the whims of the spirit of impunity, then I can only wonder what we seek. If we hasten to condemn our own - even those for whom we have professed the truth in the moment of truth - then I wonder what justification we assume as we "demand" freedom. Indeed we need freedom and it's our birthright as humans but, for the freedom we need to manifest, we must - as a matter of mandate - renounce injustice. The costliest of injustices is the one done against oneself. As Biafrans, we must

stop cursing and abusing injustice if we must not do so in the love of justice and in the spirit of true sacrifice and love. If we are not ready to follow justice to its logical conclusion amongst us seekers, if we shy away from every moment of mark, then I will continue to ask every Biafran, especially those violently self-destructive ones: what seek ye? Biafra...or self?

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