An Ode To Women/Mothers On Mother’s Day 2016/International Women’s Day 2016

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In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe – N. K. JEMISIN, in The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.

{24/7} Once you sign on to be a mother, that is the only shift they offer – JODI PICOULT, in My Sister’s Keeper.

A mother is the first and best experience for many children. Across many sad and happy days, weeks, months and years, She becomes many persons to him/her simultaneously.

Caregiver extraordinary, influencer, doctor, pharmacist, mender, Apothecary, futurologist, folklorist, cook, binder, instructor, pastor, Imam, traffic controller, newscaster, weather forecaster, spoiler!

Yes, a spoiler who many times stands between Daddy’s cane/strokes. The voice last heard in a lullaby, she’s the first voice in awakening.

A natural teacher, an inspired teacher, and an emotive teacher,

She also learns about and from her children as she teaches them.

Naturally and normally, she’s also their longest experience,

For even when they get married, she’s with them on omugwo!

She’s their cannon of culture, guardian of godliness, ember of energy,

Forbearer of faith, molder of destinies, shock absorber against society!

In all cultures, women know the despair and heartache of barrenness

{1 SAM. 1; 1-20; 2:1-10} in many ways that men will never experience!

Daily, medical experts warn that women’s ability to conceive reduces from

age 40, a pressure cooker that men are rarely subjected to in all cultures.

Women’s allure; enchantment, soft features and magical touch appeal

to intelligence agencies who employ them in espionage activities. Though

they suffer greatly in this engagement, they end up as bogey men when

things go awry, not remembered or mentioned for honour and reward.

Scratch the surface of societal niceties and a mother is unfairly {atimes}

Labeled a bitch, witch, twitch, switch, prostitute, whore, courtesan,

Geisha, mattress {apologies to Fela}, the Delilah who killed Samson!

Every society subjects mothers to sexual, physical, emotional assaults,

Imprisons them by cultural taboos, traditional ethos, and many nuances!

Almost everywhere, they are waylaid by a fusillade of religious injunctions,

Sentenced to a glass ceiling, her admirable capabilities notwithstanding!

Victims of advertizing agencies, film and music video directors who exploit

their bodies to advertize everything from cement, coal, cars, and charcoal!

Surprisingly, women and rights groups don’t object to this caricature and

categorization of women and girls by the media and society as sex objects.

In civil wars, armed conflicts, aggressions and disagreements caused by men,

Soldiers on both sides of the Jordan relieve their stress and sorrow on women,

They find common ground in aggressively abusing women and girls sexually.

Sometimes the rape is carried out in the open before spouses and children!

In DR Congo’s wars without end, sticks and guns were inserted into vaginas,

And these women and girls bore alone emotional, psychological and physical pains.

Imperial Japanese army forced thousands of Koreans to become “comfort women,”

Victims of a war they never instigated, but got reduced them to soldier’s pleasure tools!

In Muslim and Hindu nations, fathers, brothers, husbands and other men murder

Women and girls in “honour killings” with the approval of laws made by men for men!

Islam promises men and boys who die for Allah in Jihad thousands of virgins

and non-virgins in their paradise, the greatest aphrodisiac that has motivated male

adherents greatly into violence extraordinary! Thousands of Muslim women and

girls were systematically violated in the Balkan civil war. In Sudan’s civil war,

the Khartoum Arab government armed and sent the Janjaweed, incendiary

mercenaries on horseback to sexually destroy black women and girls in the South.

The kidnap of the Chibok girls revealed Boko Haram’s systematic seizure of women

and girls for sexual slavery and forced marriage, an old feature in some Muslim lands.

Ultra conservative Islamic terror group ISIS “purified” many Christian women and

girls [religious booty} in their conquered parts of Iraq and Syria by sexually enslaving them!

Hundreds of UN soldiers went on “peace keeping” duties in the private parts of hundreds of war weary and starving DR Congolese women and girls they were well paid to protect!

Battle steeled Russian soldiers who captured Berlin and Eastern Germany in WW 11

Celebrated by raping the living daylight out of thousands of German women and girls!

During slavery in the Americas, African women fought two wars: as blacks and as women!

“Mother f….r” was unfairly affixed on women by men who violated and abused them, who took away their dignity, assaulted their senses and discredited them as indecents.

In civil wars in Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Eritrea and other wars, women and girls fought a second, rearguard and more personal war against HIV-AIDS positive soldiers.

In Uganda, Larry Korny’s horrific mercenaries have kidnapped thousands of women and girls. When the Nigerian Army burnt down Odi and Zaki Biam during President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration, hundreds of women and girls were raped and damaged for life.

In Nigeria, Fulani herdsmen, armed robbers, cultists, renegade pastors and Imams, medical and native doctors, teachers, politicians and their thugs, policemen, traditional rulers, taxi drivers, CEOs of respected firms, journalists, film producers routinely rape women and girls.

When the HIV-AIDs pandemic, a scourge brought about by homosexual men broke out in America in the 1980s, many American women and girls were forced to sleep with HIV-AIDs positive gang leaders without condoms as part of eligibility rules and proof of their loyalty.

Yet, women have been credited with noble countenance across all millennia and cultures.

Singer Nicco Mbarga eulogized their great sacrifices for family, especially their children.

Though credited with columns of calumny, regarded as retarded species, seen as elevated

babies; millions of women are better and more intelligent than many men who have hunted,

hounded and harried human beings: Tamerlane “the terror of the world,” Genghis Khan, Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Mugabe, Sanni Abacha, Ibrahim Babangida, Muamar Gaddaffi, Yahya Jameh, other African despots in apartheid South Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, North Korea’s mad leaders, Imam Khomeini, the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, al Qeada, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, African, Arab and western slave traders, white plantation owners in the Americas and the Caribbean.

Women are beyond many movements that have scarred humanity: Ku Klux Klan, Aparthied, Communism, Taliban, al Qaeda, Boko Harm, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Shabaab and other Islamic terror groups, cultists in tertiary institutions, neighbourhood gangs, political assassins.

The Bible is final and total that children are God’s precious gifts to mothers – GEN. 4:1-2.

And women play very significant roles in the upbringing of their children, sometimes alone.

They are gifted by God with gentleness and a nurturing spirit. The New Testament of the

Holy Bible says that the church is a loving mother – a good metaphor! This is a crucial role in the spiritual birth, growth and development of the saints of the living God – MT. 23:8.

Are all women and girls good and blameless? Far from it! There are still many Ma Bakers, Empress Catherines, Delilahs, Jezebels, Grace Mugabes, Michals, the murderer team of Herodias and her erotic, evil, shameless dancer daughter that took off the head of John the Baptist! - MT. 14:1-11.

The Gypsy Sanni Abacha was a married man! Just as they out-number men in holy assemblies, they also outnumber men in unholy gatherings. Many women and girls abort fetuses or give birth only to murder the new born! Some hate the husbands/men who father their children.

There are truly and wholly abominable whores who have murdered husbands. Even as trained nurses, the wickedness of some women is legendary! History has record of women who have outdistanced men in evil and treachery.

Pastor, historian, and writer, Joseph Emeka Anumbor is the author of THE INTERCOURSE OF TROUBLED THOUGHTS, a critically acclaimed discourse on homosexuality published by AuthorHouse Inc, Indiana, USA.

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