Living The Kingdom Life: The Assurance Of The Covenant

Adam used the power of attorney that gave him rulership of the earth to sell it to the devil. He willingly, but unfortunately surrendered his territory to God’s archenemy the devil – GEN. 3:1-18. After Adam legally ceded the world that God asked him “to dress and keep” to Satan, God needed a covenant in order to lawfully intervene again in the affairs of man. He entered into a covenant with man via the death and resurrection of Jesus on Calvary. Every deal of God with man is covenant based.

The covenant is the corridor through which God’s divine intervention is delivered on man’s behalf. Everything God says is a covenant and it’s binding. The covenant of God can be trusted – that’s the assurance of the covenant. Everything on earth bows to the power of the covenant!

God’s covenant can be trusted to work and deliver if you key onto it. Activating the word of God in faith brings you into a covenant with Him by obedience. Whatever you take God on in the area of health, marriage, ministry, divine supply and family will work for you. The covenant of service defeats barrenness – EXO. 23:25-26. Man can trust the covenant between him and God not on the basis of what he can do, but because God is involved – NUM. 23:19.

The covenant of God cannot lie because every word pronounced by God is a law and a covenant – GEN. 8:22; ISA. 54:17; 3 JN. 2; REV. 12:11. It becomes fulfilled and binding when a saint accepts it and walks in it – MAL. 3:8-12.

It’s not every child of God that’s in a covenant with Him, but the one who takes and believes His word and acts on it.

Every walk with God is on the basis of the covenant for it’s the covenant that delivers the blessing of God to the saint. Obeying God’s word puts you in a covenant, but obedience does not remove the righteous from trials, tests and temptations. Being in the will of God attracts resistance, challenges and confrontations. Enemies are naturally provoked against God’s people. When God demanded the life of Isaac, Abraham didn’t share it with his wife or subject it to verification, debate, confirmation, but yielded obediently to the word of God – GEN. 22:1-18.

Before the Red Sea, Israel saw the army of Pharaoh in a furious ride. A man’s ride determines the message he carries. The enemy will attempt to hinder, harass, or halt the glory of God in a man’s life. When the devil paints a contradictory picture of yourself and you accept it, you are defeated by living less than the originality that God made.

Redemption is a covenant initiated by God with man and it is God getting back what originally belonged to Him. When Adam fell, his name changed from Adam God to Adam Satan.

Today, there are still two natures on earth: the good of God and the evil nature of Satan. The prodigal son is a picture of Adam. Just as Adam separated from God, so also the prodigal son separated from his father – LK. 15:11-32. Independence and democracy are not God’s idea: the latter will help to bring about the rule of the anti-Christ who will be the product of democracy. The anti-Christ will be welcomed all over the world.

POWER OF A VOW - Don’t accept any picture without God. Every confrontation requires prayer for you to see victory. Prayer must precede war! Praying and fasting makes you participate in the covenant because it’s a dual deal. A vow is an aspect of a covenant, indeed it’s an aspect of a covenant. Vows become necessary when you discover that you are not equal to the task facing you.

When Israel was beaten and taken prisoners, she entered into a vow with God and He performed His part by delivering them in battle - . In the euphoria of victory, Israel didn’t know when it began to sin. Gradually, they castigated Moses and God, graduating it to insult. Hurdles, confrontations and resistance are in degrees. The bars are raised in high jump and weight lifting. The more hurdles you scale in life, the higher you go. Aim higher!

POWER IN THANKSGIVING – The kingdom of God operates by secrets. Every door has a key and doors don’t open by speaking in tongues. Everything you put on the ground by faith is watered to God harvest – GEN. 26:1-6, 12-25. Thanksgiving opens the heavens, for Jesus gave thanks for a lad’s lunch and 5,000 men were fed as a result – MT. 16:9-10. Instead of being thankful for the privileged position of a covering cherub and archangel, Lucifer rebelled against God his Maker and was expelled from heaven in ignominy – ISA. 14:12-18.

God ran through the generations of Adam and saw the right building block in Abraham to cut a covenant with – GEN. 1:18. God took him out of his father’s house to begin a new lineage of righteous men on earth. God killed everybody in Noah’s time, but reserved him for the sake of Abraham. Noah preserved the earth for Abraham who was to be the father of humanity. To this rare father who occupied an interesting place in the heart of God, he was given the estate called the bosom of Abraham in all creation – LK. 16:22-23.

This message was delivered at the BANQUET OF STARS {Sunday August 21, 2016}.

Ministering: PASTOR DAN
Starplace Bible Church is not a man’s idea and certainly not the wisdom of men. It is not an ideology, or a fraternity. This great commission was not given birth to by desperation, but exists because it’s the purpose for which the senior pastor was born. God made the seed of Abraham to shine like the stars of heaven – GEN. 15:5. But because not all children of God Most High are shinning according to the mandate of heaven , the Lord now looked for a man and saddled the senior pastor of this glorious ministry with the task of igniting God’s children to shine as stars by preaching and teaching His word of power ��� PSA. 89:34-37; JERE. 33:19-22.

The teaching and preaching ministry of our senior pastor is to return the heart of all peoples back to the living God Jehovah. Man was created to be like God – PSA. 82:6. Before man was made, God had a God in mind. In the making of man, it was God that He had in mind!

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Testimony segment in all our services are shinning time! Praise the Lord! The testimonies in Starplace Bible Church happen on the platform of God’s word of power. Saints of God, that something is popular doesn’t make it genuine. If you are toiling without seeing results, check out your word and holiness levels. A word-filled righteous Christian who engages in kingdom service and gives to the cause of God not only secures his own destiny, but that of his children. Starplace Bible Church is the best place to be in Christendom! Halleluyah! If you fellowship with us, we assure you of a victorious life by the power of the Holy Spirit Who direct affairs in this great ministry. And beloved, you will be mightily blessed to share your testimonies in no time in Jesus precious name, amen.

You may forget everything else, but don’t you forget that God is always a good God - PASTOR DAN

People fall apart because they expect the unexpected. Between seed time and harvest time, there’s the WAITING period – three seasons in all. The WAITING moment is called the TIME season - PASTOR DAN

Life is about give and take. A one-way friendship is a dangerous route to destruction. Run from it - PASTOR DAN

God introduces you to every phase of your life by His Word. You are not of your own. After every given victory, the enemy reinforces for another trial - PASTOR DAN

Life is about the maintenance of territory in marriage, ministry, career, profession, finance, health, leadership, government, etc. The wars in the Bible were about the maintenance of these territories – PASTOR DAN

When Adam fell, his name changed from Adam God to Adam Satan! Today, there are two natures on earth: the good nature of Jehovah God and the evil nature of Satan the devil – PASTOR DAN

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