Why I Am Against Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Bid

In February 2012, the African Union/Economic Commission for Africa {AU/ECA} Conference of Finance, Economic Planning and Economic Development Ministers wearied and worried that many African nations would not meet the Millennium Development Goals, MDG, 2015, targets because of Illicit Financial Flows {IFFs} and the dependent of the continent’s development on external resources. It then set up the 10-person Thabo Mbeki-led High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows {IFFs}. The panel’s 126-page “empirical research” report shows Africa bleeding economically because “Africa was a net creditor to the rest of the world.” The continent is in the red “through money illegally earned, transferred or used” by corporations and individuals who take advantage of a maze of tax policies, legal interpretations and accounting loopholes.

Africa’s already large IFFs increased “from about $20 billion in 2001 to $60 billion in 2010. And this haemorrhage is in respect of the ‘merchandise trade sector’” alone. And Nigeria my beloved country is responsible for 68.1 per cent or $40.9 billion of this economic bloodletting. Latest estimates as at 2015, put this financial bludgeoning of Africa at over $100 billion with Nigeria accounting for about 75% or $75 billion.

Private economists who factored in illegal fishing in the continent’s waters, debt payment for dubious or irresponsible borrowing and skilled worker’s emigration put it that $182 billion leaks out of Africa annually. Despite pleas by the AU/ECA, the administration of President Barack Obama has remained indifferent to the issue of IFFs in Africa. Painfully, Mrs Hillary Clinton, his first Secretary of State didn’t even honour African diplomats who sent her position papers on the matter.

Many respected Think Tanks are positive that if this leakage is stopped, Africa’s Gross Domestic Product {GDP} will triple in five years.

But the United States as the world’s economic powerhouse has to lead this charge and President Obama has no love for Africa’s poor masses! He only channels money into policies and NGOs that are his homosexual bulwark against the soul of economically prostrate Africa. Beyond this gory reality is another monitoring monster against Africa. In this era of low oil and commodities prices, the continent’s trade figures have dived south without any parachute from the Obama administration.

Africa has no life saver or partner in the Obama administration. Studies by the World Economic Forum and many Britton Wood institutions have predicted that Africa’s development have been held back by this unusual and unacceptable economic debacle forced upon the continent by the west. Regrettably, President Barack Obama, an African American has not lifted up a finger to stop this economic bloodletting of Africa in nearly eight years as president. As Obama’s first Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton did nothing to lessen Africa’s economic woes and for that reason, I wish and pray daily that her presidential bid will fail and fall.

Governments of the Democrats in the United States of America in particular and other western democratic political parties are famous for pursuing ultra liberal policies. When Barack Obama became the US president in January 2009, he greatly upped the ante. Under his watch at the White House, “reproductive rights,” a euphemism for abortion and all manners of contraceptive products got smuggled into the global development agenda. The United States and fellow liberal western governments had the United Nations approve the final Sustainable Goals {SDGs: 17 New Goals and 19 targets} in 2015. Sadly, Target 5.6 of this satanic agenda talks exclusively about global “reproductive rights.” Supposedly enacted to achieve gender equality and empowering women and girls, it is in reality an assault on them. A deceiver who campaigned for the presidency as a Christian, President Obama has done more harm to the foundation of American Christianity than al Qaeda!

President Obama’s zeal in relentless pursuit of global approval of homosexuality falls into the same evil agenda. A silvery lying orator, Obama hunted, harassed and harangued hopeless, helpless and hapless Third World governments to approve homosexuality while urgent problems of unemployment, trade imbalance, climatic challenges, economic disempowerment, Islamic terrorism and disease were downgraded in his scheme of things. It got to a head when Australia’s ex-prime minister refused to be bullied and reminded him that Down Under is not a Third World nation! As President Obama’s first Secretary of State and ideological soul mate, Mrs Hillary Clinton was in bed with him in this ultra liberal assault on the sensibilities of right thinking members of moral majority worldwide. And for that posture, I am greatly against her winning the office of president of the United States of America in November 2016 – a platform that she will use to promote ungodliness in US federal government, ministries, agencies, departments and multi-lateral orgnisations.

Before President Barack Obama, the west chose a bizarre form of religious secularity. Though it does not wear the toga of hedonism, atheism and agnosticism, nonetheless it was a vehicle to pull down true spirituality. The New Age movement and the neoliberal philosophy which enwrapped the western world from the 1960s hid under the cover of science to destroy the Christian roots of the West. Unabashedly, its ultra liberal media organs elevated science to the pedestal of God. In the April 3, 2006, edition of Time magazine, Charles Krauthmmer wailed that the “European man has convinced himself that in order to be modern and free, he must be radically secular.” While Europe especially France, is suffering for that error of absolute secularism which Islamist fundamentalists mostly born and bred in Europe now exploit to the discomfort of the world, President Obama has franchised this fatal error into the United States.

Immediately he assumed office, Obama gave voice and policy to latent western global forces that consciously and constantly spearhead unceasing onslaught on religion generally and particularly Christianity, as a moral superstructure.

Though he killed Osama Bin Laden, he has also killed the careers of many Christians in US public institutions. Obama’s government voiced loudly that economic growth and social justice rank higher than moral values – a theme of homosexuality. While opening Africa’s borders to the infiltration of sundry ideas and items of dubious social change, western sultry media propaganda elevated consumerism to the level of religion. Africa’s cultural values were and remain targets of western adverts via the Internet, mobile devices and steaming, screaming billboards. For her New Age and neoliberal tendencies, I greatly and determinedly canvass that Mrs Hillary Clinton, an ideological carcass of Barack Obama, should be shut off from the White House forever!

For tolerating homosexuality in particular and for being on the left aisle of politics generally, the administration of President Barack Obama tolerated and rewarded nincompoops in African presidential palaces. He either approved or became mute when delinquent men and women credited with spendthrift skills and low moral values usurped state power and carved their countries into personal fiefdoms. Using cronies of various shades recruited by western intelligence agencies and ultra liberal Think Tanks, they commandeered Africa’s economies, corrupted morals and seized control of the political process.

It does not bother President Barack Obama that the United States administration romances and rewards some of these characters who mismanaged Africa’s economies and treasuries with high profile jobs in various Breton Wood institutions. Many prominent monuments of these vicious opportunists who drugged Africa into the belly of the beast are wealthily ensconced in the United States of America and other western nations. At no time during her tenure as United States Secretary of State did Mrs Hillary Clinton agree to evolve policies that will punish or make pariahs of these dubious men and women who have taken Africa for a ride. For this reason, she does not enjoy my support for tenancy at 100, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington come November 6, 2016.

The United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women {CEDAW} and the Protocol to the African Charter of Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa {Maputo Protocol} were surreptitiously midwifed by the Obama administration. At the behest of this government, the United Nations have used the CEDAW committee to harass many nations to change their laws. The Obama administration intentionally handed over the CEDAW committee to radical western feminists and their Third World acolytes.

In Belarus, these ideologues tried to force that nation to stop celebrating Mother’s Day, branding the event as an “insult against womanhood!” The same CEDAW feminists bullied but failed to get Kyrgyzstan re-conceptualize lesbianism as a social orientation. Croatia was put on the firing line by these abortion advocates for allowing hospitals and doctors to refuse to carry out abortions because of religious stance. Ireland and Hong Kong were knocked severely by them for exempting religious denominations from implementing CEDAW provisions such as abortion, prostitution {legal in many parts of Europe} and homosexuality that offended their sensibilities. Worldwide, the CEDW committee of unabashed feminists has been pushing for unhindered access to abortions even though the CEDAW convention did not term abortion a right. Hillary Clinton as United States Secretary of State approved funding and diplomatic fire power for CEDAW zealots. And that is against the moral, religious, helth and economic health of Nigeria and Africa. For that reason, I wish her to be far from the White House - forever!

Pastor, historian and writer, Joseph Emeka Anumbor is the author of THE INTERCOURSE OF TROUBLED THOUGHTS, a critically acclaimed discourse on homosexuality, published by AuthorHouse Inc, Indiana, USA

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