Re: God's Injunction....Or Nonchalance To Animal Suffering?

The first article to which this one refers elicited so much reaction from readers who as close friends frontally confronted me with their opinions on the points raised therein. The commonality of their comments resides in the fact that they do not give a damn about the excruciating pain inflicted on these animals as we kill them for food!

While some actually alluded to blood lust as they they claim that the sight of blood sharpens their taste buds, others revel in getting their kicks from the suffering shown by animals in the throes of death!

Some posit that halothane analgesia leaves residues in carcasses of slain animals. Yet others submit that gun shots to animals' heads are no less horrendous than throat slits!

While countering that no known harmful residues in slain animals have been reported in halothane euthanesia, I know for a fact that gun shots are expertly directed at the cardiac or respiratory centres in the brainstem at the base of the skull. Death is instant......

I also know that many western nations alredy kill dairy and poultry animals painlessly in consonance with their laws as passed by their elected mine is no mere theory or suggestion.

Some individulals are simply numb to animal pain while deriving no joy therefrom. They are on the borderline...

For those who actually derive happiness in the suffering of others, I admonish them to seek urgent psychiatric help!

The following forms the summary of my response to one such discussant. It is aptly applicable to all classifiable to this rank:

"Since you insist on commenting on me rather than the topic, may I briefly take the liberty to deal with you on your own terms. How is your own mind working? I observed you refer to animals as "mere" meat....totally oblivious to the fact that they were breathing composite beings full of life and vigour....prior to being killed! So we advocate for compassionate killing of fellow living beings....not of mere meat!

Another point: There is this brand of medical science called Veterinary Surgery where animals are cared for. What is your opinion of this discipline? Do you think vet surgeons are merely being silly for bothering to study, research and care so much about the health and comfort of mere "meat"? And as such animals undergo surgical operations, what do you think about use of anaesthesia to eliminate pain on mere "meat"? Anaesthesia merely for surgeon convenience at surgery....or borne out of compassion for an animal in pain? So if you had your way, the medical branch of Veterinary Anaesthesia should be abolished? I hope you convey your thoughts to all veterinary departments accross the globe.....and see what they think of you....and your "different" mind!

You must see animals rights activists as a silly bunch then....don't you? But they number in saner climes...

By the way, let's analyse your profile picture. Why do you stick out your tongue that a panting dog? And grasp a bowl of food in such manner.... It depicts a man obsessed with food who is strangely proud of his gluttony! The glazed stare in your widened eyes is equally suggestive of a derranged mind! Take another look at that photograph. May I ask what exactly prompted you to pose for a photograph in that manner and take the trouble to post it online....not "giving a damn" what impression it might evoke in observers? A mind derranged enough to think all else is abnormal except only him and be averse to the suffering of others? Nonchalance to others' pain can be the numbness to torture and groans of other humans is amenable to training. It may interest you to know that future torturers of fellow humans are actually trained by having them first inflict harrowing pains on animals....then move on to fellow humans!

Unbriddled cruelty falls within the precints of the insane....

Note: Vet surgeons care for all animals....
.....not just dogs and horses..."
Dr Tosin Akindele is a Lagos-based Medical Practitioner, a former Secretary of AGPMPN Ikorodu zone, a former Secretary of the Quackery Committee of AGPMPN Lagos State Branch, founder of Analytical Minds, a good health advocate and public affairs analyst.

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