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The most potent mantra of the gay community is the lie that what two consenting adults do behind closed doors is nobody's business! In 2007, German courts effectively set aside this propaganda as it intervened in an incestuous relationship. Patrick Stubing and his biological sister Susan Karolewski – both adults of sound mind – had reared four children from their ungodly union of twenty years and the courts took a very dim view of their incest and severely punished them for contaminating humanity. The court called it “forbidden love.” German criminal code, which dates back to 1871, forbids sex between close relative with a jail term of up to three years. Incest and homosexuality are two sides of an unnatural sexual abomination strictly forbidden by God! – LEV. 18:1-18, 1 COR. 5:1-5, 9-11, 6:9-11, 1 TIM. 1:9-11. By the revelations of Abba Father to me, incest and bestiality are high on the next agenda of Satan as unnatural abominations to be legalized in the “civilized”western world! Yes, the truth is that Gaydomhas been winning the war of people's minds by reason of adroitly exploiting its judicial, parliamentary, fashion, film, music and education outreaches. In her paper, “The Role of Women in the 21stCentury,” Josette Shiner, former managing editor of the Washington Times, revealed a study of the top 100 Hollywood producers. Please note that these are the men who determine what films the world watches and assimilates. What you assimilate builds your mind. What builds your mind shapes your being. And what shapes your being becomes your belief. However, beliefs must be weighed by the actions that they generate. In other words, the effects of the actions of these top 100 Hollywood producers who determine what is globally seen in cinemas, what is globally previewed in film festivals, what comes out in CDs and DVDs must be carefully weighed. Just 100 top Hollywood producers are globally what Alaba Boys are in Nigeria! They dictate by their offerings what is shown in airline entertainment packages and watched in millions of homes, in BBs and in smart phones. But the most unfortunate thing about these top 100 Hollywood producers is that they are anti-God, anti-morality, anti-humanity and anti-African. From Shiner's paper, the survey showed that:

93 per cent of these producers never go to any religious service because of their hostility to God.

80 per cent of these producers think that homosexuality is cool and say so through their works.

75 per cent of these producers are left of centre politically, i.e they are traditionally tolerant of the most liberal, anti-God views and lifestyles like legalized prostitution, abortion, hard drugs, homosexuality and bestiality.

Over 50 per cent of these producers see nothing wrong with adultery and fornication.

Two thirds of these producers feel a compulsion to promote these ungodliness, immorality, and unnatural behaviours through the media. In their works, they subtly, but actively influence minds to be tolerant of these vile practices. An effective alliance between liberal left of centre politicians, these top Hollywood producers, music moguls and media editors has squeezed God and the Bible out of public places in Europe and North America.

Now, a growing synergy between these forces and the apostate church threatens God and the Bible in private lives by way of mockery, lampoon, taxes, caricature, sanctions, judicial and legislative measures. The gay armada will surely win the parliamentary and court battles {with Barack Obama and David Cameron as leaders of the US and the UK respectively} in line with biblical prophecies about increased ungodliness in the last days – 2 PET. 2:1, 3:3. Evil styled as adult entertainment has become the hallmark of free societies - 1 PET. 2:16!Unfortunately, fools control the entertainment business, biblically speaking– PROV. 10;23. The so-called creative industries [a great misnomer!} is a destructive moral belt of unbridled sex, drinking, partying, debauchery, homosexuality, adult entertainment, pornography, naked dressing, hideous body tattoos, hard drugs and suicide. The lives and times of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Priestly, Marvin Gaye, Ike Turner, Boy George, Rick James, Gianni Versace, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson [I don't want to bore you with more names!} points to their secret inglorious lifestyle even though they publicly walk red carpets before the world's media in Grammy, Oscar and other perishable awards! Indeed, woe is their private and eternal lot except they repent – ISA. 5:20. The only and sane solution is for them to return to God Almighty and normalcy through the Lord Jesus Christ. Every obedient child of God who stays away from Hollywood's evil pleasures will be protected by God – JN. 17:15.Friends, you and I need the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God to walk in fear of Him – PROV. 2;1-5. Eternal destruction is the lot of all who lack true knowledge of God - HOS. 4:6. Please note that our children are not exempted from the consequences of false knowledge. The agenda of Gaydomand Hollywood is to devalue what God values, to elevate in people's lives what is insignificant to Him and to portray as cool what should be despised. What Gaydom and Hollywood presents to the world as freedom, fun, liberality, rights and democracy are a compromise on values, morality, human worth, godliness, hygiene, respectability, sane originality, family unity, societal essence and true happiness. The upside-down, inverted values of Gaydomand Hollywood may be sharper, faster, hip, appealing and fun, but like tattoos, they become hideous with age, time and godly wisdom. Gaydom, Hollywood and company are very mindful of protecting Mother Earth, but they are careless about the toxins being fed children from industrial ovens. While protecting polluted water sources weighs heavily on their agenda, they hide ostrich style about the wrong values that has sickened the world e.g. legalized abortion, prostitution, homosexuality, gun access, enmity with God. They protect endangered marine life, but promote through the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its national allies like Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria the abortion of millions of babies under the cover of reproductive rights. Bibles are forbidden in American schools, but guns are allowed. Creationism has been uprooted from school curriculum, but evolution is almost compulsory. Children are fed today erroneous and godless philosophies as nutrients in schools, movies, music videos, books, cartoons, journals, theme parks and on the Internet. Godly values in our children are being perverted by the skewed offerings of these immoral allies. Life runs on GIGO principle: Garbage in, garbage out! The eye, ear and mind garbage of Gaydom, Nollywood and Tinsel Town – like sweet, fatty fast foods – variously brings emotional obesity, overweight, lack of reality, flight from the truth, fantasy, spiritual underweight and eventual death. We will all give account before God of what we do with our bodies – 1 COR. 6:19-20, 2 COR. 5:10, ROM. 12:1. As designed by Jehovah, a man and woman carry the seed of children in them. This potential is fulfilled when the sperm of the man and the egg of the woman are joined either naturally via sex or in medical intervention. Neither two men nor two women on their own can fulfil their natural fruitfulness which God assigned them in the walls of marriage – GEN. 1:28. The aberration called alternative lifestyle or gay marriage is an unnatural abomination that abuses God's express will about marriage. Because it goes against the union of man and woman in holy, godly matrimony, it violates the human nature. Gaydom and its irritant marriage is the elastic progression of ungodly freedom that overtook the western world. This freedom enthroned children over parents, gave pupils control over teachers, empowered girls and women to abort babies at will, brought guns into schools, made cigarette smoking “cool” {without telling them of throat and lung cancers and emphysema}, gave homosexuality a tinge of false royalty, made mutilated naked bodies with hideous tattoos and men wearing earrings seem fashionable. But freedom is not free if all forms of control are taken out. The proposed federal benefits to same sex couples by the Obama administration is designed to poke fun at the anger of Jehovah. The United States may deceive itself that it is the only true superpower in the world today, but it is not the first to be so. Americans should ask themselves: Where are all the nations that opposed Jehovah yesterday? They are no more! God visited burning sulphur on Sodom and Gomorrah for their wickedness when ten people couldn't be found in that vile community – GEN. 19:1-25. Friends, permit me to inform you that so it will be the United States if it continues to walk about proud and naked in ungodliness. The word sodomy or homosexuality came from the abominable twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. And like the city of Sodom, homosexuality is not the only problem of America today. A very rich and proud country, America is “arrogant, overfed and unconcerned.” It does not help “poor and needy” countries for nothing – EZE. 16:49. Friends, let's return to God, to His Word, to His morality and to real humanity. Let's stay away from homosexuality. Folks, Happy Easter. Shalom.

Historian, freelance journalist and writer, Pastor JOSEPH EMEKA ANUMBOR is the author of THE INTERCOURSE OF TROUBLED THOUGHTS, a critically acclaimed discourse on homosexuality published by Author House Inc., Indiana, USA.

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