How To Win Your Parents' Trust

By Daily Graphic

In life everybody is bound to make mistakes and have some regrets afterwards. but when you are a child, the results of that mistake could be more disturbing, especially when you realise that the mistake you made has cost you the trust of your parents.

As a child, you might not know how much your parents trust you, and how important that is to them, until you lose that trust entirely.

Most parents put so much trust in their children to the extent that when something bad is said about their children, they quickly defend them.

They could even swear that their child was never capable of doing what he or she has been accused of.

Every child should aim at making his/her parents trust him. Sometimes, however, there could be one or two silly things that you might be tempted to do.

For instance telling 'little' lies and breaking household rules can change a parent's heart.

This does not mean that your parents will stop loving you. This will rather alert them of your bad sides which will make them help you to do away with such habits.

If you made a mistake which made your parents to distrust you, don't expect them to trust you immediately you apologise even though it is a good start.

Parents have the ability to detect whether their child is being sincere or not. And, saying sorry means you never want to hurt them by doing that again.

If your parents have heard you say you are sorry, you do not have to repeat that mistake ever again. If you truly are sorry for what you did, just saying sorry might not be enough.