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Fashion in Nudity

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
A scene was recently created at the gate of one Church located at one of the High brow areas in Abuja recently. A young woman who felt that she was unjustly prevented from accessing the church to worship was furious and trying to school the usher and gate man in her own theology. But the two personn ...

10 Must-Have Items To Keep In Your Vehicle

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Perhaps you rsquo;ve been driving yourself for a long time? Or you just got your first car? The experience can be very exciting and at the same time intriguing. The joy of owning a car becomes short-lived when the car develops a fault on motion and you don rsquo;t have a personaldriver . It feels ...

5 Quick Ways To Self-Promote Without Being Boastful

Saturday, July 23, 2016
ldquo;An undiscovered genius has no value in the marketplace rdquo; Bernard Kelvin Clive With the above quote, we can get started. I believe you will agree with me that we all know one or two people who are so great at what they do, but are not known, or do not get the tracti ...


Thursday, February 11, 2016
The word 39;conviction 39; can often be abusively used and misunderstood when it is been collapsed in the view of 39;Christian relationship 39;. Especially when a man or a lady is being confronted by parents, friends and leaders over issues regarding their dating career. Conviction? ...

5-Online Tools To Cartoonify Yourself

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
If you do not want to use your original image on any of your social media profiles, or you simply want to add some fun to picture sharing, you can achieve this by lsquo;cartoonifying rsquo; yourself. Cartoonifying your images is funny and interesting as it gives you a different look on social me ...

Expectations Of Friends

Sunday, December 27, 2015
quot;Nna ehh Beck, this thing is becoming highly unbecomingly unbecoming. quot; quot; have started again Pete. Is this English? quot; I asked in-between laughter. quot;I don 39;t care. You see, I brought you to this hangout so you 39;ll be seeing all these beautiful ladie ...

I Have Never Punished My ChildĀ Parenting For A Nonviolent World

Friday, November 27, 2015
I have never punished my child. This is not because I have some kind of freaky perfect child. My 8 year old son is a normal child who engages with the world with a natural childlike intensity. This means he sometimes challenges boundaries by doing what he wants and upsetting others. At times I am ...

The Black Friday Starter Pack

Friday, November 27, 2015
It rsquo;s that time of the year, buyers have been waiting with bated breaths for this moment, wishlists have continuously lengthened and fingers have nervously twirled credit cards in anticipation to buy, buy and buy Indeed Black Friday is here again Black Friday is an annual affair held after ...
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