Consolidating True Peoples Democracy in the African Union Part 1

As we arrive at the midpoint of the year 2011, it will be an understatement for all humanity not to realize that the epicenter of international news and world affairs in the last six months has been resident in the African continent and the Middle East. The only other two global newsworthy incidents that have overshadowed the developments in Africa this year, are the tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan and the precision strike force execution of Mr. Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. The magnitude of how Africa is affecting recent world events began in Cote D'Ivoire in 2010 with the first round of the presidential elections that took place on October 31st 2010 before the second round elections on November 28th 2010. In 2011, the first continent and the origin of mankind took center stage when Southern Sudanese in a quest for True Peoples Democracy (TPD), partook in a plebiscite exercise from January 9-15th 2011.

However, these human longing for change, self actualization, and collective efficacy did not resonate in the strategic and tactical designs of the so-called African leaders and their supporters from within and without. Instead they became more resolute in their decisions to maintain the Neo-colonization/Recolonization of the African people, raw materials, land, and environment. Thus from Tunisia to Cameroun, from Burkina Faso to Egypt, and from Libya to Djibouti, African rulers and governments schemed on how to continue their hegemony on power and corruption to the detriment of their people. They planned on remaining in political/dictatorial powers by all necessary means and teamed up to support each other in the name of “Pan Africanism.” Through these pathological distortions they channel themselves and their administrations as vessels of the marginalized African people who perennially suffer tragic impunity, unaccountability, corruption, insecurities, and lack of basic amenities.

Consequently, these rulers were bound to repeat the same mistakes after the gathering in Addis Ababa Ethiopia for the 16th African Union Summit from the 24th -31st of January 2011, in which they largely ignored the situations in Cote D'Ivoire, Tunisia, and Egypt. In a show of shame our pathetic class of rulers convened in Kampala Uganda to witness the coronation of Emperor Dictator Yoweri Museveni on May 12th 2011 after 25years in power. Incredibly this was days after Museveni declared his supreme powers over who uses the streets of his East African country. His proclamations led to the broad day light assault on opposition presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye. The Kampala gathering also occurred just days after approximately 600 African migrants perished near the Libyan coast in rough sea waters while attempting to escape from the horrendous manmade disasters in the continent.

Encouragingly, it took the government of the tiny African nation of The Gambia to stand up for the African people in the struggle of True Peoples' Democracy. They refused to recognize the new government of President Alassane Ouattara in Cote D'Ivoire due to principles. The Gambia government came out against the involvement of the colonial French military in Abidjan who operated independently of the United Nations sanctioned troops in Cote D'Ivoire. Although, Dictator Laurent Gbagbo had manipulated the constitution for 10years to disenfranchise Ivorians' who had one foreign parent, trying to shut out his archrival presidential candidate Mr. Ouattara. The Gambian government was angered by the inability and/or reluctance of the African nations to proffer progressive solutions to the conflicts.

Interestingly, this small coastal but mainly Muslim country did not pander to the Islamic Ummah (community of nations) in their quest to support True Peoples' Democracy in Africa. Note to the separatist, anarchist, extremist, and devious practitioners of Islam in Nigeria for example Boko Haram, the Gambian people and government transcended religion in their articulated decision not to support President Alassane Ouattara who is a Muslim. Instead they advocated for a true and tested deliberative, consensus, ostracization, enforcement, and reintegration process that originated from the African continent. Though, we have conveniently sold our birthrights because of greed and colonial mentality (mental slavery) in order to embrace tyranny and the desire to be like others. Many African communities still practice these time tested systems of governance. The Igbo nation in Nigeria refer to it as the Aladinma process and the some in the Ijaw nation call it Polo-Ama both of which take a village to implement and actually means for the “Good of the Land/Community.”

Nnamdi F. Akwada MSW, BA is a Social Justice Activist


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