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Did Gov. Rochas Truly Purchase Private Jet Recently?

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So many personalities on special mission in the physical system of reality have altered their mission on earth due to material influences. There is no how I will fold my hands and watch things go wrong in my state without saying anything. No, I must speak out and must not alter mission no matter the influence. It was this situation that made the great Athenian philosopher Socrates to infer, “I shall not alter my way of life; no, not if I have to die for it many times”.

Yes, I shall not alter the philosophy of truth no matter how hard it may be. I am the harbinger of truth and must seek for an explanation when it is not clear. I shall not ask God to explain something when the man to do it is available. In the words of Epicurus, “It is vain to ask of the gods what a man is capable of supplying”. Now that I am aware that I can get my answer from man, I don’t think it is proper to begin to worry God for any explanation.

“Wonders according to Sophocles “are many and none is more wonderful than man”. Man is indeed wonderful in many ways, including in strange character. No wonder Socrates further concludes that, “No man living has ever seen a man”. This is because the nature of man is inestimable. I fear man; no wonder the divine in one of his holy books (bible) regretted creating man.

In the serialized words of Martin Luther King Jr. “Cowardice ask the questions, is it safe? Expediency ask the question, is it politics? Vanity asks the questions, is it popular? But conscience asks the question, is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him that it is right….”

What I seek as answer to this article is not intimidation, humiliation, threat, killing, etc, rather I seek an answer that is intertwined with true conscience. Like Martin Luther King hinted above that there comes a time in one’s life that he must take a stand that is justifiable by his conscience, the stand may not be popular or safe or politics, but a right position that is bereft of corruption-A stand of conscience which echoes with the silent voice ,is it right? Conscience that is not dead is the highest judge because “In matters of conscience “ according to Mahatma Gandhi, ”The law of the majority has no place.” While Albert Einstein concludes, “Real human progress depends upon a good conscience”.

Yes, I seek an answer to the question whether Gov. Rochas Okorocha, the executive Governor of Imo state truly purchased a private Jet recently? If this is true, then Gov Rochas deserves immediate impeachment. Oh, sorry I thought we have a sitting House of Assembly in Imo state! What we have is a House of Assembly that has abdicated their responsibility while they sit arms akimbo. I think the Imo House of Assembly has sworn never to address the hug problems facing Imo workers and pensioner. Yes, they have abdicated their responsibility so that they will not incur the wrath and anger of Chief Rochas Okorocha. I was amazed the other day it was rumored that Gov. Rochas was visiting Imo House of Assemble, the manner and ways the honorable members of the hallowed state chambers were jittering as if they were all afraid of being sacked by Gov. Rochas. Then I asked myself whether Gov. Rochas handpicked them or were they truly elected by imolites? The law makers are sleeping. Though they are not my major concern in this article; I am still asking whether Gov Rochas truly purchased a private Jet recently.

While waiting for the true answer to my question, it is worthy of note that Imo workers are still in pain of lack of payment of salaries occasioned by reckless loans Gov. Rochas accumulated in his first four years in office. The fall in Imo state allocation from the Federation account is not the problem at all because Imo state is rich we are only suffering from the inordinate ambition of a governor who is stockpiling public funds for 2019 presidential election.

Amidst the crisis that rocked Imo workers which Gov. Rochas Okorocha’s Government is responsible, the state Chief Executive appear not to have learnt his lessons. As it was recently reported by one local Newspaper that Gov. Rochas trip to Singapore (the paper alleged) “was alleged to have stashed away millions of dollars in a bid to avoid traces of alleged Imo looted funds from the prying eagle eyes of President Muhammadu Buhari”. The paper continues “while other members of the Buhari Presidential trip to America managed the offered austere provisions authorized by President Muhammadu Buhari, our ubiquitous Governor flew into America with a chartered flight ostensibly to prove he alone has the wherewithal and capacity to displace the incumbent president.”

The above report points to one direction, that Governor Rochas okorocha is simply punishing Imo workers. Again, it is also alleged that Governor Okorocha early this year, i.e., immediately after the governorship election purchased a Learjet model private Jet with registration No: T7KAA and an expensive Bombadia challenger Airbus 605 with registration “MYUNI” Surreptitiously for the use of the people and the government of Imo state, for establishing commercial airline.

If Governor Rochas truly bought all these as alleged at a time when all categories of workers in the state are owed arrears of salaries, at time that all the so called Imo youth must work teachers are also owed eleven months salary, where is the true philosophy of senior Advocate of the Masses(SAM)? Where is the spirit of “My people, my people?

I am very much confused that despite the often published huge federal allocations, the #72billion excess crude Account share of Imo state, the #26.7 Billion inherited from chief Ikedi Ohakim, the more than #175billion Imo Local Government Areas statutory monthly federal allocations for the past four years, the #3 billion for leasing Adapalm, concord hotel to mention a few, Governor Rochas Okorocha still owes Imo worker.

Let me ask again, who owns Imo European University Ogboko, the shopping malls at Okigwe and Orlu, the Imo Newspaper proposed headquarters at Naze, the so called ministry of lands cpmplex at Naze, the treasury House at Orlu roundabout, the proposed 11 storey tower at the Civic Center by Hero Square Tower area, the Ochiedike Diagnostic Center etc?. Are they owned by Imo State Government or by Chief Rochas Okorocha? For how long shall we continue to be deceived by a selfish Governor who delights in enriching himself and starving the poor masses that he claims to be advocating for? Who is deceiving who? Can a hungry and greedy governor afford to truly advocate for the poor? Did Gov. Rochas truly purchase a private Jet recently? I seek for true answers please!

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