President Goodluck Jonathan, Jesus and Nigeria

Every growing child has one or two persons he holds in high esteem and could possibly pass as mentors and 'God' for him. As a growing up child, I had those people I really held in high esteem. A particular group of people I thought were 'God', were lawyers. I don't know why, but I guess it has to do with my love for the profession. I saw lawyers as people out of this world. And when I encountered one, I felt the breeze of euphoria all over time. That day for me becomes a day to relish and tell my siblings about.

However, as time when on and I grew older, things started to naturally fall into place. I started to see them as person and sometimes I wondered why I had placed these people in so high a position before. To worsen things I enrolled for a programme in law where the mortality of lawyers became clearer to me. And I'm like so these guys are just humans after all. I must confess that this discovery gave me a new perception and I began to see them as 'mere mortals the respecte I gave them. I don't disrespect lawyers, but at least I no longer see them as 'God'.

I had a reason to recall some of these childhood experience recently, when Presidential spokesman, Dr. Doyin Okupe, referred. President Jonathan to Jesus. Apart from the fact that I consider such reference an insult on Jesus and an over simplification of his role in their lives of christians, it also shows the kind and quality of people the president has and keeps around him. However, I am not a pastor to defend Christ or condemn an irascible and obstinate believer.

A close look at Okupe's statement reveals that Goodluck Jonathan actually has a great similarity with my childhood fantasies. He came at a point when everybody wanted a sick Yar'Adua to hand over to him As acting president. Protests were held in different parts of the country to ensure he became president. In fact, one can safely conclude that he was more than Jesus, because even Jesus Christ has those who opposed; but Jonathan, had none. He told us he had no shoe and we joyfully gave him all our shoes to walk with, while we were left with no shoe. That didn't matter, with time under his leadership and transformational agenda, we will get new shoes.

Few years after his mortality crept in. His cleulessness and poor antecedent as a leader came to the fore. People despised him and demanded that he. People now saw that he is just but a mere mortal who shouldn't have been dignified in the first instance. He became a thorn on the flesh of the people and a nightmare to all Nigerians. As a result, he was asked not to seek re-election because the past four years under his watch is akin to living in hell. This 'Jesus' has suddenly turned a devil who must be despised and sent out of office.

Amazingly, if you check the bible, Lucifer used to be the best and favourite of God, but when he misbehaved , he was thrown from heaven into a pit and dungeon. Jonathan must be thrown from the Aso RoCk in 2015 and sent to prison for. The massive corruption and killings he presided over as president. He may have enjoyed our goodwill and acceptance, but he has transformed into something else. If Okupe is still referring to Jonathan as Jesus, then it is either Okupe is blinded by his quest to retain his job or he is still living in the past. Both characters are dangerous for the progress of a nation

Frank Ijege
[email protected]

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