Benue: Ortom, God Has Done His Part….Do Yours‎

In order commemorate the Democracy day celebration for this year, the governor of Benue state decided to dedicate (is it re-dedicate?) the state to God. Pictures of the state governor lying on the floor were circulated round the internet. One is least surprised that the governor adopted this strategy to cover up for his ineffectiveness and inefficiency, after one year of being on the saddle.

Nigerians being what we are fell for the trick of the governor. Some people attended the ceremony to join the governor in dedicating the state. Others are divided against each other, arguing and counter- arguing on appropriateness of dedicating the state to God.

The governor must surely be having a good laugh. His plans have worked out perfectly. Instead of questioning him and calling him to account for his stewardship, we are arguing on whether or not, it was appropriate to dedicate the state to God. Governor Ortom must be a clever man!

But is it necessary to dedicate Benue State to God? Has God not always been involved in the affairs of Benue?

If God wasn’t involved, would Benue still exist? The socio-cultural crises it has faced would have dissipated it a long time ago. Has anybody ever wondered how the state continues to survive despite being sulked and milked dry by success leaders? No state or country can survive the avarice of these masquerading leaders except through the grace of God.

In fact, it is because of the mercy of God that Ortom is still a governor. If not for God, the people of Benue would have marched to the House of Assembly or Government House to demand his removal or resignation. Alas, God has always been there pacifying them. He pacifies the poor and hungry, pacified the unemployed even in the midst of extortions by government, prevented jobless youths from engaging in anti-social vices. He touches the minds of workers and pushes them to go to work every day, despite the fact that they’ve not been paid salaries for more than five months.

After one year, we do not need a Professor of Political Science from the Benue State University or anywhere for that matter, to tell us that Mr. Samuel Ortom is not ready for leadership. He is like an accidental leader who has refused to up his ante. He doesn’t look like someone prepared to deliver governance to the people. At the rate he is going, he would need to organize dedication ceremonies every month in order to hide under the cover of seeking God’s face to run the state.

Religious institutions are said to be the conscience and represent the moral fabric of the society. They are there to guide society and ensure it doesn’t derail. These institutions one must admit have tried in guiding the Benue people. Whether they are doing same for the political leaders in Benue, is what one cannot tell. One therefore hopes that the men of God who graced that occasion were bold enough to tell the governor the truth with respect to the general feeling on the street.

Benue people believe God and do not mind taking the tranquillizing drug of God dey. This belief has prevented them from reacting against the many errors and gaffe of Governor Samuel Ortom; just like it did in the past. It is that same belief that made them assemble at the IBB square to listen to the governor blame his predecessor for ‘deliberately creating problems for him’.

If only man would do his part, Benue state would be better than what it currently is. That state has everything it needs to be great. The only thing lacking is responsible leadership.

Governor Ortom should play his part as the leader. Let him stop sleeping on duty; let him stop bothering God; for God has done his part.

Frank Ijege
Network for Democracy and Human Rights
[email protected]

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