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Ask IBB the meaning of 4-1-9 in Nigeria. Ask OBJ the meaning of financial fraud in Nigeria. Ask Akintola William the meaning of corruption- audit of firms in Nigeria. The three are brothers from two different tribes in Nigeria, but certainly united in this game of amputating sanctity in Nigeria.

Let me forgive IBB and OBJ as chauvinistic military men who know nothing good, but corruptions. They are both above 70, but are still unrepentant in corruption. None has returned his stolen money out of a contrite heart preparatory to face God at death. They are already in reprobate mind of God's rejection while living.

Both men instituted oil well business in Nigeria together with Theophilus Danjuma (TY). Nonetheless, if the professionals live up to expectations, the military boys would have nobody to cover them up in their sordid acts. This is where Akintola Williams Audit firm is satan made flesh. This firm audited the oil deals of the cabals in the NNPC and exonerated them.

Should Akintola Williams and his Audit firm be believed again? They are even waxing stronger in their fraudulent audits in Nigeria. Nigeria is called Nija. Simple. It is truly Nija. Everything, but good is obtainable. Akintola Williams can only speak again in Nigeria because Nigeria is Nija. If he had come from any other party of the world he could have remained silent forever. But because this is Nija where any evil scheming as that of Akintola Williams Audit Firm can go unnoticed. So, Akantola Williams go ahead, this is Nija

Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah is a human rights activist of note, and a national commentator and social critic. Meet him in face book. Also, check these face book accounts: Justice Stand and Nigeria Unity.

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