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The political situation in Nigeriacontinues to worry watchers of her democratic experiment. All optimism appears to die every day that Boko Haram bombing strikes in the media. Did we really need the bombings to acclamatise us with warnings in print and words as to the wrong foundation of Nigeria's structural upbuilding at this time? Did we need the killings in the North to understand the wisdom of those who ruled Nigeriafor 50 years as colonial conquerors, employing discriminatingly both the direct and indirect rule under the regional federalism structure?

The answer to the above questions is no. There is no excuse for not understanding the rhythm of time and season. It is inexcusable that we have thinking men and women forced to think for all other countries all over the world but for their country.Even, an idiot knows that Nigeriahas no direction but has been going round in circles for the last 50 years of independence. The only achievement we have made is exporting our talents dubiously to those who could do without them. Yes, we produced the fastest thinking scientists and writers but they all live in exile awaiting their departure from the earth.

Yet the Nigerian problem is simple to decode. The political structure is working inhibitingly to the social and economic structure. We can only allign it by understanding that there is a way things work in creation and cannot work inn any other way but that singular way. We do not need debates because words are merely the product of the wrong structuring and cannot but remain alienated from the true reality. When something goes wrong you do not have to debate whether it is wrong or not but you must go ahead to change it back to the old form. If you debate it you would probably be decieved by the majority opinion which may not be right especially where the awareness level is this low.

What Nigerianeeds to do is understand the implication of launching Nigeriain a direction in 1960 after 50 years of trial and error experimenting by the colonial masters and Nigerian leaders as to what becomes the best structure of socio economic and political development. It was decided by us guided by the colonialist that the best structure of giovernance is the tripod regional political balance in a federal framework.We were to build on it not to distort it. The American constitution has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. The key pillar of liberty resounds and guides all laws. No government could tamper with it. Why should we then allow our erring military governments to tamper with the very pillars of Nigeria-the tripod regional federalism and we kept quiet expecting an eldorado? This is insanity not just in Americabut also in Nigeria.

So what did the Military do in 1966? Looking back this insanity was sown in 1963 when the Mid- West was created to destroy the myth of a tripod. It was the most insane act by the newly independent Nigeriabecause it set the stage for the destruction of the spirtiual stability woven into the regional balance in 1960. In a way, the Military only followed that example of a broken sanctity. The Mid west could have been seperated only as a part of the Western Region. The Military creation of States could only bear a semblance of legitimacy when grouped within the three Regions and nothing less. The leadership of the Regions may change according to law only not outside the law.

We could still have made all changes under the understanding that set lines of political social, economic and cultural foundation laid in 1960. We should not have tampered with the tried and tested tripod under the guise of pursuing the same national goal laid down at independence. You need a new“independence” with all that it takes to take such a new direction unless you want to decieve yourself.You cannot just decide you want to erect a four story building after getting an approval of a bungalow and after erecting a foundation and building up to lintel level. If you wished to demolish the foundation laid that is understandable but where you want to retain the same foundation, then your upbuilding cannot be permanent. This is the best way to illustrate this situation.

Today the economic and social structure of Nigeriabuilt over decades have suffered from sudden flip-flop of political strucxturing. While the civil service, the judiciary, the economy are already aligned to the British parliamentary Regional democracy, the political structure shifted by ignoramuses from decentralised regional federalism to a centralised military ciommand structure under the smokescreen of American presidential system. All that confusion in one fell swoop has conspired to reduce “nationhood” to the vagaries of Militant Bokoharamism.It is as if the polity is fighting the social structure.

The last thing in the minds of our harrassed leaders or dealers is nationhood. I cannot remember when last this word occupied the press. What they think about now is seperation, amnesty, revenue allocation and unemployment.Yet it is nationhood, citizenship, integration and national unity that will drive Nigeriato her manifest destiny. This is our chance to allign this constitution to its original pedegree. It is time to restore Nigeria; apology to Bayelsa Staterestoration team.Transformation has meaning if it helps Nigeriato restore itself to the original plan.

Mr Nworisara is a PGDJ Student of the International Institute of Journalism, Port Harcourt

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