By Muhammad Ajah(From his poem collection titled, “Man In The Mirror” This describes the nonage of man. It is followed by two other poems: A Benedict and Senility)

Celibacy you move in celerity
And do attain not so much celebrity
To who should be sent this my petition
When though learned you have less partition

This shape, were you me long ago!
And this, are you now my ego?
When then I was a suckling
And when I began dreaming

The gap not less than twelve
Plus two more years which halve
And that I have lived indeed
Now the time moves in less speed

Then I had power of imitation
And could easily be forced to cession
I had no grit to do what I wished
Or second chance I had or punished

Was I late to wake for my duty
That which between we young was rutty
I would hide behind the door and quickly
Do my prayers, the first most done duly

The rest of the day willingly follows
Though as young there are always petty rows
Nights come unexpectedly too soon
Unsatisfied I await next noon

I thought not much of tomorrow
And knew less of any sorrow
Which comes when this age is past
Or how far this world was vast

Celibacy, you've lost my energy
And forced me give less heed to reality
I thought the world is a bed of rose
Until now when there's no time to doze

Why can we under you not rule?
If one asks he's said to be fool
Though we're read and hold degrees
And have says in jamborees

I see it not youthful ambition
Not the event from that proportion
Nor that will to chase one by one
For you can't rule until you've born

Do you lead when you cannot lead?
Have you some people to give their need?
Can you so many mistakes withstand?
Can your mind be cut and quickly band?

Celibacy you are time for thrilling thoughts
Merely period for different daily sports
But a day or year is not enough
To pore and learn to be very less rough

Yet it's time to make for pass or fail
Also with tricks many risks impale
It's age of lust to do and not to do
Boundless valour for vice and for virtue

It's the roughest, most free part of life
Funs and addictions to what are rife
But these I hold for those spoon-fed
Not for my mates who have less-bread

As it's wanted, it cannot stay
Each day that comes does wave and say
I am gone and ever gone
And have kept what you have done

For the read who know how quick and short
How cruelly if one lays no effort
This life has robbed off men's celibacy
And one's tomorrow lies on fallacy

Fear that age because when you fear a thing
You take cares and caution your underling
It's the bases of hope, the fortress of future
One good bed you lie if you plan the structure

Now you know it, it is not all bad
Struggle with hope, the future will be glad
Never lose patience but have clearer sight
Whatever you sow won't grow over-night

Muhammad Ajah is a poet, writer, author, advocate of humanity and good governance based in Abuja. E-mail [email protected]

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