Nigeria At 57: Time To Assimilate

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The building of a nation
Is with lore and assets
The duo not in anyway
In lack in Nigeria

A nation that has grown
At 57, wisdom becomes a must
For the blessed, so many
That she can pride of

But who is ready to die
For this land, focusing towards
Greatness, envied by so many
Who wish in vain her crawl

Yet slow and steady is apt
For the yore reverberates
Failures of humans rushing to attain
Even as a tortoise must reach its destination

Who is he who can receive it
The tongue-lash, the wicked assaults
To stoop to conquer the harrows
The kegs planted to undo us

And the wicked ploys thickens
BH has weakened the northeast
Militancy, kidnapping are now ventures
Wicked distractions of insatiable humans

And Kanu danced a tune without recourse
Jarring Kanu's ebullience at Atlanta
When Nigeria once knitted without bound
We thrilled the world in every venture

This land is born to remain
One, moving from stage to stage
Like great nations, in lore and tolerance
Strived over hundred years to stabilize

But why are they afraid of us
Why must Africa remain stagnated
What is in this name of hope
Save Nigeria is the handwork of God

I salute my heroes who agreed
For our unity, for our beautiful tongues
To remain, so blessed, so ossified
For unity in diversity is strength

Just like yesterday, firm they stood
With one heart large and benevolent
So we, our own sons and daughters
Have a home built in peace and freedom

Take it from me, my compatriots
Azik, Awo, Bello, Balewa
Greater love to Murtala, Gowon
And ours, Obasanjo, the Lion Buhari

Now, old tales are time waste
When all aspire to showcase
The wisdom in each beautiful tongue
Only unique in this parcel

Fear no more, compatriots
I remember the pains in war
I remember the death in hunger
And I remember the fear in dust

Bygone these harrowing thoughts
So we can look at each other
Hold hands as patriots to assimilate
Now that the time is ripe

Smile for a knitted green home
That we make by ourselves
With open palms for fair dealings
As no nation is absolute without nations

Return, ye drifters, return
To the path of nationhood, patriotism
Let our own cause today and on
Be blessed one for our yet unborn

Muhammad Ajah is a poet, advocate of humanity, peace and good governance in Abuja. E-mail [email protected].

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