The NWO, Zionism and Global Terrorism

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From ages the world has been transformed into a battle ground of competing ideas. There is the popular conspiracy theory about a New World Order (NWO). The NWO is used to designate a powerful and secretive elite capable of conspiring to impose totalitarianism in the world and replace sovereign nation-states. Prior to the early 1990s, NWO conspiracism was limited to two American countercultures, primarily the militantly anti-government right, and secondarily fundamentalist Christians concerned with end-timeemergence of the Antichrist. Skeptics however expressed concern that right-wingconspiracy theories about a NWO have now not only been embraced by many left-wing conspiracy theorists but have percolated into popular culture, thereby inaugurating an unrivaled period of people actively preparing for apocalypticmillenarianscenarios in the United States of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Political scientists warn that this mass hysteriamay not only fuel morbid terrorism but affect the psyche of the ruling elites. Even the nuclear proliferation occasioned by the supper power confrontation before and after the detente were interpreted as a leap towards the NWO

Even before the Balfour Declaration of 1917, Zionism had taken root in Budapest – Hungary. The original goal of Zionism was to establish a Jewish nation in the land of Palestine – after about 14 Jewish Diasporas from the Solomonite dynasty. When the Jewish State was eventually established in 1948, the goal of Zionism assumed a slightly different connotation. Today, Zionism means Jewish expansionism and supremacy. Thus for every Jew, the interest of the Jewish nation comes first and that interest must be placed ahead of other nations. With this new interpretation of Zionism, the whole of Palestine is the homeland of the Jews, as the Arabs are not the heir of their forebear - Abraham.

Chaim Weizmann – the foremost Zionist – who became the first President of Israel, who first conceived and nurtured Zionism was not fixated on laying claims to the whole of Palestinian land; he only conceptualized a state that would co-exist with their Semitic Cousins – the Arabs. Thus the Jewish supremacist or Zionist mafia could subsume under the category of hatemonger's who would do anything to drag the major powers against any efforts at peace in Palestine.

Very much like the war loving Republicans who have produced “Fighter Presidents” in the United States, the Likud Party, the Kadima and their coalitions are die-hard Jewish supremacists. This explains why moderates like Ms. Livni were rejected in favour of hardliners like Benjamin Netanyahu. The Jewish or Zionist Mafia also has very strong influence, as they have produced the most powerful economic empire builders and bourgeois dynasties,. who have spread their influence across the nations of the World.

After the dastardly 9/11 act that not only killed thousands of Americans but opened a vast vistas for the war against terrorism, investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) showed that five Israeli army veterans were dancing and celebrating as they took pictures of the World Trade Centre on fire. As the pictures were developed it was revealed that the said Israelis were smiling in the foreground of the New York massacre. Attempts by the Jews to white wash the story were not successful.

At the embryonic stage of Zionism, Zionist mafias were fingered for pitting the three powers of Germany, Austria – Hungary and Turkey against Britain, France and Russia. Zionist extremists are believed to have been responsible for influencing President Woodrow Wilson in the Versailles Treaty, which imposed heavy war penalties on Germany. These harsh conditions provided a fertile ground for the emergence of the Third Reich, which culminated in the holocaust. There is sufficient historical evidence to suggest that Zionists were at the commanding height of industry the media, banking and helped to water down German enthusiasm to go to war. It was the American chapters of the Zionist mafia that pushed America into World War II.

Prior to the establishment of the state of Israeli, Lord Arthur James Balfour- then foreign Secretary promised in his declaration that Britain would use her best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of the aspirations of the Jews in Palestine. The British, whose overreaching aim was to win World War I, did not promise the Palestinian Arabs any reward hence their all-or-nothing attitude towards the Palestinian Peace plan.

With the Germany economy in ruins, during the Great Depression, Zionists in all major cities in Germany instigated boycotts, Protests, and Sabotage. In 1934, a Zionist Political leader Vladimir Jabotinsky expressed the German Jews desire to start a material and spiritual war against Germany, as our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany. International Jewry ad its henchmen made similar statements. In response to these maneuvers, Hitler wrote “It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked solely by International Statesmen either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interest.

When the World War II had ended; a once time Israeli Prime Minister MenachemBeginwas leader of the notorious Jewish terrorist group called the Irgun.On July 22 1946, about 20 Irgun terrorists dressed as Arabs and exploded King David Hotel in Jerusalem. This event killed 15 innocent Jews. The Irgun brand of terrorism also targeted Arab Civilians to force them to evacuate their land. On April 9, 1948, more than 100 Arabs were slaughtered.

On the establishment of the state of Israeli in May 1948, Israel returned the kind gesture by passing a law that all Jews in any Part of the World could move to Israel and become a citizen. With a discarded Germany, and a frightened Arab nation, the Jews began the policy of territorial expansionism with the weaponry of Britain and the United States. The expansionisms began with the “false flag” operations, the operators were later exposed as hard-line Zionists.

This was followed by the 1967 Arab – Israeli wars. During these wars the Israelis embarked upon undercover operation, high level espionage and implemented the Constanzadoctrine with impunity. Israeli gunboats and fighter jets attacked the USS Liberty – which was an unarmed Communication Ship. The attack killed 35 American Sailors and injured 170 others. The overarching aim was to kill Egypt would be fingered for the attack. When the survivors narrated what happened, Israel told a lie that the attack was a mistake. Israel pushed the frontiers of espionage too far.

Zionist mafia also enraged America in 1989. A former MOSSAD spy deliberately defected from MOSSAD to warn America. Ostrosoky also framed Libya for bombing a German nightclub in which American Servicemen were killed. It was this frame up that prompted President Ronald Reagan to bomb Benghazi and Tripoli in Libya. The French Government and Intelligence network knew the gimmicks of MOSSAD and refused to grant America permission to use her air space to bomb Libya. This is the same strategy they have always adopted in her bid to expand her territories in Gaza and the West Bank.

Zionist mafias have since penetrated the American Capitalist Power structure such that Jews have understood the workings of the pentagon better than the American Presidents for the Past four decades. Today, Zionists influence the U.S., which is in debt of trillion dollars, to foreign governments with the capacity of building sophisticated intelligence comparable to the MOSSAD or nations that profess to be socialists in character. The looming crisis between North Korea, Iran on one hand and the Western Powers is fueled by radical but bourgeois Zionist. So, the greatest threat of the U.S. today is the Jewry who influence economic policies in Congress, determine what happens in the munitions factories, the Pentagon ad other state apparatchik.

In the U.S Pentagon, Richard Perle - a hardcore Zionist, notoriously called “the Prince of darkness” wields more influence than the Defense Secretary of State. Henry Kissinger, Cohen, Schlessinger, Douglas Faith, Wolfowitz, McCain and Joseph Lieberman are all core Zionists who have influenced a huge range of Issues in American politics. Medline Albright – the former US Secretary of States is a Jew. The Obama Presidency is acutely aware of those who use intelligence and sabotage to fuel the crisis between the Arabs and the West hence his move to normalize relations with all nations in the Middle-East is apt and timeous.

Severally, Israel had threatened to destroy the Iraqi and Iranian nuclear ambition. The destabilization of Iraq by America was facilitated by Zionists fifth Columnists. Why would they allow Yitzhak Rabin to survive when he came close to reaching a peace deal with Yasser Arafat? Keeping Rabin would thwart Israeli ambition for territorial expansion. How would fanatics like Ariel Sharon the butchers of his Semitic Cousins allow any meaningful peace negotiation with the Arabs?

The Zionists in the U.S. created Osama-bin-Laden to vilify Afghanistan, instigated a 9-year old crisis between Iraq and Iran and now organized the September 9/11 dance. That is why Israel does not respect the principle of proportionality when they embark on military offensive against the Arabs in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. The Hezbollah and Hamaz militants have always accused Israel of disproportionate use of force and a former UN Secretary General Kofi Anan also made a similar allegation against Israel.

The doctrine of proportionality was copiously provided for at the Hague Convention in 1907 to govern the conduct of wars. It was later codified in Article 49 of the International Law Commission (1980). It is now part of the Geneva Convention with its additional Protocols. Over the years, Israel has violated the Geneva Regime with impunity and the Western Powers appear helpless because of the Judeo-Christian Influence of the Zionist mafia over the economic and political superstructure of Israel.

The Zionist Movement founded by Theodor Herzl was meant to bring together the Jewry all over the world to establish a Jewish State. It stressed the importance of political action and deemed the attainment of political rights in Palestine a prerequisite for the fulfillment of the Zionist enterprise. Herzl, who considered the Jewish problem a political one that should be solved by overt action in the international arena. His overreaching aim was to obtain a charter granting the Jews sovereignty in a Jewish­-owned territory. Sadly however, it has metamorphosed into a supremacist movement, which feeds on espionage, sabotage, propaganda and bellicosity. From the first Aliyah (1882-1903) to subsequent waves of immigration, the Jews began to spread in Palestine at Rishon LeZiyyon, South of Tel Aviv, and Zikhron Yaaqov, South of Haifa, they established a Jewish bridgehead in Palestine espousing political objectives. This trend has infiltrated the political class.

Even among the Israelis, there seems to be deep internal contradictions. The European Jews who founded Zionism and the State of Israel are politically predefined to the Centre Labour Party. On the contrary, the Middle Eastern Jews are largely in support of the Right Whig Likud Party which has been the most vehement advocate for Israeli territorial expansionism. The post-perestroika Jews who migrated from Russia after 1989 are opposed to parties that are inclined to religion, as they canvass a middle-of-the road position advocating separate States for Israel and the Arabs. The implication is that in the Israeli Parliament - the Knesset, there are 20 different Parties each with divergent political opinions. In The Knesset, it is a house divided against itself.

Bush displayed raw political naivety by falling into the trap of the Zionist mafia and they persuaded him to take unilateral decision in invading Iraq and wasted ponderous human, fiscal and material resources. He implemented a Masonic principle of creation by destruction, for wrongly forecasting that the re-building of Iraq and the exploitation of her oil resources would be given to Bush's cronies. President Obama should learn fast from the mistakes of his predecessor that only dialogue aimed at negotiated peace settlement can entrench lasting peace in the turbulent Middle East. Obama should also pull out of Afghanistan as he has done in Iraq. The objective of this write-up would have been achieved if the world could come to terms with the stark realization that the Jewish Mafia is even more belligerent, sadistic and manipulative than the Arabs whose extremism is conspicuous because of its wedlock with Islamic Risorgimento.

Idumange John, Is Fellow of the Institute of Public Management, Nigeria

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