President Jonathan, the recent invasion of a sacred place like the Courthouse require your direct response

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Sir, you and members of your executive council, the ministers in particular probably heard of the recent invasion by some offenders who stormed a High Court of Justice in an area of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Sir, as you know the court is one of the most sacred sites among public institutions where ordinary people, and persons of means go to in search of justice, protection or freedom.

In a society that deems itself as an emerging democracy , there is a deep , long and principled tradition of viewing the judiciary and its courts as sacred grounds of judgment which requires utmost protection at every second, minute, and hour.

Yet, this court in question at a time when it was in session would become adulterated by these invaders who picketed the court grounds and openly removed case files , court documents and even vandalized, as well as remove the presiding judge's personal and official effects as well as other essentials.

Sir, it was also reported that the presiding judge's panic call to the police received no immediate response, and worst of all, was the report that the invaders acted in the presence of the police, and that the police let go one of the invaders who had been held by a court staff.

Sir, you will agree that this is a disturbing trend as the courthouse terror, violence or thievery frightens not just the justices, judges and magistrates but the faith of the people in the courts become almost erased.

Sir, this puts the country's already shaky democracy on delicate ground which is further compounded by the current scary political atmosphere across various regions in the nation.

Sir, you and your executive council must save the people from this type of public barbarity, and you Sir should come out publicly and for many very good reasons, personally condemn these heinous acts and assure the protection of the Court officials and documents. Please do this for God's sake.

Sir, you must push hard against all forms of judicial-laced barbaric or evil inflicts on our young democracy. Doing this head on, through loud voice and outcry will send words of defeat against those that terrorize the courts. Also, potential invaders of the courts will learn a hard lesson, and outrageous acts from bad police officers will be stifled.

Sir, while you have not openly and vigorously supported a state police system which this writer and many others have called for , it is time for you to use executive order to put in place an exclusive body of court police and security agents around the courts and those that serve in the judiciary.

John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D , DABPS, FACFE, is a Forensic/Clinical Psychologist and an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Science, North Campus, Broward College, Coconut Creek, Florida. [email protected]

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