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Suicide is Wrong, Love Life!

By Melanie Miller
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If you know of someone that is contemplating on committing suicide, you should talk to him or her. You can get an adult or a friend involved, and even give him or her a hot line number to call.

I know what it is like to become suicidual, as when I was a young girl, I myself tried to commit suicide, a few years, after my father had committed suicide, and I missed him so much that I thought I wanted to go to heaven where he was at. He did not keep on his medicines and he finally lost it, and took his own life.

It is sad to lose a parents(s) but sometimes that's life.

We can not all force people to be happy with their lives, but if one can see, walk or talk, and have a brain in their head and can learn different languages, for example...then life is worth living. No one needs to take illegal drugs either to make them feel they have to, just to make their, his or her life better. Drugs is never the answer dear friends. I have never considered taking dope or any kind of drug, but I do feel medical drugs can come in handy for many manic people or depressed individuals. That is a different story.

There are many teen agers that are being cyber bullied and they get called foul names and cut down and even hazed at schools and they commit suicide over all the harrassing. You know that bullying another person(s) is a crime right? So if you yourself are being bullied, talk to a parent or another trusted adult, or the principal of your school or a dr. even and tell them what you are going through. Believe you me, you do not have to go it all alone. People do care! Even if you feel they do not, there are friends of yours that care about you, and even if one person cares for you, then this is fine enough.

When I went to high school, I was mocked, belittled, laughed at, made fun of all the time. Teens' told me I would never become a writer, and guess what? I have two books published and even became a nurse, so you tell me I should feel upset with myself. I accomplised a lot in my life and so can you too. You are a winner and do not even know it yet. Everyone can accomplish their goals and dreams, it is just a matter of time, and if you have a hobby or want to have a hobby, you can do so, to take your mind off the bad things that may be happening in your daily life. You can paint and drawl pictures, or collect stamps or coins, or color pictures and or do puzzles Just allow yourself to focus on many things that are good and beneficial for you. Life is good, don't knock it. Keep control inside your mind, don't take your life, as no one is worth taking their life over. I had a cousin that drank and hit a train dead on and was killed instantly, and they said he did not feel a thing. He decided it was time to take his life at a young age. What a waste, to do to himself, and he was a foot ball player in high school, and could of had any gal he wanted, nearly. All the girls in school liked him, but he just was not interested in any of them, so I was told. I was also told he has a secret crush on me, but how true this is, I do not really know. He handed me a single rose once and his friend told me in front of him, that he really liked me...but we wore related, so no way could we of ever been engaged or gotten married and still, to this day, I feel I could of stopped him somehow, from committing suicide. See, no one is worth it; so do not take your life, if you are debating taking yours and if you have a friend or know of anyone wanting to kill themself, have a heart to heart talk with them.

Yes, life is worth living and I am living proof of this. I am accomplishing most of my goals and even losing the weight I needed too. I may even operate my own wiccan site soon as well, and I used to own a few in the past. I offer spells to all walks of life, as long as they are for the good kind of spells, and not black magick, which I used to cast long time ago but not anymore. You can cast magic too- and it will take thoughts that you should not even be thinking about, off your mind... for a while. You can read a good book and it will help you out as well. You can sing, make up your own songs. I have songs, I have wrote and have a great chance at singing some songs, and even having a few of them published soon, as a record company called me and really liked my three songs I sang and sent to them, so see you can do something with your life and remember love is the greatest part of life and love is so magickal! So love yourself and do yourself a huge favor, look into the mirror and tell yourself even if your're not feeling down and blue,that life is worth living and you are someone special, because after all, you are special!

the end...