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Sir, It is with great joy and appreciation that I write to commend your network for standing out among other telecommunication companies in Nigeria. Your services which are irresistible have gone a long way in making some of my colleagues, friends, neighbours etc begin to subscribe to your network in great numbers while others are at the verge of abandoning their former lines.

The reason for this latest development is not far-fetch. To begin with, the introduction of one minute call promo to any Etisalat line and its subsequent one minute free call to any Etisalat line is commendably a positive step in the right direction. Those who later before now were in the habit of recharging their lines once in a blue moon, especially other networks they consider their tariff high, are now recharging their Etisalat lines regularly.

The above situation is not also unconnected to the uniform tariff charged by Etisalat to its teeming subscribers who make call at N15 or 25 kobo per a minute or per a second to other networks. This is a far cry from what is obtainable from other networks. some Etisalat subscribers interviewed by this writer were of the opinion that if the Emerging Market Telecom Services (EMTS) which is trading as Etisalat, a Federal Republic of Nigerian Company legally and duly incorporated by laws of Nigeria in agreement with Mubadala Development Company can sustain the current promos and services by allowing them to run throughout this year the sky will not only be Etisalat's limit, but its starting point as it is poised to revolutionalize telecommunication in the country for the good of all and sundry.

On the issue of customer care line of Etisalat network, a cross section of Etisalat subscribers were of the view that the network's customer care line was second-to-non as those employed to man the department respond to inquiries of subscribers without much ado among other services and promos which have continue to educe positive comments.

In spite of its positive services and promos, Etisalat has not been able to cover most remote villages adequately. One instance will suffice. In Umuodagu Ntu in Ngor/Okpala Local Government Area of Imo State, many subscribers of Etisalat network, even MTN-NG, GLO and Zain networks are still buying external antennas so as to receive network services of the various telecommunication operators in their homes.

Others who cannot buy external antennas have resorted to climbing all sorts of trees ranging from mango, orange, avocado, cashew, oil bean, palm trees among others in search of network. It is therefore imperative for Etisalat and other telephony operators to cover such communities by building their base stations or masts there in order to reduce the rate at which subscribers climb trees. In the case of the above community (Umuodagu Ntu), land where the base station or mast will be sited is available, as the Eze and his cabinet, as well as the elders and youths are ever ready to work with any telecommunication company that indicates interest.

Nwaorgu faustinus, Socio-political commentator writes in from Igboetche, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. E-mail:[email protected] Tel: 08098691298

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