What Onye Imo Has Done To Ndi Imo

Paradox is a system of thought that has beautified reality. Wisdom speaks in paradox while the fool may not understand it. No dream is complete if it does not have relevance to bless the next generation.

Imo is my state but here Imo has become an entity that has no respect for humanity. Imo, have you not become a cannibal who often manifest itself in brutally merciless ways? Imo, have you not become the polar bear which has been spotted in recent time gruesomely feeding on their children in the wild? Imo, have you not become the female spider from the famous black widow to the ginormous wolf spider known to kill and eat smaller males after sex? Imo, I can go on and on!

Imo let me use the Aesop fables to describe your state, Aesop states, “A dog was lying in a manger on the hay which had been put there for the cattle, and when they came and tried to eat, he growled and snapped at them and wouldn’t let them get at their food. ‘What a selfish beast’, said one of them to his companion, he can’t eat himself and yet he wouldn’t let those eat who can”. Imo did you not convince us long time ago that you will rescue us from the hands of those you considered evil, those you claimed impoverished us for a long time, today, oh Imo what has happened?

Imo, now that you are hungry, are you not like the bear that has eaten both the living and the dead? Another fable by Aesop says, “One winter a farmer found a viper frozen and numb with cold, and out of pity picked it up and placed it in his bosom. The viper was no sooner revived by the warmth then it turned upon its benefactor and inflicted a fatal bite upon him and as the poor man lay dying he cried, I have only got what I deserved for taking compassion on so venomous a creature.”

Have Imolites not helped Imo to become something that Imo ordinarily would not have become? Like the fable of the great philosopher Aesop, have Imolites not regretted to have assisted Imo to become what Imo is today? Today, Imo has decided to inflict a fatal bite on Imolites, what an irony!

I am very much worried about the condition of Imolites because Imo has indeed been unfair and dealt with Imolites in ungodly manner. I feel for my people. My feeling for my people which has for a long time resulted to my writing has been greeted with violence and threat. Imo has dealt with me in so many ways. I was born in Imo state, grew up here and abroad. My parents are all Imolites, I am not a visitor in my state Imo. The same Imo I am praying for and indeed wishing well to be better than other states, consequently “kidnapped my wife” and warned her to inform me to stop criticizing the government of Imo state.

The same Imo is today threatening fire and brimstone to Imolites, why does Imo hate Imolites? Imo, Imo, Imo! How many times have I called you? What is wrong with you? Imo, why have you refused to respect our senior citizens? Why have you left your youths suffering without hope and future?

Imo, do you not owe Imolites a lot? Is it not in Imo that someone (domestic aid) allegedly stole about #10billion being money meant for Imolites? Imo what did you do to ensure you rescued the money? Imo, what else do you need from Imolites? Have you not impoverished them enough? Imo, did you not give us chief Okorocha as governor and today both of you are working together; if not that Gov. Rochas is a wise man, you would have disgraced him out of office. Imo, Gov. Rochas has showed you that there is enough money in you to build “spilbath,” claimed all the lands in you while living you poorer than he met you. Oh Imo I pity you! Imo, will you survive the present heat on you?

Imo, do you know how many pensioners that have died due to your recklessness to the needs of Imolites? Are you not happy that the death toll in you is on the increase? Imo, are you not touched by the prayers of the poor? Imo, imolites are not happy at all consequent upon your disorderliness which has snowballed to suffering occasioned by penury. Imo, are you not aware that Anambra, Ebonyi, Abia, Enugu and other neighbouring states did not apply salary adjustment programme(SAP)? Imo, why are you making Chief Rochas to deduct the salaries of your civil servants? Imo, why are you making our Governor to be seen as corrupt whiles you (Imo) are the real corrupt entity.

Imo, have you not shot the door which lead to legitimate ambition for imolites? Imo, are you not giving hatred, differences, wickedness and dichotomy to Imolites and what do you expect to receive in return? Imo, your children (Imolites) know how to live life forward but today you have forced them to live it backward. Imo, it is fair? Imo, there is no dignity in your behavior. You have destroyed the dignity of labour and have made Imolites to be confused not knowing where their next meal will come from. Oh Imo, what have you done to Imolites?

The combination of inner faults and outer circumstances has destroyed all your heroic moves. Imo, educationist are always in an organized search for the arrest of ignorance but today, the ignorant ones have arrested the educated as a result of wickedness that circumference the administration of Imo. Imo have you forgotten that one must listen to learn and must learn to listen? Are you listening to the cry of Imolites or are you planning to punish them the more? Imo, is it that you don’t have good advisers or that you are not willing to listen to them?

It was Confucius who said that “the strength of a nation is derived from the integrity of its home”. Imo, have you lost your integrity that you become so selfish to the extent that you want to destroy yourself? Imo, it has become obvious that in your ignorance cum mundane limitation, you have hitherto generated hate and use same to fight for things of material value. Imo, have you forgotten that the money you have pilled up for yourself and your next generation shall judge you in the future? All forms of hatred in all ramifications against Imolites is nothing but darkness in motion that shall hunt you at last.

Imolites are asking for forgiveness in whichever way we have sinned against you Imo-please forgive us. Do not treat us in your usual hypocrisy anymore for we are one. The Imo every Imo person desires to see is the Imo that shares and shows love to her citizens. Imo has obtained loan that the unborn children cannot pay in the next 20years. Oh Imo a soldier is a soldier whether asleep or awake. What is our lot? Imolites are dying gradually and their silence speaks volume. We are all here because there is no other state we can call our own except you –Imo. Imo do not fall into the temptation of trying to under-rate a wounded soldier or lion.

Imo, Imo, Imo! How many times have I called you? Can you be courageous to sit up? Can you read all that is been written about you and amend your ways? Imo, who will you blame for this colossal failure that has kept you in confusion? Who you blame for the things you have done wrong? Imo, you are too big for this nonsense. Imo, I am not calling or inviting more problems because I am yet to recover from the trauma of my kidnapped wife which was done in you. Imo, your wickedness upon Imolites shall judge you soon. Imo, there is God oooo!

Imo, you have no friend, you envy your enemies and delight in impoverishing them. Imo, the number of churches in you which you have been to are enough to change you yet you are still unrepentant of your ill-treatment on Imolites. Imo has destroyed Imolites. Who is this Imo? Think about this.

Protus Nathan Uzorma. (Mayor of Imo youth)

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